Samuel Demantius (ザムエル・デマンティウス Zamueru Demantiusu?) is the veteran Flame Haze bound to the Crimson Lord Zirnitra. His title is "Guardian of Steady Passage" (犀渠の護り手 Saikyo no Morite?). He is also known by the alias Sirotci and is also the one who coins the name "Flame Haze Army" during the Great War.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Samuel is a tall middle-aged man of Czech descent. He wears a stand-collar overcoat with an officer cap which hides his eyes. He lost his left eye prior to his contract with Zirnitra and has a big scar on the left side of his face.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Other than with his close acquaintances like Sophie Sawallisch, Samuel usually speaks like a soldier with strict formalities. He is one of the few who possesses talent in leading and commanding Flame Haze as an army, thus making them victorious in many battles in Europe, including the Great War. Throughout hundreds of years, he becomes an experienced commander and essential member of the present Flame Haze Army.

Background[edit | edit source]

Prior to becoming a Flame Haze[edit | edit source]

Samuel once served in mercenaries known as Sirotci (孤児(シロッツィ) Minashigo (Shirottsi)?, Japanese and Czech for "Orphan") implying he was a soldier serving under Jan Žižka (c.1360-1424), the Hussite leader during Hussite War (1419-1434). On the verge of death, he realized that all of the battles he and his fellow soldiers had fought were part of a proxy war "game", called the Sovereign's Game (君主の遊戯 Kunshu no Yūgi?) between players, the participating Crimson Denizens and their organizations. Knowing this, Samuel made a contract with Zirnitra and became a Flame Haze to exact revenge on those who used humans as chess pawns for their own entertainment.

Great War[edit | edit source]

Even though he didn't join the battlefield himself, Samuel was assigned to organize the Flame Haze Army, recruiting people and providing supplies for this long war. He was seen participating in the last meeting before the final battle with Töten Glocke along with Sophie and others.

Révolution War[edit | edit source]

Samuel participated in the war against the Révolution, a group of Denizens who object to the usage of Fūzetsu and concealing oneself in the shadows; in other words, the Révolution wanted to proclaim their existence to humans. At the time he entered the war, Samuel discovered the loss of many of his allies including Sophie's most trusted men; Alex and Denis. He greatly suffered from his own delay on entering the war for decades until the present time.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Biding Time Arc[edit | edit source]

Samuel is summoned by Sophie and meets her at the Zurich Outlaw. He apologizes for not responding quickly to her summons. Sophie regrets asking him to join her in another war that they can't afford to lose, but Samuel takes off his cap and tells Mutter Courage that it is his pleasure. She welcomes him by calling him Sirotci.[1]

Seireiden Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

Samuel at the Flame Haze meeting in the Zurich Outlaw

Samuel attends another meeting at the Zurich Outlaw with Sophie and François Auric, where they discuss Bal Masqué's objective of capturing Tokyo and pushing the Flame Haze back to America. François reports that the Tokyo Outlaw is under attack and communications with it have been cut. They discuss the dire state of similar attacks on other Outlaws worldwide, with Samuel noting that with Bal Masqué on the offensive in the West and East, they should have minimal forces guarding Seireiden. As the three Flame Haze are leaving to carry out Sophie's plan of a surprise attack on Seireiden, Samuel is concerned about Sydonay not being on the battlefield. At the doorway of the Outlaw, Samuel and Sophie are surprised to see CenterHill of The Four Gods of Earth. At the Zurich Airport, Samuel begins to board a flight with Sophie, François and CenterHill. He helps François pick up the papers he dropped, telling him the world's future is in his hands.[2]

Samuel noticing something wrong with Sophie

On board the flight to Seireiden, Samuel reports to Sophie that there are no delays in Operation Calm, but notices that she is concerned about something. She feels unease about the operation being based around the location of the dimensional distortion of the Divine Gate, which might be Bal Masqué's plan. but Samuel and Zirnitra are able to cheer her up by telling her that she can share her responsibilities with her subordinates.[3]

As they near Seireiden, Samuel notes that the Fūzetsu setting at various radar bases should be finished, so that there will be no evidence of the operation. With three minutes until the Estimated Time of Arrival, Samuel and the others listen to Sophie's speech about their need to end the battle quickly and set an example for future Flame Haze generations. The Flame Haze Army planes arrive at Seireiden and Samuel drops down with the rest of the Flame Haze. Samuel lands and constructs Žižka's Mound.[4]

Samuel leading the Flame Haze reserves to Seireiden

Samuel is with Sophie and François on Žižka's Mound and watches Decarabia's Denizen army until Shana and the other Flame Haze appear and enter the Divine Gate. They watch the battle and Samuel notes that the Flame Haze are at an advantage due to the surprise attack. François shows the Flame Haze the activity of the surrounding area with an Unrestricted Spell and they find that two enemy forces are approaching. Sophie orders Samuel to take half of the reserve Flame Haze to make an assault on Seireiden. He watches the Flame Haze reserves attack before feeling the tremors of Decarabia's appearance. As Decarabia strengthens his army, Samuel builds a bridge connecting to Seireiden. As he leads the army down the bridge, Decarabia aims to stop them but is killed by Sophie.[5]

Samuel watches as his troops are held back by the Denizen reinforcements lead by Haborym.[6]

Samuel is still on the battlefield when he senses the Faint Heaven Quake, a cataclysm caused by the reawakening of the Snake of the Festival's true body.[7]

Samuel saving a demoralized Flame Haze

After the Snake of the Festival's true body breaks through the Divine Gate, Samuel listens to his Declaration of the Grand Order; the creation of Xanadu. After his speech the reinvigorated Denizens massacre Samuel's confused army. Samuel tells Zirnitra that the tide of the battle has been decided. Zirnitra states that they failed in prevented the reincarnation of the Snake of the Festival, which was to be stopped at all costs, leaving no point in gaining back the momentum of the war. He stays on the battlefield but uses an Unrestricted Spell to listen in on Sophie's meeting inside Žižka's Mound. As they discuss Operation Ebbing Tide, with the goal of regrouping at Tendōkyū, Samuel's forces will have to hold off enemies form the west, which he doesn't mind doing. He vows to hold the Denizens and doesn't care that it is a losing battle. As they battle the fourteenth wave of enemies Samuel receives the aid of Wilhelmina Carmel and Shana. As Haborym launches a massive attack with numerous cannon Rinne, Samuel uses everyone's power to activate Zikmund's Gate and nullify the attack. He then listens to another speech by the God of Creation, who says that Xanadu won't bring about the Great Catastrophe and he will take the Denizens and leave. Samuel watches as the demoralized Flame Haze are slaughtered by the Denizens. He understands why they are out of control after losing their purpose, but tries to save them from being wiped out. He saves a few and the remaining Flame Haze retreat east.[8]

Samuel surrounded by Denizens

Samuel and the rest of the decimated Flame Haze Army retreat to a small clearing. As Sophie announces her new plan of holding back the enemy and guiding the lost Flame Haze to Tendōkyū, Samuel acknowledges the difficulty of the task. He listens to CenterHill explain why they will continue fighting the Snake of the Festival. Later, Samuel stands on a tower of his own creation, with a bright white flame at the summit, guiding the lost Flame Haze who are being pursued by Denizens. He uses an Unrestricted Spell to amplify his voice and motivate the Flame Haze while opening the door of his tower for their entry. He uses Zikmund's Gate on the tower when fired upon by cannon Rinne, explaining to Zirnitra that the tower looks like a decoy but is completing their objective. Later, CenterHill meets Samuel on the tower and reports that the Flame Haze in the surrounding area have been rescued. Samuel says that the job is only half done and they both hope that it will go well. Samuel turns to CenterHill, but he is gone. Samuel starts to sweat as his tower begins to crumble from the Rinne's attacks. He signals to Rebecca and Khamsin, who are below, and they proceed to enter the tower before the entrance caves in. Samuel fights off Denizens who have penetrated the tower after suffering a deep stomach wound. He sees Chiara's Aurora Jet taking the Flame Haze away and complements them for succeeding in the mission. He slumps to the ground and talks about his human days with Zirnitra and how he wants to die on the battlefield. Zirnitra asks if Samuel will die, and he says he will for a second time. Zirnitra says he will leave for future wars and Samuel wishes him luck as Zirnitra's Divine Vessel Tábor returns to the sky in a ray of light. Samuel then closes his eyes and his tower falls to the ground, taking the Denizens and himself with it.[9]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Zirnitra[edit | edit source]

Samuel and Zirnitra have a deep respect for one another, referring to each other as "brothers-in-arms".[9]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Flight: Samuel was able to control his decent after leaping out of an airplane. He was also unaffected by the hard landing he received.[4]

Unrestricted Spells[edit | edit source]

Žižka's Mound in action

Žižka's Mound (ジシュカの丘 Jishuka no Oka?): Samuel's main powers concern the construction of many different structures like bridges and strongholds, that are activated by combining hand movements and putting Zirnitra in the middle. The patterns to activate the spell are:
Samuel: Construct a [name of structure]. Is that fine with you, Zirnitra?
Zirnitra: Construct a [name of structure]. Affirmative. Commence the mission, Demantius.
Samuel: Disarray. Discard. Built. Thy name is honor. O, Žižka's Mound. Samuel has also been able to construct strongholds with just quick hand movements.[4] He uses the speech patterns to construct the bridge to Seireiden.[5]

Zikmund's Gate (ジクムントの門 Jikumunto no Mon?): Samuel's original Unrestricted Spell[8] which can reinforce the structures he creates when other Flame Haze add their power to them by touching them. The chant to activate the spell is :
Samuel: Impassable. Unopenable. Ceased. Thy name is disgrace. Zikmund's Gate!

Similarly, Samuel can achieve somewhat the same affect by himself with this spell, allowing his tower to withstand cannon Rinne without a single scratch for an lengthy period of time until he tires.[9]

Wagenburg (車両要塞(ヴァーゲンブルク) Sharyō Yōsai (Vāgenburuku)?, lit. "Vehicle Fortress"): Wagenburg is the Unrestricted Spell that serves as Samuel's trump card. With it, vehicles such as carriages made of large stones are joined together by thick chains. Samuel is then able to control them as one and line up the vehicles to create a wall of defense for his fortresses. The wall is not affected by attacks and from the vehicles, countless projectiles such as halberds can be fired at the enemy. Also, a vehicle can be separated from the chain and can be used to carry allies away from the battlefield. Wagenburg requires a tremendous amount of Power of Existence, and thus Samuel cannot use it for long.[10][11]

Samuel can communicate with Sophie and François, using an Unrestricted Spell which connects to the latter's visual mapping spell.[8] He can also use it to project his own voice over vast distances.[9]

Endan (炎弾?, Flame Bullet): Samuel is able to concentrate his Power of Existence into a stream, which can instantly take down weak Denizens.[9]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Sophie about participating in the Second Great War): "It is my pleasure to be here, Mutter Courage."[1]
  • (To François at Zurich Airport): "The world's future rests in your hands."[2]
  • (To Zirnitra after the Declaration of the Grand Order): "It looks like the tide of battle is decided."[8]
  • (To himself about holding off the Denizens): "This is a losing battle isn't it? So what? I simply have to stay on my feet until I keel over."[8]
  • (To his Flame Haze comrade): "All our comrades' lives rest on what we do here! Don't allow any of them to break through!"[8]
  • (While trying to save the out-of-control Flame Haze): "Victory or defeat. Order of dominance. No matter the outcome, results are never meaningless. We must think how to use those results in the next battle."[8]
  • (After his tower crumbles): "Fight in order to protect what's important, huh? I haven't changed at all from when I was still a human. However, this life is the war I chose to stand in!"[9]
  • (Saying goodbye to Zirnitra): "I wish you the best of luck... my brother in arms, Zirnitra."[9]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Samuel's surname is named after the German composer, music theorist, writer and poet, Christoph Demantius.
  • Samuel's appearance, background, Divine Vessel and Power of Unrestraint's names are all connected to the Hussite War: his lost left eye resembles Žižka's; his participating in the Sirotci; Tábor, the name of the city in Bohemia where Žižka established his stronghold of the Hussite movement; Žižka, the Hussite leader; Sigismund, the Holy Roman Emperor who fought against the Hussites; Wagenburg, the mobile fortification made from wagons.
  • A part of his title, 犀渠 (Saikyo?), has a pronunciation that is very similar to 最強 (Saikyō?), which means "the strongest". 犀渠 (Saikyo?), originally a Chinese word, has many meanings: name of the beast in Chinese text Shanhaijing, shields or armors made from rhinoceros hide, and soldiers and military affairs.
  • The Four Gods of Earth's nickname for Samuel is "Stony Shield" (巌の盾 Iwao no Tate?).
  • Interestingly, Samuel's choice of clothes resembles that of Yashichirō Takahashi himself.
  • Samuel's seiyū, Akio Nojima, is the father of Kenji Nojima, seiyū of Keisaku Satō, and Hirofumi Nojima, seiyū of Hayato Ike and Takemikazuchi.
  • Samuel has the same FUNimation English voice actor as Zarovee.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. RGB code sourced from 薄墨色 on colordic

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