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"The Two Flame Haze" (二人のフレイムヘイズ Futari no Fureimu Heizu?) is the seventh episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana. Margery Daw continues to hunt down Lamies in order to destroy him, but Yuji and Shana must protect the Crimson Denizen. It is also revealed that Margery is searching for a denizen with a silver flame as well.


Shana thanked Margery for helping her defeat Friagne and was ready to fight but Margery leaves, intent on finding Lamies. Shana and Alastor explained about why she and Margery gave Yuji different impressions. Margery can't find Lamies so she returns to Keisaku's house, gets drunk, and sleeps. Keisaku and Eita are worried so Marchosias shows them Margery's past, where they see The Silver.

The next day, Yuji and Shana are training and were later interrupted by Chigusa, Yuji's mother. Shana then has a bath and Yuji talks to Alastor about Margery's hunt and the need to fight Margery. Eita and Keisaku find the Crystal Altar and informed Margery. Margery uses a spell to detect Lamies twice because Eita and Keisaku lose sight of him. Shana also feels the spell and immediately went to find Lamies with Yuji.

Later, Keisaku saw birds in the Crystal Altar and informed Margery. She then figured out how Lamies hides his location by creating the illusion that he can move at high speeds. She uses the point where the birds gather to find Lamies. She then thanks the two boys and tells them she will leave Misaki City after she kills Lamies. The two boys were unhappy that Margery was going to leave them because they wanted to help her to take her revenge against the silver denizen.

Meanwhile, Yuji figures out that Lamies wasn't actually moving and was using tricks to hide his location. Shana then asked Yuji to hold her tight because she is going to jump toward the place where Yuji and Lamies first met. When she is jumping, she feels powerful and feels that she can do anything when Yuji is by her side.

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