"Complication, Activation, Confrontation" (交錯·発動·対決 Kōsaku Hatsudō Taiketsu?) is the sixth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana. Shana and Margery Daw confront Friagne as the Crimson Lord puts his plans into action.


After having conversation with Lamies, Yuji Sakai was shocked of Friagne's plan to devour the city and immediately run out the museum to find Shana. Friagne decides to accelerate his plans in order to prevent the Flame Haze defeat him and thus fail his plan. So, he begin the City Devourer spell sooner rather than later.

Shana heard Friagne's plan from Yuji when they are walking down the street. When they almost start arguing, his mother came and approach him. After his mother left, Shana opens a Fuzetsu and wanted to kill Yuji. Later, Shana detected a Fuzetsu and she immediately went there. Later, when he used the Bubble Loot causing Shana to move forward to attack him because her sword is being wrapped, Yuji come along to help her avoid Friagne's attack. Yuji is being taken away by Friagne and went away.

Meanwhile, Margery Daw is brought to Keisaku's house and she plans to enjoy herself while trying to find Lamies. As Friagne and Yuji wait for Shana to come to the theme park, he express his pity towards Flame Haze. When Shana come and fight with Friange, Yuji help her to avoid Friagne's attack after Shana got hit by Friagne. When Friagne rang the Dance Party bell to trigger the City Devourer, Margery sensed it and know that it will make her unable to find Lamies.

Shana is knocked down by Marianne exploding herself behind Shana and Friagne is triggering the City Devourer. Yuji takes Friagne's anti-flame ring after Shana uses a sharp glass to cut Friagne's finger by throwing it. Margery Daw come last minute to hit Trigger Happy off when he tries to use it again. Shana slashes him and let him die away as he run towards Shana to attack her.

Yuji begins to fade away because his Power of Existence is so weak after his Power is absorbed by Trigger Happy. As he fades, the clock strikes midnight and his Power of Existence is restored. Alastor confirms the Treasure Tool inside of Yuji is the Reiji Maigo (Midnight Lost Child), and it will restore his Power of Existence every day at midnight. Shana and Yuji finally get along.

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