"Respective Thoughts" (それぞれの想い Sorezore no Omoi?) is the fifth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana. It describes the thoughts of some of the character in the story and the encounter of Friagne and Margery Daw.


After Shana is been defeated, she is angry at Yuji and refused his help when she reached Yuji's house injured and wet. Friagne has detected the presence of Lamies by using the Crystal Altar that could the massive disappearance of Torches whose flames are about to burnt out in the night and intended to find him because he interrupt his plan to use Torches for his beloved Marianne.

While Yuji Sakai is with Kazumi Yoshida at the art museum after being invited by her with the help of Ike, Yuji meets Lamies, the Corpse Retriever, who has been eating many of the in town whose flames are about to burnt out, and they had a friendly conversation.

Meanwhile, Margery Daw has a run-in with Friagne the Hunter who used the Fuzetsu to find Lamies and leave Eita and Keisaku who she saved from a bunch of gangster and who she used as the city guide, Shana considers Yuji. In the mist of her confusion, Alastor suggests her to destroy Yuji for good. Meanwhile, Friagne escaped from Margery because of his anti-flame ring and plans to speed up his plan. After Friagne escaped, she was very angry and wanted a beer or wine to drink.

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  • Shana (To Yuji):"I don't want to get help from a torch! Leave me alone!"




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