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"The Poolside of Love and Desire" (恋と欲望のプールサイド Koi to Yokubō no Pūrusaido?) is the ninth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana. Yuji and his friends decide to go to Misaki Waterland, a brand new water park.


Due to it being so hot outside, Hayato Ike hands out tickets to a water park. Shana unhappily walks out of the classroom when the class is about to start because Yuji's training is not going well and being irritated by Yuji's happiness over the ticket to the water park. She discussed on Yuji's training and attitude with Alastor and about human enjoys playing and water. She even asked Alastor about the water in the water park as compared to the bathing water.

Later, Ike encouraged Kazumi to invite Shana and Yuji to eat together with her and Ike, and also encouraged her to invite Yuji to the water park but it ended up When Matake invited Yuji, Shana, Ike and Kazumi who were eating together, Keisaku and Tanaka to the water park after school on a Sunday. Eita and Tanaka rejects the invitation and walks back home to take of Margery Daw.

Before that Sunday, Matake and Yoshida were picking a new swimsuit for that occasion. Matake tease Yoshida to wear the types of swimsuit she doesn't like. Meanwhile, at Sakai Residence, Chigusa Sakai, Yuji's mother had bought Shana a swimsuit and asking her to try it on. Yuji was kicked out of the room by Shana because he misunderstood the event that is going to take place in that room.

One that day, once they were there, they participate in a contest where the team who gets the most ribbons in two minutes win the game. Margery Daw unexpectedly shows up because of the hot weather and saw the water park from afar. Shana and Yuji were shock even though Shana can't sense any intent to kill from her. Eita and Tanaka also unexpectedly shows up because of Margery Daw. It shocked Ogata, making her angry and forcing the two of them to lie to her and forcing them to participate in the contest. Before the contest starts, they had pick the team using long ribbons and Ike is left out of the game.

In the contest, Shana got the most ribbon among the contestant. Meanwhile, Ogata got three(including her own ribbon) because of taking advantage of two person fighting for each other's ribbon. During the last minute, Shana suddenly start chasing Yuji and said that is training when she is actually jealous of Yuji and Kazumi together. When Shana almost chased up Yuji, the poor Eita who is carrying Shana fainted and Shana, together with Yuji and Yoshida fall in the water, causing the ribbons that Shana is holding to drop on another team and grant them victory.

Meanwhile, Ike is taking care Margery before saying goodbye to Yuji and Shana when he and Yoshida, and Shana and Yuji have to split up. Yuji keep asking Shana the reason she chase him in the water park and on their way home. Shana only responded him, "Shut up!"

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