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The cover for the Shakugan no Shana PS2 game.

This article is dedicated to the game adaptations of the Shakugan no Shana series. Most of the games are only available in Japanese.


The following games were published by MediaWorks and developed by VRIDGE. MediaWorks was also responsible for publishing the light novel series.

Main SeriesEdit

Mobile GamesEdit

  • Dengeki Kentei Shakugan no Shana (電撃検定 灼眼のシャナ?, Dengeki Test Shakugan no Shana)
  • Shakugan no Shana Speed (灼眼のシャナ スピード Shakugan no Shana Supīdo?)
  • Shakugan no Shana Daifugō (灼眼のシャナ 大富豪?, Shakugan no Shana Grand Millionaire)


The following games were published and developed by Taito Corporation.

Mobile GamesEdit

Online GamesEdit

Noise FactoryEdit


DMM GamesEdit

Crossover GamesEdit

The following are games which feature characters of Shakugan no Shana but are not adaptions of the series and instead feature characters from other light novels or anime franchises.


DB Puzzle Collection

Start screen of Dengeki Bunko Puzzle Collection.

  • Dengeki Bunko Puzzle Collection (電撃文庫パズルコレクション Dengeki Bunko Pazurukorekushon?): A mobile puzzle-adventure game on the Android and iOS operating systems released as part of the Dengeki Bunko 20th anniversary celebration.[1]


  • Weiß Schwarz (ヴァイスシュヴァルツ Vaisu Shuvarutsu?): A collectible card game in which participating anime series receive cards featuring their content.[2]
  • Yomecolle (嫁コレ?, lit. "Wife Collection"): A smartphone card collection game. Shana voice cards from Shakugan no Shana Final were added to the game on April 20, 2012.[2] Voiced by Rie Kugimiya, there are 16 cards and 42 voice pieces to collect.[3]
  • LINE: A Japanese instant messaging application known for its stamps or stickers, which are little pictures that can be used during conversations. On December 10, 2015, a set of Shakugan no Shana stamps were released. They come with audio when used.[4][5]

Dengeki Mobile Neo softwareEdit

Guest appearancesEdit

Nanatsuiro Drops Pure!!Edit

The visual novel Nanatsuiro Drops Pure!!, released in 2007, features guest appearances by Shana, Alastor, and Yuji, as the game features art by Noizi Itō.[2] Shana is walking with Yūji and Alastor and wants ice-cream when she sees two people eating some.[6]

Before the Nanatsuiro Drops! anime was released, a collaboration DVD with Shakugan no Shana called "Shakugan no Shana's Tamatebako with Nanatsuiro Drops" (灼眼のシャナの玉手箱Withななついろ★ドロップス Shakugan no Shana no Tamatebako With Nanatsuiro Doroppusu?) was released with the May 2007 issue of Dengeki G's Magazine.[7] The DVD appears to feature the third episode of the anime as well as trailers for the movie and the opening animation for the Nintendo DS game.

There had been collaborations previously between Shakugan no Shana and Nanatsuiro Drops, such as artwork on a telephone card sold at Comiket 69 in December 2005 and artwork used in the March 2006 issue of the magazine Tech Gian.[8]

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Cosplay HajimemashitaEdit

A visual novel of the anime and light novel Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, entitled Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Cosplay Hajimemashita (乃木坂春香の秘密 こすぷれ、はじめました♥?), was released in 2008 and features cosplay costumes from attire worn by characters from Shakugan no Shana. Additionally the titular character, Haruka Nogizaka, cosplays as Shana.[2]

Nexon gamesEdit

The Korean game publisher Nexon had tie-up events with Shakugan no Shana for their three RPG games.


In the MMORPG, Mabinogi, premium character cards of Shana, Yūji, Bel Peol and Sydonay where purchasable from March 12-26, 2009. The cards could be used in the game,[2] giving the player costumes for those characters.[9] Later, costumes for Tiriel, Sorath, Hecate, Dantalion, The Silver, and Wilhelmina Carmel also became available.[10]


The MMORPG, Talesweaver, held a limited-time-only tie-up event with Shakugan no Shana from November 11-25, 2009. In the event, Shana would appear as a non-player character in the game and give players special items for collecting melonpan.[2]


The MMORPG, MapleStory held a tie-up event where the player could buy weapons, hairstyles, and hats from Shakugan no Shana, as well as Shana-tan riding on the player's head. The event was originally held from July 14-August 25, 2010,[2] but was held again from October 30-21 November, 2012.[12]

Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath EvilmanEdit

In the Dungeon RPG, Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman, released in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable, a cameo costume of Shana, as well as other Dengeki Bunko characters, is included for the main character to wear, complete with her signature sword, Nietono no Shana, as a weapon.[2]

Twinkle Crusaders: STARLIT BRAVE!!Edit

Shana is a guest character in the 2010 visual novel, Twinkle Crusaders: STARLIT BRAVE!!, along with four other characters from ASCII Media Works properties: Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!, Ana Coppola from Strawberry Marshmallow, Dokuro-chan from Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan, and Crystal Hoshikawa from Ohime-sama Navigation. Shana is a powerful attack-type character.[13]

Hyakunen Senki Euro HistoriaEdit

In the online simulation RPG, Hyakunen Senki Euro Historia (百年戦記 ユーロ・ヒストリア?, Hundred Years' War Euro History), as part of a collaboration campaign between the game's developer Capcom and Dengeki Bunko from March 27-April 10, 2014, an Event Quest was held based around Shakugan no Shana called "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" (炎髪灼眼の討ち手 Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite?).[2] If the quest is completed, Shana becomes available for the player to use. She has two skills: Nietono no Shana and "Wings of Crimson" (紅蓮の双翼 Guren no Sōyoku?).[14] The other Dengeki Bunko heroines involved in the collaboration are: Holo from Spice and Wolf, Birina from Rakuin no Monshō, Lucrezia from Baccano!, Ludovica from Gakusei Shōjo, and Fenesis from Magudala de Nemure.[15][16]

The image used for Shana in the game was originally created by Noizi Itō as a poster for the Dengeki Bunko Bucchigiri! Fair in 2007,[17] and had been edited before being placed in the game.

The Awakened Fate UltimatumEdit

In the 2014 PlayStation 3 dungeon-crawler RPG game, The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, also known as The Guided Fate Cross Thesis, Shana appears as a guest character due to the game having character designs by Noizi Itō. Shana plays a role in several of the game's scenarios. Another guest character in the game is Haruhi Suzumiya of the light novel series of the same name, which is also one that features art by Noizi Itō.[18][19]

Divine GateEdit

see also: Shakugan no Shana Collaboration Event on the Divine Gate Wiki
Divine Gate game Shakugan no Shana promo

From February 19 to March 4, 2016, a collaboration was held between the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final and the TCG Puzzle smartphone game Divine Gate. Shakugan no Shana character units and quests will appear in the game.[20][21][22]


Shana is an obtainable unit of Fire Attribute and God/Human Race. She can be evolved into Burning-Eyed Shana using three copies of Rinne of Flame: Domino. Her Leader Skill is "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" (炎髪灼眼の討ち手?) and her Active Skill is "Treasure Tool: Nietono no Shana" (宝具:贄殿遮那?).

Image Details
Divine Gate game Shana
  • Name: Shana (シャナ?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (もっと強くなってよ?)
  • Normal Skill 2: "Shut up, shut up, shut up" (うるさいうるさいうるさい Urusai urusai urusai?)
Divine Gate game Shana evolved
  • Name: Burning-Eyed Shana (灼眼のシャナ Shakugan no Shana?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (それだけで戦える?)
  • Normal Skill 2: "I will never lose to someone like you" (お前なんかに絶対負けない Omaenanka ni zettai makenai?)
Divine Gate game Fire Domino
  • Name: Rinne of Fire: Domino (炎の燐子:ドミノ Honō no Rinne: Domino?)
  • Rarity: ★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (痛いですよ?)


Hecate is an obtainable unit of Water Attribute and Demon Race. She can be evolved into Priestess Hecate using three copies of Rinne of Water: Domino. Her Leader Skill is "Master Throne" (頂の座?) and her Active Skill is "Treasure Tool: Trigon" (宝具:トライゴン?).

Image Details
Divine Gate game Hecate
  • Name: Hecate (ヘカテー?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: "Open your vessel" (器を開きなさい Utsuwa o hiraki nasai?)
  • Normal Skill 2: (あなたは私のもの?)
Divine Gate game Hecate evolved
  • Name: Priestess Hecate (巫女ヘカテー Miko Hekatē?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (もっと私にあなたを?)
  • Normal Skill 2: (あなたの想いが満ちてくる?)
Divine Gate game Water Domino
  • Name: Rinne of Water: Domino (水の燐子:ドミノ Mizu no Rinne: Domino?)
  • Rarity: ★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (いきますですよ?)

Kazumi YoshidaEdit

Kazumi Yoshida is an obtainable unit of Wind Attribute and Human Race. She can be evolved into Love Rival Kazumi Yoshida using three copies of Rinne of Wind: Domino. Her Leader Skill is "Shana's Love Rival" (シャナの恋のライバル?), her Active Skill is "Treasure Tool: Jettatura" (宝具:ジェタトゥーラ?), and her Passive Skill is (自分で助けに行けるのに?).

Image Details
Divine Gate game Kazumi Yoshida
  • Name: Kazumi Yoshida (吉田一美?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (坂井君は人間です?)
Divine Gate game Kazumi Yoshida evolved
  • Name: Love Rival Kazumi Yoshida (恋のライバル吉田一美 Koi no Raibaru Yoshida Kazumi?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (坂井君が好きです?)
Divine Gate game Wind Domino
  • Name: Rinne of Wind: Domino (風の燐子:ドミノ Kaze no Rinne: Domino?)
  • Rarity: ★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (やりますですよ?)

Wilhelmina CarmelEdit

Wilhelmina Carmel is an obtainable unit of Light Attribute and God/Human Race. She can be evolved into Dancing Princess Wilhelmina using three copies of Rinne of Light: Domino. Her Leader Skill is "Manipulator of Objects" (万条の仕手?), her Active Skill is "Divine Vessel: Persona" (神器:ペルソナ?), and her Passive Skill is (緊急事態であります?).

Image Details
Divine Gate game Wilhelmina Carmel
  • Name: Wilhelmina Carmel (ヴィルヘルミナ・カルメル?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (失礼するであります?)
Divine Gate game Wilhelmina Carmel evolved
  • Name: Dancing Princess Wilhelmina (舞踏姫ヴィルヘルミナ Butō Hime Viruherumina?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (信じているのであります?)
Divine Gate game Light Domino
  • Name: Rinne of Light: Domino (光の燐子:ドミノ Hikari no Rinne: Domino?)
  • Rarity: ★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (説明いたしますです?)

Margery DawEdit

Margery Daw is an obtainable unit of Dark Attribute and God/Human Race. She can be evolved into Beauty of Slaughter Margery using three copies of Rinne of Dark: Domino. Her Leader Skill is "Chanter of Elegies" (弔詞の詠み手?), her Active Skill is "Divine Vessel: Grimoire" (神器:グリモア?), and her Passive Skill is "Stupid Marco!" (バカマルコ!?).

Image Details
Divine Gate game Margery Daw
  • Name: Margery Daw (マージョリー・ドー?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (ぶっ飛ばすわよ?)
Divine Gate game Margery Daw evolved
  • Name: Beauty of Slaughter Margery (殺戮の美姫マージョリー Satsuriku no Biki Mājorī?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (でっかく派手にいきましょ?)
Divine Gate game Dark Domino
  • Name: Rinne of Dark: Domino (闇の燐子:ドミノ Yami no Rinne: Domino?)
  • Rarity: ★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (では、この私ドミノが…?)

Khamsin Nbh'wEdit

Khamsin Nbh'w is an obtainable unit of Void Attribute and God/Human Race. He can be evolved into Tuner Khamsin using three copies of Rinne of Void: Domino. His Leader Skill is "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" (儀装の駆り手?) and his Active Skill is "Divine Vessel: Sabia" (神器:サービア?).

Image Details
Divine Gate game Khamsin Nbh'w
  • Name: Khamsin Nbh'w (カムシン・ネブハーウ?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (ああ、危険はありません?)
  • Normal Skill 2: (ああ、協力を待つだけです?)
Divine Gate game Khamsin Nbh'w evolved
  • Name: Tuner Khamsin (調律師カムシン Chōritsu-shi Kamushin?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (ああ、逃げないでください?)
  • Normal Skill 2: (ああ、歪みを直すだけです?)
Divine Gate game Void Domino
  • Name: Rinne of Void: Domino (無の燐子:ドミノ Mu no Rinne: Domino?)
  • Rarity: ★★★
  • Normal Skill 1: (ひはははは?)


Shana-tan is a unit of Fire Attribute and God/Human Race that is obtainable after clearing the novice Shakugan no Shana collaboration quest.

Image Details
Divine Gate game Shana-tan
  • Name: Shana-tan (シャナたん?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★★
  • Leader Skill: Burning-Eyed Shana-tan (灼眼のシャナたん Shakugan no Shana-tan?)
  • Active Skill: (ちっちゃくなんかない?)
  • Normal Skill 1: "Chut up, chut up" (うるちゃいうるちゃい Uruchai uruchai?)
  • Passive Skill: (はげちゃえはげちゃえ?)

Bel PeolEdit

Chief of Staff Bel Peol is the boss unit of the collaboration quests. She is of Dark Attribute and Demon Race.

Image Details
Divine Gate game Bel Peol
  • Name: Chief of Staff Bel Peol (参謀ベルペオル Sanbō Berupeoru?)
  • Rarity: ★★★★★★
  • Leader Skill: "Arbiter of Reverse Reasoning" (逆理の裁者?)
  • Active Skill: "Treasure Tool: Tartaros (宝具:タルタロス?)
  • Normal Skill 1: (少しは楽しませておくれよ?)
  • Passive Skill: (悪いがここまでだ ?)

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Lost ZeroEdit

Mahouka Lost Zero Promo 1
Mahouka Lost Zero Promo 2

From May 1, 2017, the mobile RPG game Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Lost Zero will be holding a collaboration event with Shakugan no Shana.[23] Like Shakugan no Shana, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is an anime adapted from a light novel published by Dengeki Bunko, and there had previously been a similar collaboration between Shakugan no Shana Fūzetsu Battle and Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei School Magicus Battle, another Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei mobile game. The first half of the event took place from May 1 at 3:00pm to May 8 at 2:59pm, after which the second half of the event began.[24]

Mahouka Lost Zero Promo 3
Mahouka Lost Zero Boss Battle

The boss battle against Shana and Wilhelmina.

The collaboration event for the first half was called "Chance Meeting With the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" (炎髪灼眼の討ち手との邂逅 Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite to no Kaikō?), a boss battle against Shana and Wilhelmina. The appearance of the Shana boss illustration changes with the event's difficulty, with the hardest boss having both the Wings of Crimson and Great Blade of Crimson Unrestricted Spells. By defeating the bosses, character cards of Mahouka characters wearing costumes of characters from Shakugan no Shana can be obtained. The second half of the event ran from May 8 at 3:00pm to 2:59pm on May 14. This quest was called "Source of the World-destroying Conflagration!? Take Back the Melonpan! (劫火の源!? メロンパンを取り戻せ! Gōka no Minamoto!? Meronpan o Torimodose!?), and was a time limit boss fight against, Hecate, Shana, and melonpan enemies.

Along with the event, more Shakugan no Shana inspired character cards were added to the game's gacha until May 12 at 11:59am, with more planned to be added later.[24]

The game also added a step-up gacha until May 14 at 11:59am, which can yield a 7 star Saegusa Mayumi character card.

As part of the collaboration, from May 4-17, Shakugan no Shana reinforcement cards were awarded along with regular game log-in rewards. Awards would also be given out for a retweeting campaign which lasts until May 14 at 11:59pm involving the official Lost Zero Twitter account.

Monster StrikeEdit

Dengeki Monster Strike promotion

Shakugan no Shana was one of the Dengeki works featured in a collaboration between Dengeki and the mobile game Monster Strike for Dengeki's 25th and Monster Strike's 4th anniversaries.[25] The collaboration ran from October 17 to November 2, 2017. Shakugan no Shana was one of eight Dengeki works featured, the others being Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Sword Art Online, Durarara!!, and Toradora!. As part of the collaboration, Bandai Channel opened a website where users can view the first episode of each Dengeki work's anime series.[26]

Shana appears as the boss of a quest, where by winning the player can obtain her as a fire attribute monster. She can be evolved from a ★5 to a ★6 monster.[27] The quest featured OST from the anime series, including Joint being played during the quest's climax, as well as some dialogue by Rie Kugimiya. The Strike Shot special move for ★5 Shana is "Karikarimofumofu no Melonpan" (カリカリモフモフのメロンパン?), and the Strike Shot for ★6 Burning-Eyed Shana is "Shinku, Hien, Shinpan, Danzai!" (真紅、飛焔、審判、断罪!?).

Tenka Hyakken -Zan-Edit

Tenka Hyakken promo

Promo image

From May 24[28] to June 14, 2018, Shakugan no Shana will be featured in a collaboration event in the game Tenka Hyakken -Zan-, a "bishojo swordplay action RPG" mobile game on the App Store and Google Play.[29] The game features famous Japanese swords anthropomorphized as beautiful girls called "sword maidens". Shana will be a playable character in the game, voiced by Rie Kugimiya. The event's story also features Alastor, voiced by Masashi Ebara.

The name of the event is "The One Who Protects the World's Balance". During the quests, there is a special UR rarity equip item drop called "Burning-Eyed Uniform" (灼眼ノ制服 Shakugan no Seifuku?). The uniform, as well as other equip items, can be obtained by exchanging "Red Hot Raging Flames" (灼熱の猛火 Shakunetsu no Mōka?), an item which can be collected during the collaboration quests. From early May 24 to June 4, there was a special login bonus to commemorate the collaboration, with the first reward being 5 melonpan. The melonpan can be given to Shana to increase her affinity with the player.

The collaboration was credited for a spike in the App Store earnings ranking of Tenka Hyakken -Zan-, from 275th place to 29th place, for the May 24-25th period.[30]

The event and Shana gacha were later reissued the following year, from November 25 to December 10, 2019.[31] In addition to "Burning-Eyed Uniform", a new UR rarity equip item drop based on Yogasa, "Burning-Eyed Overcoat" (灼眼ノ外套 Shakugan no Gaitō?), was also released.

The One Who Protects the World's BalanceEdit

Tenka Hyakken event

"The One Who Protects the World's Balance" (世界の均衡を守る者 Sekai no Kinkō o Mamoru Mono?) is the collaboration's special quest series. The quests are divided into 3 chapters, each made up of 5 missions. They feature visual novel-style cutscenes before the actual gameplay, which features a story where Shana and Alastor found themselves in the world of Tenka Hyakken -Zan-. They become involved with the Captain (player character) and Jōizumi Masamune, a Sword Maiden, both from the Ohanamishu organization, and together they hunt monsters called Magatsuki and look for a Crimson Denizen.

Crimson Chance Meeting (紅蓮の邂逅?) is the first chapter of the story.

"Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" (炎髪灼眼の討ち手?) is the prologue of the story.

In a Meiji-style Tokyo, Shana was fighting a vast number of monsters called Magatsuki. Alastor thought that someone was controlling them. Shana wanted to hurry and destroy them in order to defeat a Crimson Denizen. The Captain and Jōizumi Masamune arrived, and were surprised when Shana defeated a heap of them with her flames. The Captain didn't know of any Sword Maidens arriving, but wanted to help Shana. Jōizumi began to fight the Magatsuki but Shana warned her to stay away. The Captain asked Shana if she was a Sword Maiden, but she didn't understand. Shana didn't think Jōizumi was a Flame Haze or Denizen, but accused her of snatching her prey. Nearby, a Crimson Denizen laughed. Jōizumi stated that the Denizen looked like a Magatsuki but was much stronger, and Shana warned her again to leave. The Captain wanted to stay, as it was the Ohanamishu's duty. Alastor figured that Sword Maidens and Ohanamishu were like this world's Flame Haze, and wanted to exchange information. Shana wanted to fight alone and got into an argument with Jōizumi, and the Captain tried to calm them, treating Shana as a Sword Maiden as well. She attacked the Denizen, who continued laughing. She introduced herself as a Flame Haze who protects the world's balance.

A United Front, Somehow or Other (ともかくの共同戦線?) is the first mission of the first chapter.

Tenka Hyakken quest 1-1

Shana and Jōizumi fighting.

The Captain was surprised that Shana wasn't a Sword Maiden, and Jōizumi felt a faint Mitama, Maiden Soul, from her. They asked Shana numerous questions about herself and her power, which made her confused and mad. She suggested talking after defeating all of the Magatsuki. Shana asked Alastor if there really was a Denizen around, and he said there was, but its nature was quite different from normal ones. He thought that the one giving orders was the only Denizen and the rest were completely different beings. Jōizumi complained that Shana was "talking to herself" and they argued again. The Captain asked Shana to cooperate with them, but she refused. Alastor said that though this was usually the right thing to do, they knew too little about the situation and should form an alliance with the two. Shana agreed to cooperate as long as they didn't hold her back.

About Crimson Denizens (“紅世の徒”とは?) is the second mission of the first chapter.

Tenka Hyakken quest 1-2

Shana defending Jōizumi.

The Denizen could be heard laughing again. The Captain thought that the Magatsuki in the middle was controlling the others. Jōizumi sensed a different power coming from that Magatsuki, and considering its strength, thought it might be something concealing itself as a Magatsuki. Shana told her that that was the Crimson Denizen. Shana cut the Denizen, who was initially hurt, but continued laughing. Jōizumi wanted to observe it but Shana wanted to quickly defeat it. Alastor told the Captain that the leading Magatsuki was a Crimson Denizen, and it was he and Shana's mission to fight them. He said that they were beings who go to other worlds and eat humans. Shana told the Captain that people eaten by Denizens ceased to exist. The Denizen screamed and attacked Jōizumi, but Shana leapt in the way and was gravely injured. Shana claimed she was alright and could still fight.

The Sword Maiden's Disposition (巫剣の意地?) is the third mission of the first chapter.

The Denizen laughed. Shana insisted on continuing to fight, but Alastor said that if she forced herself, saving Jōizumi would have been in vain. Jōizumi asked why Shana protected her, and she said she might have been influenced by a certain idiot. One Magatsuki began screaming and the Denizen laughed again. A Magatsuki was attacking another Magatsuki, confusing Jōizumi. Alastor told Shana that the Denizen had absorbed Power of Existence from the Magatsuki and would attack. The Denizen attacked Shana, who couldn't defend herself due to her injuries. Jōizumi drove it away, but Shana was too proud to accept her help and insisted on fighting. Jōizumi told her to fall back and leave things to herself and the Captain, feeling responsible for Shana's injury. Shana found it odd for Jōizumi to take responsibility as she had chosen to defend Jōizumi, and this reminded Shana of "him". Jōizumi told the Magatsuki to attack her.

The Sword Maiden and the Flame Haze (巫剣とフレイムヘイズ?) is the fourth mission of the first chapter.

Tenka Hyakken quest 1-4

Shana calming Alastor.

Jōizumi tried hard against the Denizen. Shana thought that she wouldn't be able to fight it, but Jōizumi said she was a Sword Maiden who protects people, and told Shana to rest. Shana didn't want to stay back, but couldn't move, and was held up by the Captain. Alastor got angry at the Captain for touching Shana, and she had to calm him. Alastor had misunderstood and apologized. Shana suddenly found that power was surging inside of her, and Alastor realized that something was affecting her. The Denizen laughed as it battled Jōizumi. Shana leapt in and landed an attack, but couldn't capitalize due to her injury. The Denizen began to flee and Shana tried to go after it but was stopped by Alastor, who said there was a high chance she would be defeated if she went. The Captain said that they couldn't leave all the Magatsuki that the Denizen had left behind.

Each Other's Situations (互いの状況?) is the fifth and final mission of the first chapter.

Most of the Magatsuki had been taken care of. As Shana's hair turned black, she tried to go after the Denizen, but her wounds had spread from fighting. Both the Captain and Alastor suggested that she is treated immediately. Shana argued that this wasn't the first time she had had a deep wound, but Alastor also wanted to exchange information with the Captain and Jōizumi, as the Denizen was clearly different from a usual one. Shana finally agreed and Alastor apologized for her rudeness before asking about the Magatsuki and about the Captain and Jōizumi. They told Shana and Alastor that Magatsuki were born from the world's impurities and resent humans, and that Sword Maidens fight and exorcise them to protect people. The Captain explained that he was a Sword Maiden Wielder for the Ohanamishu and could command Sword Maidens. Shana stated that the Captain wasn't reliable in the earlier fight, as Jōizumi was the only one fighting, but Jōizumi took offense to the statement. Alastor asked the Captain for a place in which Shana could rest, and he would provide his knowledge to them there. The Captain said he would lead them to their base, the Meiji Hall. Shana vowed to recover quickly.

The Two Crimsons (二つの紅蓮?) is the second chapter of the story.

Attacks Without Respite (休みない襲撃?) is the first mission of the second chapter.

The Captain entered the room prepared for Shana in the Meiji Hall and asked about her wounds. Shana said it wasn't a big deal and she would be moving soon. The Captain thought it was his and Jōizumi's fault that she got injured, and intended to have her stay until she got better. He asked about Shana and Alastor. Shana thought that she was from another world, as this one was different from the one she knew. She had been chasing the Denizen when she was flung into that world, making the Denizen from another world as well. Jōizumi entered and the Captain told her that Shana needed rest. Jōizumi told Shana to rest, and told the Captain that more Magatsuki, likely including the Denizen from before, had been sighted. Shana tried to move but couldn't, and Jōizumi told her to leave things to her and the Captain.

The One Who Threatens Existence (存在を脅かす者?) is the second mission of the second chapter.

In town, a large amount of Magatsuki had gathered. Jōizumi began fighting them and spotted the Denizen Magatsuki. The Denizen was aware that they were the ones with the Flame Haze earlier, and the Captain was shocked that it could talk. Jōizumi felt Magatama, Wicked Soul, from it, but there was something mixed with it. Thinking they were allies with the Flame Haze, the Denizen wanted to make them nourishment for his power and called his servants, a large army of Magatsuki. The Captain was determined to stay and fight, and Jōizumi didn't want to go back on what she had said to Shana. The Denizen laughed at their plight. Shana suddenly appeared and bragged that this number of enemies was nothing, before attacking. She told the Captain to worry about himself instead of her wounds. The Denizen was pleased that Shana had come and boasted that he would eat Shana along with her comrades. Shana flew off and attacked the large army. Jōizumi followed, worried that Shana's wounds hadn't healed.

The Two Crimsons (二つの紅蓮?) is the third mission of the second chapter.

Tenka Hyakken quest 2-3

Shana surprised that Jōizumi had saved her.

Shana was struggling against the horde of Magatsuki. The Denizen tried to use an opening to attack Shana, but Jōizumi intervened. Shana wondered why Jōizumi had saved her, and she said she was obeying the Captain and also returning the favor. Both she and Alastor suggested that Shana battle together with her. Shana agreed as long as Jōizumi didn't get in her way. Jōizumi then asked the Captain to give orders to Shana as well, though Shana didn't want any. She reluctantly allowed the Captain to order her to attack the Magatsuki on the right. The Denizen noticed that Shana's movements had suddenly gotten better. The Captain sensed that though she wasn't a Sword Maiden, his Sword Maiden Wielder powers worked on Shana. Jōizumi also noticed that Shana's Mitama had gotten stronger. Shana felt her power and asked the Captain for more orders. He ordered both Shana and Jōizumi to attack the enemies from the front. They pushed the Magatsuki back, and the Denizen ordered them all to charge. Shana felt that she could no longer lose and wanted to finish them.

The Flame Haze Mission (フレイムヘイズの使命?) is the fourth mission of the second chapter.

Many Magatsuki had been defeated and they were more vulnerable. Shana and Jōizumi could now go after the Denizen. Hurt, the Denizen vowed to get revenge on them. He blinded them with a white light and fled. Shana tried but couldn't go after him. Jōizumi noted that Shana's Mitama had grown weaker, and she was still injured. The Captain wanted to know more about Crimson Denizens, and Shana said that they break down the balance of the world. She explained that what they ate, Power of Existence, was an energy that allowed them to exist in this world. A person whose existence was devoured ceased to exist completely. Alastor said that if people continued to be extinguished, Distortions which break down the world's balance would be created, and that keeping the balance was the mission of the Flame Haze. Shana didn't know why the Denizen had Magatama or could control Magatsuki, noting that it had a different appearance back in her world. The Captain thought that a Denizen and a Magatsuki had fused together. He suggested returning to the Meiji Hall to analyze it with the Ohanamishu's capabilities, to which Alastor agreed. Shana agreed, but wanted to defeat the remaining Magatsuki that were nearby. Jōizumi was surprised that Shana had sensed them, thinking it was the power of the Mitama in her sword.

The Sweet Taste of Reconciliation (和解の甘味?) is the fifth and final mission of the second chapter.

Tenka Hyakken quest 2-5

Shana eating the apple candies.

Back at the Meiji Hall, Shana agreed that the Denizen had fused with a Magatsuki, as she had felt a Denizen presence from it and the Captain and Jōizumi could feel Magatama from it. What was not known was how Shana had come to that world and how the Denizen could control Magatsuki. The Captain said he would ask the Ohanamishu headquarters to investigate. He asked Shana to continue fighting with them, and Shana agreed as she knew their power and thought they were trustworthy, though she was embarrassed to do so. Shana said that if the Captain was unreliable, she would stop following his orders. The Captain said he would do his best. Jōizumi came in and gave Shana some of her apple candies. She didn't want to say why she giving them to Shana, but offered to feed her if her wounds were hurting. Shana ate them herself and liked them, so Jōizumi went to get more. The Captain explained that Jōizumi was trying to thank Shana for protecting her. Shana thought she had gotten hurt of her own accord, and noted that everyone at the Meiji Hall was nice.

Crimson Decisive Battle (紅蓮の決戦?) is the third and last chapter of the story.

Won't Wait (待ってはくれない?) is the first mission of the third chapter.

Tenka Hyakken quest 3-1

Shana trying to thank the Captain.

In the strategy room, the Captain told Shana to rest until the headquarters had finished the analysis. Shana said that the Denizen wouldn't wait for them, so she couldn't just wait there. She understood that she couldn't do much herself due to her injury, but wanted the Captain and Jōizumi to go with her, as she was unaffected by her injuries when with the Captain due to the Mitama in her Nietono no Shana. Shana wanted to look for the Denizen to prevent any casualties. Jōizumi agreed to go, surprising the Captain. She made Shana promise to fight with them and to stay with the Captain. More friendly with each other, Shana and Jōizumi teased each other to not be a burden in the coming battle. The Captain reluctantly agreed to go as well. Tokyo was too large to search for the Denizen, so the Captain asked Shana if she had any clues. Shana thought the Denizen had exhausted its stamina and would look to gather Power of Existence. Though there were many places where people would gather in Tokyo, Shana still wanted to search. She tried to thank the Captain, but was interrupted by Jōizumi.

A Little Bit (少しだけ?) is the second mission of the third chapter.

Tenka Hyakken quest 3-2

Shana tells Jōizumi to shut up.

Shana and Jōizumi were walking in town, but could only find Magatsuki and not the Denizen. Shana didn't feel her wounds and her power swelled by being with the Captain. She had a "little bit" better impression of the Captain due to his battle instructions. Shana was teased by Jōizumi, who thought she wasn't being honest by adding "little bit", and Shana told her to shut up. Alastor interrupted by saying she couldn't keep needing help from Jōizumi and the Captain, and Shana agreed that she needed to quickly defeat the Denizen and return to her own world. The Captain asked Shana about the time just before she arrived in that world, thinking he could find something out that she hadn't noticed. Shana had been fighting the Denizen when she was engulfed in light and ended up in that world. Alastor noted that they had seen a large golden pillar, and felt something ominous from it. The Captain thought the pillar was a Wicked Cornerstone Pillar, and Jōizumi thought that the gold color suggested a special one. The Captain theorized that the pillar may have caused Shana's movement between worlds. He asked where it was, but Magatsuki arrived before Shana could answer.

A New Clue (新たな手掛かり?) is the third mission of the third chapter.

After they had defeated the Magatsuki, Shana said she didn't remember where the pillar was, and Alastor could only remember that it wasn't in the city. A messenger told the Captain that the Ohanamishu headquarters had concluded that the Crimson Denizen had absorbed the Power of Existence of a Magatsuki and turned into one. The negative emotions that the Denizen originally had allowed it to control the other Magatsuki. Jōizumi commented that Denizens and Magatsuki had high affinity, and it was dangerous for them to mix. If the Denizen could call Magatsuki to him, he could easily gather Power of Existence to heal his wounds. The Captain asked the messenger about the golden pillar, and he said that they had gotten eyewitness reports and it would soon be investigated. The Captain begged the messenger to tell them where the pillar was; they couldn't wait for the headquarters as if the pillar was responsible for Shana and the Denizen's transfer to that world, there was a possibility that more Denizens would arrive. The messenger stated that the pillar was in the forest outside Ueno. The group left for the pillar.

Entrusting Backs (背中を預けて?) is the fourth mission of the third chapter.

In the forest, Shana was concerned that the Captain had acted without orders from the headquarters, but Jōizumi was unconcerned, as all of the Ohanamishu wanted to protect the city. The Captain thought that as Magatsuki are often at the Wicked Cornerstone Pillars, the Denizen might be there gathering Power of Existence, and other Denizens could also appear out of the pillar. Jōizumi also stated the need to find a way for Shana to return home. Shana tried to say her thanks to the two, but some Magatsuki had approached. As there were so many Magatsuki, they were likely close to the pillar. Shana and Jōizumi engaged them. After a tiring fight, they spotted the Denizen and the golden pillar. The pillar was activated, and the Captain thought the Denizen was calling other Denizens to that world. Shana vowed to stop the Denizen.

Burning Eyes, Opened Eyes (灼眼、開眼?) is the fifth and final mission of the third chapter, and the final mission.

The Crimson Denizen was confident, having acquired a new power by absorbing the Power of Existence of the Magatsuki. Shana didn't want the Denizen to continue getting stronger, but he pushed her back. The Captain told Shana to stay back and she obeyed. Alastor thought that the fused being had now surpassed the category of "Crimson Denizen" in strength. It had been a while since Shana had fought someone so powerful. Alastor suggested that he manifest in order to save this world, but Shana thought there was no need. Like how the Denizen had a different power, Shana wasn't the same as usual, and she had the Captain and Jōizumi with her. Jōizumi was happy that Shana was relying on her, which made Shana embarrassed. The Denizen was gathering more Power of Existence. Shana and Jōizumi attacked it together.

Apples and Melonpan (リンゴとメロンパン?) is the epilogue of the story.

Tenka Hyakken quest 3-epilogue

Shana says goodbye.

The Captain planned a coordinated attack where Jōizumi brought the Denizen down and Shana finished him off. Defeated, the Denizen laughed one final time. The Captain thanked Shana for helping them, and Shana tried to thank them, but Jōizumi interrupted saying that the pillar was weakening. The Captain told Shana to enter the pillar while it was still working, thinking it was connected to her world due to the Denizen trying to call its comrades. Alastor could sense the other world from the pillar. Shana wanted to wait, but was rushed by Jōizumi. There was no guarantee the pillar would remain connected to Shana's world, so the Captain and Alastor urged her to go. Shana told them all to shut up, as she wanted to say something first. She told Jōizumi that she liked the apple candies and next time she would give her melonpan as thanks. She thanked the Captain and Jōizumi, and she and Jōizumi promised to meet again. After Shana had gone, the pillar stopped working. Though they felt regret due to Shana and Alastor, they couldn't leave the pillar intact, and Jōizumi destroyed it. Jōizumi asked if Shana had gotten home safely, and the Captain thought so, teasing her for her loneliness and concern for Shana. Jōizumi thought that Shana would be alright, and didn't know if they would meet again. She wanted to try melonpan and give Shana Tsugaru apples. The Captain thought that her wish would be granted one day.


Shana could be obtained through a special gacha, where her drop rate was 0.6%. Shana is a UR rarity "Sword Maiden" of standard type and "ceremony" (?) attribute. Her signature move is Great Blade of Crimson (紅蓮ノ大太刀 Guren no Ōdachi?) and her secret move is Wings of Crimson (紅蓮ノ双翼 Guren no Sōyoku?). Shana's favorite presents are dango, sugar candy, cookies, chocolate, cakes, and the event-exclusive melonpan. Giving Shana cakes or melonpan will trigger a "sword-repairing" scene. Her favorite missions are patrols and investigations.[32]

Giving presents to Shana will level up her "affection level" with the player and unlock her exclusive character stories. There are six in all.

Isolated Flame Haze (孤高のフレイムヘイズ?) is the first story.

Tenka Hyakken story 1

Shana falling asleep.

In his room, the Captain offered to "repair" Shana's wounds from the battle that day. Shana thought that the wounds were no big deal and he was worrying too much, but he thought it was his duty as a Sword Maiden Wielder. Though she said she wasn't a Sword Maiden, she allowed him to treat her. Shana felt good after being "repaired" and commented on how convenient Wielders were, but couldn't get used to being given orders in battle. She told the Captain that Flame Haze usually fought alone, so she had never gotten any support. The Captain said she would get used to fighting with them, and asked if she was usually alone even outside battles, and Shana said she preferred being alone. The Captain suggested interacting with others to make battles easier and life more fun. Getting sleepy, Shana agreed if it would make battles easier, but didn't know how and would leave it to the Captain. Shana fell asleep, leaving the Captain to wonder if it was a sign that she either trusted him or thought nothing of him.

Indomitable Serving (不屈の接客?) is the second story.

Shana was working as a waitress in the cafe when Jōizumi entered. Jōizumi asked what she was doing and the Captain said that he had suggested it to get Shana familiar with the Meiji Hall. Shana thought that waiting tables was easy, and Jōizumi got the Captain and herself to reenact entering the cafe as customers. Shana just directed them to a table, not using proper respectful language and not asking how many people would comprise the group of customers. Shana argued that she could see that it was only two customers. Next, at the table, Shana gave the two menus and told them to choose quickly. The Captain tried to get Shana to repeat a more appropriate greeting, but she didn't understand why she had to use honorific speech and thank people she didn't know. Jōizumi was anxious about Shana being a waitress. After a day of working as a waitress, the Captain asked Shana how it felt interacting with people. Shana said that there were many bothersome things and fighting was better. The Captain said he would think up something that didn't require interacting, but Shana said she would continue being a waitress tomorrow because she had made a promise with Jōizumi to do so.

Karikari Mofumofu (カリカリモフモフ?) is the third story.

Tenka Hyakken story 3

Shana describing melonpan to the Captain.

In the kitchen, Shana wanted to make melonpan. The Captain asked her if it would be easy, and she didn't know, but since that world didn't have any, Shana would have to make her own. The Captain was there to help her, as she didn't think she could make them. Shana explained melonpan to him. She didn't know how to make them, but thought they could be made with ingredients for bread. Shana's first try was totally burnt. Shana told the Captain to shut up and said she wasn't good at cooking. She wanted to try again, this time following orders from the Captain. His first order was to knead the dough, and it kept breaking because Shana was being too rough. Shana finished kneading and the result was a bit small. Next, she put the dough in the oven and stared at it as it cooked, thinking she had to prevent it burning again. The second melonpan was finished. It wasn't burnt, looked okay, and though it was far from Shana's ideals, its taste was good enough to eat. Despite her assessment, Shana was in a daze eating it. The Captain was tired, but was glad he helped after seeing how happy Shana was.

Training! Training! (特訓! 特訓!?) is the fourth story.

In a field, Shana defeated a Magatsuki. Afterwards, she berated the Captain for almost getting hit by the Magatsuki. Shana stated that he wasn't training enough and should have been able to dodge the attack, though the Captain had trained a lot at his military academy. Shana offered to train him, as thanks for his help at the cafe and making melonpan. The Captain accepted the offer and Shana told him to meet her in the back garden of the Meiji Hall tomorrow night. The next night, Shana began slashing at the Captain before he was ready. He barely dodged and Shana kept slashing, saying enemies wouldn't wait for him to prepare himself. Though the Captain tried to say that it was only training, Shana felt that training is worthless if it cannot be applied in battle. The Captain somewhat agreed and Shana said that they had only just begun. Shana hit him from all directions and he was knocked down. The Captain was determined to continue Shana's training.

Origin of the Name (名前の由来は?) is the fifth story.

Tenka Hyakken story 5

Shana explaining how she got her name.

Shana defeated another Magatsuki and the Captain was injured even though he hadn't fought it. His whole body hurt from Shana's training, which didn't impress her. The Captain was impressed that Shana hadn't gotten tired at all from the training and could swing her long sword with her small physique. Shana explained that her sword, the Nietono no Shana, was the greatest masterpiece of a certain swordsmith; it was impossible to bend or snap it, and it could cut very well. The Captain could see why the sword contained Mitama, and also noticed that the sword's name included Shana's name in it. Shana said that it was the origin of her name, and the Captain was about to ask about it but stopped as he thought it was impolite. Shana explained to him anyway that she had no name and had referred to herself by her title, never having had any inconvenience from not having a name. Then one day a certain man had asked for her name and had decided arbitrarily to call her Shana. The Captain agreed that the man had been a bit overbearing, but thought that it was a good name. He noted that Shana seemed to like the name, as she had seemed happy when he complimented it. Shana told the Captain to shut up. She tried to hide her embarrassment by saying there would be more training for him when they return to the Meiji Hall.

What Can Be Done, What Can Be Fulfilled (出来る事、果たす事?) is the sixth and final story.

Tenka Hyakken story 6

Shana telling Alastor to shut up.

Shana defeated what she thought was the last Magatsuki in the field, but there was one left hiding. It attacked the Captain, but he was able to dodge, and Shana used the opening to finish it off. Shana was impressed that the Captain had been able to dodge, and he said it was thanks to her training. Alastor spoke up, saying the Captain could deal with some of Shana's attacks. He said that the Captain and Shana had stimulated each other, which an embarrassed Shana denied. Alastor stated that it was the truth, as their coordination had gotten better, but Shana told him to shut up. She told the Captain to not get conceited because of his improvement and wanted him to get stronger, and he agreed. Shana wanted to return to the Meiji Hall, and would train the Captain again that night. In her room, Alastor wanted Shana to accept that the Captain was pretty good, but she already knew. Alastor commented on how she hadn't said so to the Captain, and Shana told him to shut up again, saying she didn't want the Captain to get conceited.

Akihabara GamersEdit

It was also announced that there would be a promotional event on the last weekend of May.[28] It was later revealed to be an event distributing merchandise from 1pm May 27 at the Akihabara Gamers store.[33] Among the goods distributed were 2000 specially packaged melonpan, which were made available outside the store, and all of them were sold out in less than 1 hour.[34] Helping with the distribution was a cosplayer named Shiina (シイナ?),[35] who was dressed as Shana. The melonpan itself was supplied by Yamazaki Baking.

Hacka DollEdit

As part of the Tenka Hyakken -Zan- collaboration, Shana will feature in 2 special 4-koma manga available in the Hacka Doll news app for iOS and Android devices.[36] Hacka Doll is an app by DeNA, which is also the publisher of Tenka Hyakken -Zan-. The first 4-koma was published on the same day as the start of the Tenka Hyakken -Zan- collaboration, May 24, and a second is planned for early June.[36]

Hacka Doll 4-koma 1

4-koma 1

Hacka Doll 4-koma 2

4-koma 2

The first 4-koma is titled "A Pose For Carrying Out the Collabo!" (コラボ実施中のポーズですっ!?), and features Shana along with the main "sword maiden" from Tenka Hyakken -Zan-, Jōizumi Masamune, and the AI mascot of Hacka Doll, Hacka Doll No.1. All three introduced themselves and posed together, with Shana questioning why they were posing and Jōizumi wondering what AIs were.

The second 4-koma is titled "About Tenka Hyakken -Zan-! (天華百剣 -斬-とは!?) and was released on June 6. Hacka Doll No.1 was introducing the game while Jōizumi and Shana were fighting a Magatsuki. Shana created an opening for Hacka Doll No.1 to finish off the Magatsuki, but she ran away scared, complaining that she wasn't meant to fight in the game. Somehow the Magatsuki was defeated and they posed again, with Jōizumi wondering if it was alright for the collaboration to be like this.


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