"The Lit Flame" (灯る炎 Tomoru Honō?) is the second episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana. The Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter is given the name "Shana" by Yuji. Yuji also tries to make all of his friends remember Yukari Hirai's existence after learning that she has become a Torch.


The girl explain to Yuji about Torch and tells him that he is a Torch so he will disappear. She also explain Yuji about the existence of Rinne and Crimson Denizen and tells him that they are not in this world for the first time.

When they are walking together, she explains to Yuji about the Fuzetsu and witnessed a boy who actually a Torch that is going to disappear, disappear right in front of their very eyes. Yuji is shocked that nobody besides him and the girl realized that the boy had disappeared. She explains to him the reason by telling him that the Torches that go out and be forgotten by all. She also tells the reason of the existence of Torches.


Shana takes out a melon pan.

Later, Yuji sits down as Shana went to buy 5 melon breads. When Yuji and The girl explains to Yuji that she is a Flame Haze that protects the balance of the world. Shana and Alastor diccussed about the existence of the Rinne and Crimson Denizen that might in the city and argee that Yuji is a different kind of Mystes.

Next day, he saw Shana outside his house when he leaves home after eating his breakfast. Yuji seems to take everything too slowly and she shows him a classmate of his - Yukari Hirai, who is also a torch and is about to burn out. Despite spending half the episode trying to make her existence to be remembered by his friends, Hirai eventually burns out from existence and everything that belongs to her disappears including her face in the picture. Yuji decides that the Flame Haze (who's known as the Flame-Haired Blazing Eyes Hunter) needs a name and calls her Shana, after her sword, Nietono no Shana.

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  • Yuji Sakai: "Your Name. I don't even know what your name is."
    Shana: (blushes and looks away) "I don't have a name. I'm only a Flame Haze.'"
    Yuji Sakai:
    "You said it again."
    Shana: '"Look, Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Who needs a name anyway? To distinguished me from the other Flame Haze, they just called me the one with Nietono no Shana."

    Yuji: "Nietono no Shana?"
    Alastor: "That is the name of the sword she carries."
    Yuji: "Nietono no Shana. Then, your name is Shana. That's what I'll call you. You're Shana. Stop saying you're only a Flame Haze. And I'm not only a Torch. I'm Sakai Yuji."
  • Shana: "You're only a torch."
    Yuji Sakai: "It doesn't matter. I'm Yuji Sakai. Just like you're?"
    Shana: "I'm only a Flame Haze. Nothing more. In a way, I'm the same as a Torch."
    Yuji Sakai: Why do you keep saying only? Just stop it.
    Shana: Because it's the truth. You're only a torch. And I'm only a flame Haze. Nothing more.
    Yuji Sakai: You're wrong.
    Shana: No. I'm not.
    Yuji Sakai: Why are you so? (He gives up and sighs)
  • Yuji: (On how Shana got her name) "That's how it happened. I'm the one that gave her that name. From that day on the Flame Haze with the fiery hair and blazing eyes was known as Shana."



  • Later, it is revealed that Shana start to embrace the name that is given by Yuji.
  • In the process of making Hirai to be remembered by all, all of Yuji's friends including the teacher, start to not realize the existence of Hirai due to the fact that she is going disappear.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The exact same arcade fighting game that Ike was playing later appeared in the ninth episode of the 2011 anime, Kamisama no Memochou, another anime by J.C. Staff adapted from a Dengeki Bunko light novel.

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