The Second Great War (二次大戦 Niji Ōikusa?) was the concurrent war between the Bal Masqué and the second incarnation of the Flame Haze Army.

Background[edit | edit source]

Pre-War[edit | edit source]

Bal Masqué waits for the completion of the Psalm of Grand Order while destroying potential enemies and major Outlaw networks to pave a path for their master's return. When preparing a vessel for their master to inhabit, they make The Silver and Statue of Pride but both fail, instead a Mystes is chosen to be the suitable substitute for his return. They greet him and address him as "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai as he requested and they accompany him to Seireiden so he can become their leader.

Upon Yūji's return to Misaki City as Bal Masqué's newest leader, Shana is defeated by him before she is taken to the Seireiden. Her powers are then sealed by Bel Peol's Treasure Tool Tartaros while Alastor stays in Yūji's hands. Later, after the Divine Gate is created, Yūji and a few members of Bal Masqué then travel to the rift between the human world and the Crimson Realm, the place where the body of the Snake of the Festival is sealed.

Preparation of War[edit | edit source]

With Major Outlaw networks destroyed, the remaining Outlaw networks begin to regather and reorganise all their remaining resources they have at their disposal for the upcoming war. They seek the "Braider of Trembling Might" Sophie Sawallisch, the supreme commander of the "Great War", to take command as their Supreme Commander of the newly incarnated Flame Haze Army in the impending war with the Bal Masqué. With Dorel Kubelík and Pietro Monteverdi's death at the hand of Sydonay, Samuel Demantius took the position as Chief of Staff and gathered enough Flame Haze to make a stand against the Bal Masqué Army.

The Starting of War[edit | edit source]

The Army of Bal Masqué overseen by Fecor and Decarabia, mount an attack on major Outlaw Headquarters. Haborym, leading the Western Outlaw Demolition Army, attacked Romania, which was commanded by Hildegard and Ribesal, leading the Eastern Outlaw Demolition Army, attacking Tokyo, which was commanded by Ernest Flieder.

Surprise Attack on Seireiden[edit | edit source]

The Flame Haze Army lead by Sophie Sawallisch launched a surprise attack on Seireiden with the help of Wilhelmina Carmel, Rebecca Reed and Khamsin Nbh'w, who sneaked into Seireiden through Tendōkyū to bring Seireiden down on land. They were intercept by Purson, who was fighting against Rebecca and Khamsin, but was defeated by Rebecca when he was distracted by the Flame Haze Army who had landed beside Seireiden. Wilhelmina went to destroy the Gehinom that kept Seireiden afloat and was in search of Shana.

Meanwhile, when the Seireiden was under attack, Tenmoku awakened within Nietono no Shana through the call of its master Shana. He went on a quest, searching for her and killing several Crimson Denizen and wounding Fecor along the way. He managed to find Shana and he destroyed the Tartaros, giving Shana her powers and weapon back. She encountered Vual who she manage to defeat easily and discovered a new way and power to fight. Shana reunited with Wilhelmina along with other Flame Haze's then they went outside to find out what Yūji, the God of Creation, and the Trinity up to.

Battle at Seireiden[edit | edit source]

Outside with Seireiden grounded the Flame Haze Army landed just in time to attack the Bal Masqué Headquarters. Decarabia, who lost contact to Fecor, called for reinforcements from all of the Outlaw Demolition Army for defences of Seireiden. Shana announced the plot and whereabouts of the Snake of the Festival and the Trinity and volunteered to pursue them along with Wilhelmina, Rebecca and Khamsin while the Flame Haze Army and The Denizen Army of Bal Masqué engage in battle.

In The Battle at Seireiden, the Flame Haze Army was near victory but was intercepted by Decarabia. He was ultimately defeated by Sophie Sawallisch but was able to buy enough time for the reinforcements of the Western Army lead by Haborym with the help of Stolas to arrive using his powers.

Meanwhile, at the Abyss, Shana and the others, who were pursuing the Bal Masqué, were intercept by Sabrac. The others stayed to hold of Sabrac while Shana continued on with the chase. The Bal Masqué was able to retrieve the body of the God of Creation and the arrival of the God made a tremor of the Power of Existence. Sabrac perished within the collapsing Abyss upon witnessing the power of the God of Creation. Sophie attempted to destroy the Divine Gate to prevent the return of the God of Creation, but was prevented by the power of the "Tempest Hoof' Fecor the Magnesia, who lived long enough to bear witness to the return of the Snake of the Festival's true body.

With the successfully revived Snake of the Festival's true form, Bal Masqué had the advantage in the war against the Flame Haze. The Snake's true form were successfully brought upon the Earth, giving the necessary morale boost to Bal Masque's troops and subsequently, the Flame Haze were losing the war.

Yūji announced his plan of retreating to the Flame Haze that, as the God of Creation, he wishes to created a new world, one that fulfills every Denizens wishes that there is no war, abundance of Power of Existence, and no pain and suffering like this world, named Xanadu. Furthermore, he added that Flame Haze should not oppose this as this also indirectly fulfills Flame Haze purpose that no more Denizens would kill humans indiscriminately for Power of Existence. However the announcement has a darker purpose. Most of Flame Haze made pacts with Crimson Lords for revenge, injustice, and suffering. Now, with the weight of protecting a new world irrelevant to them being too cruel, most mentally broke down, leading to a massacre by Bal Masque's troops.

The Flame Haze Army retreated to the forest nearby and discussed their next step. Sophie said that they should find a way to save as many Flame Haze as they can. Centerhill decided to join the Flame Haze Army because the Snake of the Festival's plan to create Xanadu might endanger all of the worlds due to too much consuming of humans that might happened in Xanadu. Centerhill and Samuel Demantius serve as rear guard for the retreating army to Tendokyu, Shana and Wilhelmina confront Sydonay, while Khamsin and Rebecca protect the Flame Haze who are retreating towards the tower where they can go to Tendōkyū. After Shana, Wilhelmina, Centerhill and Margery tricked Sydonay, Sale and Chiara came to retrieve the group but leave Centerhill, who has confronted Sydonay to allow the others to escape. Centerhill was killed by Sydonay and Samuel dies from a wound caused by a Denizen weapon.

The Battle in Misaki City[edit | edit source]

After the battle, Yūji revealed where the location is appropriate for the creation of Xanadu, Misaki City. Kazumi Yoshida was asked by Yūji to be used as a catalyst to the ritual of reversing the Tuning effects by Khamsin which she agreed to. Then Seireiden turned into a tower-like building to created Xanadu and Hecate was sacrificed for the Ritual Grounding Ceremony Creation as the beginning of the creation of the new world.

However, Shana, Wilhelmina, Khamsin, Margery, Sale, Chiara and the three remaining Four Gods of Earth returned to fight Yūji as they realized the mirrored world would cause an imbalance of Power of Existence in the far distant future if Denizens consumes Power of Existence recklessly. Kazumi used Giralda to summon Pheles and Pheles summoned Johann from the Reiji Maigo. They then escaped along with Kazumi with the help of the Hyakki Yakō. Through ensuing battles, Shana and Margery Daw successfully reconstructed the Restriction Spell to include a Law that humans can never be consumed in Xanadu. This is a last ditch effort as Shana's team is too small to prevent the creation of Xanadu, so they merely wanted to protect the humans in Xanadu instead. As they feel relieved that their plan worked, Shana is agitated to see Yūji smiling.

Yūji, foreseeing such a plan, revealed that the whole Restriction Spell is a secondary effect. In reality, the only requirement is to wait until midnight so that Reiji Maigo would refill. During that time he would ask the Professor to place a special Restriction Spell to obtain extremely vast amounts of Power of Existence under his control where he can direct it to the creation of Xanadu and null the Law placed by Shana. Shana and her team had not been beaten, but clearly lost hope, as they could only watch helplessly at the creation of Xanadu. At the same time, the God of Guidance Shaher had been summon through the Scattering Roar, Chanting Voice with the sacrifice of her servant Rofocale to announced the new being that was created as heir of the two worlds. However Yūji, as the God of the Festival hears the Denizen's wish as well as the Flame Haze' wish, did not undo the Law placed by Shana.

Post-War[edit | edit source]

After their long yearned plan succeeds, Bel Peol uses Tartaros to separate the Snake of the Festival and Yūji. She, along with other Denizens, crossed to the newly created world. At the end of the novels, she kisses Yūji as a farewell. As the only Trinity left, she ordered the disband of Bal Masqué so she can wonder the world, waiting for her master's return indicating Bal Masqué will be reestablished once again.

The Strategist, holding the essence of God of Creation, gave him a chain-shape key to Tartaros. In the end the God of Creation stated he grew fond of Yūji, a mere torch that was willing to allow himself to be used as a tool to fulfill his ambition, and even if nobody else approve of his plan, the God of Desire approved of it and gives his blessings to Yūji, as they departed to Xanadu.

Meanwhile, the surviving Flame Haze and Kazumi gather around to mourn their fallen comrade Khamsin. Kazumi gave Wilhelmina Justus who was created from the combined existence of Pheles and Johann and they were asked by Johann to take care of him. Rebecca, along with 1225 Flame Haze at Tendokyu, volunteered to go to the new world along with the remaining Four Gods of the Earth, Wilhelmina, Justus, Chiara and Sale.

Later the Spiral Organ appeared, giving Yūji a crystal containing an Unrestricted Spell for bringing back lost things, granting basic protection for his body and embedding a new unrestricted spell into the anti-flame ring Azure, saying its been wonderful working with Yūji. Later, Lamies left a last parting gift, naming Yūji's new Unrestricted Spell, Grammatica and asked him to contemplate on the meaning of it. Lamies returned to being Leanan-Sidhe.

Now, fully himself, he decided to face Shana and Margery Daw in the final battle. Sydonay, impressed by the boy's actions, decided to cooperate with him and fights Margery Daw. During the battle, Yūji activated the green crystal and cast it on Yoshida Kazumi with the last plea for her to agree. The spell activates and it restored all the destruction caused at Misaki City and healed damaged people although he regretted that dead people cannot be revived.

Shana asked Yūji what his intentions are and he replied that in order to atone for the killing of Flame Haze and Humans on his quest, he will travel to Xanadu, which has no Misaki City, alone to teach Denizens and humans to coexist peacefully, even if it takes thousands of years so that he can finally be together with Shana without guilt. Shana and Alastor, however was furious with his philosophy of severe self punishment, They used their tremendous strength to overpowered Yūji and leads to his defeat while Sydonay was kill by Margery. In limbo, Johann confronts him smiling, and teases Yūji that he underestimated the power of love, again. He awakens, carried by Shana shyly said he just need to ask and she would go with him to Xanadu together without a thought. Admitting his loss he replied to Shana, he ask for her forgiveness, ask her to be with him in Xanadu and she accepts happily. As they embraced and kissed, the Spiral Organ unrestricted Spell activated and Yūji Sakai becomes a "solid existence", as prophesied by God of Retribution - something more than a normal torch, a Mystes, or a human. As Yūji and Shana delights at this revelation, they departed to Xanadu.

Participants[edit | edit source]

Bal Masqué

Flame Haze Army


The Four Gods of Earth

Hyakki Yakō

Primary Goal
Achieving the "Grand Order" by creating Xanadu To defeat Bal Masqué


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