Sasaki (佐々木 Sasaki?)[3][† 1] is an anime original character and student in Yūji's class, Class 1-2 at Misaki Municipal High School.


Sasaki is a young girl with short cut brown hair that is parted to the left. She is of average height and has a normal complexion and brown-green eyes. She is mostly seen wearing the Misaki Municipal High School uniform, but is also seen in the school gym uniform, and a black yukata with a white ribbon for the Misago Festival.[4]


Sasaki appears to like gossiping with Ogiwara and other girls in her class.


In the class, she sits behind Ogiwara and in front of Sugano (and later, Fumina Konoe), diagonally left in front of Yūji's seat.


"Hunter" ArcEdit

Sasaki Yukari's notes

Sasaki giving the notes back to Yukari

Sasaki had borrowed school notes from the person known as Yukari Hirai on the day she had disappeared. The next day, she returns them to the girl without noticing a change in her appearance before leaving to talk to Ogiwara and another girl. Later, in the anime, she was frozen in Marianne's Fūzetsu in the classroom before being carried to the hallway by Yūji.[5]

Interval Stories ArcEdit

Sasaki and Ogiwara are seen discussing when to buy swimsuits after the class had all received tickets to Misaki Waterland from Hayato Ike. She is then seen talking to Kazumi.[6]

Shakugan no Shana SPEdit

Sasaki is seen with the other girls of class 1-2 in the shrine onsen. She doesn't believe Kazumi when she says she isn't after any of the male classmates. When the girls misunderstand Yukari (Shana) and think she is attracted to all delinquent males, Sasaki is disgusted (In the English dub, Sasaki is impressed that Yukari is not afraid of delinquents).[7]

"Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" ArcEdit

At school, Sasaki is with Sugano as she talks to Matake Ogata about going to the Misago Festival with a big group, after which Matake asks Eita Tanaka to go with them and is rejected.[8]

Sasaki goes to the festival with Sugano and Matake. They have to stop for Matake when she spots Eita with a strange woman.[4]

"Village of Jestful Slumber" ArcEdit

Sasaki is seen eating lunch with Ogiwara and Sugano.[9]

Fumina Konoe ArcEdit

Sasaki, along with the rest of the class, are puzzled by Fumina Konoe's behavior on her first few days of school.[10]

She was later seen having fun during the water fight between Matake and Eita while the class was cleaning the school's pool.[3]

Omens of a Storm ArcEdit

Sasaki and Ogiwara talk to Kazumi 2

Sasaki and Ogiwara congratulating Kazumi

Sasaki and Ogiwara congratulate Kazumi Yoshida for obtaining the role of Juliet for the Seishū Festival parade. Sasaki mentions to Kazumi that everyone knows that she, Shana and Fumina Konoe are fighting over Yūji, who was to play Romeo. The two were pleased when Kazumi admits being happy to play Juliet.[11]

Sasaki Sugino Banner

Sasaki and Sugano working on a banner

Sasaki is seen making a banner for the festival with Sugano but can't reach Sugano's side when she was cutting it, reminding Shana and Kazumi of advice they had received from Yūji's father the day before. Sasaki is later among those who watch as Kimiko Nakamura finishes the Cowardly Lion costume and has Eita Tanaka try it on. In the afternoon, as all the girls in the class are having showers, Sasaki is one of the ones who complains at Kimiko's lecherous groping of Kazumi and Shana. The next day, she is seen listening to Fumina's recital of Romeo's lines.[12]

"Colorful Wave" ArcEdit

On the first day of the festival, Sasaki and some others marvel at Shana wearing the Dorothy costume. She later compliments Kazumi when the class representatives return from the parade. She is at the award ceremony watching as the number-one girl Shana begins her speech before getting caught in a twister.[13]

Scars from the Storm ArcEdit

The day after the parade, Sasaki asks what the class should do with the parade costumes along with Sugano and Ogiwara. The three and Matake don't remember the wizard costume, which was worn by Fumina Konoe.[14]




  1. 佐々木 is seen written on her gym uniform.



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