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"Having great power doesn't change anything. I simply go through life, accept missions, and kill targets. I am capable of defeating everything. I never worked for this. This simply is the power I possess."
—To Khamsin.

Sabrac (サブラク Saburaku?) is a powerful Crimson Lord who was victorious in numerous battles against Flame Haze. His true name is "Destructive Blade" (壊刃 Kaijin?) and he is literally an assassin, for he is usually seen receiving requests to kill a certain target of interest; his heavily armored, face-covered, and leather-bandaged outward looks also add to the fact, causing him to be known simply as "The Assassin" (殺し屋 Koroshi-ya?).


Sabrac is a tall man with spiky blue hair that usually stands up. He has his face bandaged so that only his red eyes can be seen, with two strands of the bandages falling down from either side of his face down to his waist. He wears black garments, with a black belt around his waist and left leg, as well as a black cloak that covers his whole body. When Sabrac walks, he wraps himself up with the cloak, as well as doing up the two buttons at the top. He also wears gloves and boots. Sabrac usually carries two swords with him.


Sabrac likes to make long, fancy-talk speeches, and while he is seen dissatisfied many times, it is hard to see him in a wrath. His hobby is collecting bladed weapons from swords to katanas, whether they are Treasure Tools or not, and he actively uses them in fights. He and Dantalion loathe each other, for the latter transfigured Sabrac's Treasure Tool Hystrix into a blade-spinning drill-like contraption without permission, and the blade's owner badly insulted the mad scientist for this.

Sabrac is highly philosophical, thinking about reasons for why things happen, even during combat. While others think of power as a great thing, Sabrac thinks of it as nothing special, as he has always had power. Sabrac's frequent talking during battles may be the reason that Margery and Marchosias refer to him as a "Grumbling Bastard" (ブツクサ野郎 Butsukusa yarō?).


In the past, Sabrac was acquainted with Mare during his travels.

Sabrac wounding Johann

Sabrac had once attacked and almost killed Wilhelmina Carmel before she was saved by the "Engaged Link", Pheles and Johann. He hunted them for years, but they were able to get away because Wilhelmina would attract his attention and Pheles would blow him away. Later, Sabrac was hired by Bal Masqué, hunting down Pheles and Johann, fatally wounding Johann and forcing Pheles to place him in the Reiji Maigo. Before Pheles sent the Treasure Tool away, Sabrac cast a part of the "Psalm of Grand Order" into it.[1][2]


"Destructive Blade" Arc[]

Sabrac was again hired by Bel Peol and went to Misaki City. After Bifrons' defeat, a wall of flames surround the entire area.[3]

Sabrac stabbing Yūji

After the eruption of flames, Sabrac lunges at Yūji's chest with his sword, piercing his bookmark Treasure Tool and exploding it, and setting another part of the "Psalm" into him. He retreats when Wilhelmina attacks him with her ribbons. Sabrac knew that Wilhelmina would be the first Flame Haze to attack him. She attacks him with ribbons, which he blocks with his sword. Wilhelmina is able to wrap up Sabrac's sword, and she lifts him up. Sabrac slashes his own arm with his other sword, and drops to the ground. He regenerates his arm, then approaches Yūji, but Wilhelmina gets in the way. They trade blows between Wilhelmina's ribbons and Sabrac's flames, before Wilhelmina shows signs of Sabrac's Unrestricted Spell, Stigma. Wilhelmina and Yūji hide inside a building, but leave when Sabrac attacks it. They flee, as Sabrac follows while riding his tidal-wave of flames. He attacks, but Wilhelmina is able to drill him with her ribbons. This doesn't affect him though. Wilhelmina and Yūji flee again, with Sabrac following. He is lured into an alley, where Wilhelmina uses her ribbons to slam Sabrac with the two alley buildings. She also throws a ball of Power of Existence at the buildings, but Sabrac is again unaffected. Wilhelmina asks if Bifrons and Zarovee were a part of his plan, and he says that he asked Bel Peol to arrange them for him. He attacks again, cutting up Wilhelmina's ribbons, before she explodes the cut pieces. Only a piece of his cloak is left, but Sabrac is able to regenerate. He attacks, cutting the ribbon that held Yūji. Sabrac grabs him, but he turns out to be an illusion that the ribbons made. She explodes them again, and again Sabrac is unaffected. He then leaps at Wilhelmina.[4]

Sabrac incinerated

Sabrac attacks with his flames, being able to cut Wilhelmina several times. Elsewhere, Yūji is able to figure out that Sabrac was hiding his presence in Misaki City. He is about to finish her off with his swords, but Shana intervenes with her flames. Both Shana and Wilhelmina are healed from Sabrac's Stigma because of Johann's Unrestricted Spell, which counters it. He begins fighting Shana and Wilhelmina simultaneously, believing he still has the advantage. Shana and Sabrac clash, with Wilhelmina joining to help Shana. Shana blasts him, allowing Wilhelmina to tie him up with ribbons, which she explodes, which again has no effect on Sabrac. Shana leaves to rest, as Sabrac asks Wilhelmina why she left. He charges at her, about to kill her when Margery finishes casting her spells all over the city. Wilhelmina retreats as Margery activates her spells, allowing her to lift part of the city because they are in a Fūzetsu. This cuts the strands of Power of Existence that is connecting Sabrac's mind to the city. Shana then attacks his body with all of her power, breaking his swords, and incinerating him.[5]

Grand Order Arc[]

Sabrac manages to escape to Seireiden with the power of one of Bel Peol's Gordian Knots. In Dantalion's factory, Bel Peol tells Sabrac that he did a good job. Bel Peol doesn't mind that he couldn't kill the Flame Haze because his original goal was achieved. Sabrac announces that he no longer has a reason to have his base at Seireiden, as he looks at Dantalion. When he looks up at him, Sabrac is surprised, then leaves.[6]

Blackout Arc[]

Sabrac is seen leaning against a pillar at a hall in Seireiden. He doesn't react when the Snake of the Festival orders all of the Denizens to stand, but looks away when a projection of Dantalion appears.[7]

Biding Time Arc[]

Sabrac in the bar at Seireiden

Sabrac sits at a table in a bar at Seireiden. He is on the balcony, away from the Bal Masqué members below. Sabrac attends Yūji's speech to countless Crimson Denizens.[8]

Seireiden Battle Arc[]

Sabrac enters the Rift Between Both Worlds with Yūji, the Trinity of Bal Masqué, Dantalion, Domino, and Rofocale. They go down the narrow path that leads to the Snake of the Festival's true body.[9]

Sabrac and the group stop on a large piece of ground, where they encounter the souls of the Flame Haze that sealed the Snake of the Festival in the Abyss.[10]

As Shana, Wilhelmina, Khamsin, and Rebecca enter the Abyss through the Divine Gate and approach a castle, Sabrac is waiting for them.[11]

Sabrac behind Rebecca

As the Flame Haze approach, Sabrac thinks of Mare's death, and how he might avenge her, before attacking the Flame Haze with his flames. Shana leaves as Sabrac engages in battle with Khamsin, Rebecca and Wilhelmina, with the latter protecting the other Flame Haze from Sabrac's Stigma with her ribbons. Despite this, Wilhelmina was already showing signs of Stigma. Sabrac watches them, but gets hit by a rock thrown by Khamsin. They run as Sabrac attacks them, but Khamsin is able to slam him again with a piece of the ground. Khamsin reveals that he can't use his powers because of Sabrac's body is dispersed around the area and Wilhelmina reveals that she can't use Johann's Unrestricted Spell to counter Stigma because Sabrac has changed it. They separate as Sabrac attacks again, chasing Wilhelmina on his tidal wave. He cuts the Unrestricted Spell that was keeping Stigma at bay, dealing great damage to Wilhelmina. He goes in for the kill, but gets blasted by Rebecca. He jumps away, but gets wrapped up in Wilhelmina's ribbons. She slams him into a building, as Khamsin activates a spell that traps Sabrac and severs his link with the surroundings. As Rebecca is about to attack, Sabrac separates his body with the surroundings, destroying the ground. Khamsin undoes his spell, as keeping Sabrac trapped will trapped will destroy the road they stand on. Rebecca then uses her own spell on Sabrac, causing an explosion. Wilhelmina wraps him up in a ball, allowing Rebecca to blast him with spells inside the ball. The ball explodes, but Sabrac appears behind Rebecca and slashes her. He reveals that the Sabrac destroyed with the ball was a Rinne given to him by Bel Peol, and focuses his attention on Khamsin.[12]

Sabrac reaching out to Mare's butterfly

Sabrac approaches Khamsin, but is sent flying by his pole, crashing into a church. He throws another rock at Sabrac, but is chased away by his flame-like swords. Sabrac walks closer as Khamsin wraps himself up in the rubble around him with Qadesh's Vein. He is pummeled by the stone golem, but unaffected. Sabrac is able to cut parts of the stone off of Khamsin's golem. He powers up his flame swords and blasts them at Khamsin, destroying the top half of the golem. Sabrac appears in front of Khamsin, who is in the center of the golem, and slashes him in the hand with a dagger, causing the golem to fall apart. Khamsin attacks Sabrac with his pole, while Wilhelmina ties him up with ribbons and Rebecca blasts him. This is ineffective. The group then see the true body of the Snake of the Festival, with Sabrac becoming shocked. As the Snake destroys the ground around them, the Flame Haze grab on to its body, with Rebecca shooting a blast at Sabrac, who is too shocked to dodge. His flame-like swords swirl around him as he falls, but Bel Peol wraps his arm up with her Tartaros, trying to save him. Sabrac severs his arm with his sword because he wants to view the Snake of the Festival longer. He marvels at its power, stating that he was fearful, and that this was how Mare felt when she left him. He says his goodbyes to Mare as he reaches out for a pink butterfly, but it disappears, and he falls before being extinguished,[13] due to falling into the Rift Between Both Worlds.[14][15]

Other Appearances[]

Anime Appearances[]

Shakugan no Shana-tan[]

Sabrac as a pimp

In the seventh episode, Sabrac rides on his tidal wave, while Yūji, Shana-tan, Wilhelmina, and Margery look at it and wonder what it is. The tidal wave becomes a topic of a Naze Nani Shana-tan class. In the class, Sabrac is the teacher, explaining that it is a 'tidal-wave like flame', with a diagram of the tidal wave on the blackboard. When Shana-tan and Yūji don't understand, he describes it as putting swords in a washing machine, and turning it on. Shana-tan screams as Sabrac laughs. As he rides the wave, he causes Margery to run away. In a parody of Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 20, Sabrac laughs as he rides his tidal wave into an alley, where he is welcomed. Inside a brothel, Sabrac acts like a pimp, drinking with Wilhelmina and Margery, who act like prostitutes, seem very interested in him. He states that he is an assassin, causing Margery to think there is a "huge weapon down there". He responds that it's his .44 Magnum, and that it has "huge dreams" and "romance" in it. Bel Peol, the madam of the brothel, is doing the dishes, and tells Sabrac to return to his wife. He tells her to shut up and that he will pay money. Sabrac, Wilhelmina and Margery decide to go out for some food.[16]


Wilhelmina Carmel[]

Sabrac has an admiration for Wilhelmina as a strong Flame Haze, being unsuccessful in killing her numerous times.

Bel Peol[]

Sabrac thinks of his job as providing a service for Bal Masqué, and treats Bel Peol as a client. When talking to others about her, he usually refers to her as the "Mysterious Three-Eyed Woman" (三眼の女怪 Sangan no Jokai?).


Sabrac loathes Dantalion because of what he did to his Treasure Tool, Hystrix. Sometimes, he looks at Dantalion with curiosity.[6]


Sabrac and Mare seem to have been in a relationship. Mare was jealous of the great power that Sabrac possesses and feared him because of it. She left him because of this fear and to search for a way to gain power for her own. After seeing the Snake of the Festival, Sabrac was able to understand her fear and the pain he had caused her because of it.[13]

Powers and Abilities[]

Sabrac regenerating his arm

Sabrac is actually an unbalanced Lord with a ridiculously gigantic body, yet with the range of sight, hearing, and other senses only as much as a human. He hides his body by blending into the area he has chosen for the battlefield, enabling him to launch a surprise attack without being detected. The humanoid Sabrac that appears after the first strike possesses the very mind of Sabrac, though it is almost invulnerable because it is only a figure created from a small part of his body. As such, it can near infinitely endure or recover from any damage. This figure is able to regenerate limbs, and briefly control limbs that have been removed from his body.[4] Only Yūji was able to discovered this and develop a plan to defeat him.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Sabrac is a master swordsman.

Sabrac's Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack (不意打ち Fuiuchi?): Sabrac's first strike during combat, notorious for its insensibility even to the most sensitive Flame Haze or Denizen, and that it can be cast at an unlimited number of targets with each strike at maximum power. Sabrac releases an enormous amount of flames and swords in a large-scale, concerted attack around the area which is able to destroy most enemies. Due to the roughness of the attack, Sabrac isn't able to hold back or adjust the aiming of his attack.[17]

Madder Red Surging Wave (茜色の怒濤 Akaneiro no Dotō?): Sabrac is able to attack with his giant tsunami of fire. Inside the wave is a collection of miscellaneous swords of different sizes and masses that are mixed in with the flames, so that enemies enveloped by the wave are exposed to both.[17]

Countless Swords (無数の剣 Musū no Ken?): Sabrac holds an innumerable amount of swords, which he uses with his surprise attack. They are in various shapes and forms.[17]

Unrestricted Spells[]

Stigma (スティグマ Sutiguma?): Sabrac's Unrestricted Spell, Stigma, causes all wounds he inflicts to increase in size over time. This spell built for battle is fatal for most targets, and even if he/she might be strong, the target's fate is unsure, and even if they survive, the piling amount of wounds will eventually bring Sabrac his victory.

  • Stigmata (スティグマータ Sutigumāta?): Stigmata is an improved version of Stigma. It was specialized only in being "impossible to remove", and therefore Wilhelmina's Stigma-breaking Insignia no longer worked against it. However, this came at the cost of Stigmata not having the property of being able to automatically deepen wounds. Sabrac was able to further open wounds from Stigmata using another Unrestricted Spell Insignia on the wound.

Treasure Tools[]

Hystrix (ヒュストリクス Hyusutorikusu?): Hystrix was a Treasure Tool in the shape of a sword that was once part of his great collection of countless blades.[17] It was a two-handed western sword, however Dantalion modified it into a drill-like sword.

Gordian Knot (非常手段ゴルディアン・ノット Gorudian Notto?, lit. Emergency Measure): During the end of his attack on Misaki City, Sabrac utilizes the Gordian Knot which was left behind on the battlefield by Bifrons. Bifrons' Gordian Knot is capable of transporting someone to places of their advantage. It contains a special transportation-type of Power of Unrestraint that can transport someone to a safe place. Sabrac survives after his battle with Shana because he uses this Gordian Knot to escape.


During his fight with Rebecca, Wilhelmina and Khamsin, Sabrac utilizes a Tool Type Rinne given to him by Bel Peol. It essentially has the same appearance as him, which allows him to use it to escape from harm.


  • (To Wilhelmina after his surprise attack): "I figured you'd be the first to stand up. With all of the fights we have been through, the time it takes for you to counter is reduced."[4]
  • (To Wilhelmina): "Your skills are superb as always. I wish you weren't one of the people on the list of those I have to kill. However, it seems I must accept this as a destiny set before me."[4]
  • (After losing his sword); "I've lost another sword. Even if I am facing a strong adversary, loss is still an unpleasant feeling. I must gain another sword from somewhere yet again. I wonder how many more I will lose in this battle."[4]
  • (About Wilhelmina while fighting her): "To maintain this much capability to fight even after a hit from me... No matter how many fights we may have been through, that's an intolerable reality to me. I guess conserving power for the person I never know when I'll meet will inhibit my work here."[4]
  • (To Wilhelmina while fighting her): "So the imprudence of letting you go in the past comes to haunt me now. Due to my nature, I'll have to do the best I can in each situation. Just as then, now, and always. I will fulfill the request, and when there's energy to spare, I'll get rid of any other interference."[4]
  • (To Wilhelmina while fighting her): "You are indeed strong. If only I had killed everyone the last time I had the chance, this job would have been easier. However, this is an unpleasant result that came about due to my style: trying to finish everything with one blow."[4]
  • (To Shana after Wilhelmina counters Stigma): "Even if Stigma is of no use, the fact that I have the advantage does not change. It's part of their nature that Flame Haze are at a disadvantage in a war of attrition."[5]
  • (About Mare): "Just like anything small and foolish, that person died in a battle in which they had no chance. It's part of the natural order of things. It only calls for the smallest of pities. She was jealous of great power and cried for it. But I do not understand it. What is so grand about possessing great power? Why did you leave me and chase it? By avenging you... will I gain some new perspective? The "Village of Jestful Slumber", Mare..."[12]
  • (While chasing the Flame Haze): "The situation never develops the way you wish it would. In that case, what do we do? Is forcing my way through the only option?"[12]
  • (To the Flame Haze after Khamsin undoes his spell): "It seems you formulated a plan, but that plan is now truly unfeasible. Let's see who dies first while developing a new plan."[12]
  • (To Khamsin): "Having great power doesn't change anything. I simply go through life, accept missions, and kill targets. I am capable of defeating everything. I never worked for this. This simply is the power I possess."[13]
  • (To the Flame Haze): "What's the point of continuing a fight that has already been decided? Why do you fight? Why does everyone..."[13]
  • (After seeing the Snake of the Festival's true body): "That's the Snake of the Festival? A true God born from the Crimson Realm?"[13]
  • (Sabrac's last words to Mare after seeing the Snake of the Festival's true body): "What size... It's great. Is this it for me?" *Bel Peol tries to save him. "Don't bother with me. Right now... Right now... I want to view this a while longer. It's big. So big that no one can stand before it. An overwhelming power. So this is what fear is. The feeling you had for me. The reason you left me. So I made you suffer with a feeling like this. None can be together when a feeling like this exists between them. But now I've learned it... I've learned there's something in this world so great that I have no chance against it. From his perspective... both you and I are trivial. So smile. My beloved butterfly..."[13]


  • Sabrac's motif is a shark. His humanoid body is a metaphor for the dorsal fin that rose out of the sea, and his ceaseless mutters are symbolizing that a shark has to swim constantly in order to breathe. [18]
  • Sabrac's nickname, "The Assassin" (殺し屋 Koroshi-ya?), is, though in a slightly different context, the same as Margery Daw's.



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