Sabaeru Kaze (五月蠅る風?, Clamorous Wind) was the Unrestricted Spell used by "Villainous World's Spawn" Jarri, the Great Scout of Töten Glocke's Nine Eternal Divine Scales who was in charge of gathering information. It allowed Jarri to produce and freely control a countless number of flies, and through them, he could observe what was happening in an extremely vast area. Primarily for scouting, it also possessed offensive properties and provided a powerful aerial defense.


The number of flies produced by Sabaeru Kaze was so great that they could be mistaken for clouds when seen from a distance. Even when deployed with a range reduced from what Jarri normally deployed, it was still able to almost fully cover the skies above the plain in which the final battle of the Great War of the Middle Ages was fought.

The swarm could project images to Jarri by assembling themselves into different shapes. Not only could the flies' perception be transmitted to Jarri, he could also use some of the swarm of flies by assembling them to depict three-dimensional shapes or figures in mid-air to send information to his comrades in real time.

ES Manga Ch 02 Sabaeru Kaze

Sabaeru Kaze extinguishing Flame Haze.

Each fly had a minute amount of attacking power but when gathered together, they could bring forth great power. When gathered, they caused a tower made of stone to collapse.[1][2] They continuously attacked until the foe was extinguished, which took less time when more flies were deployed. However, Sabaeru Kaze was primarily not an offensive Unrestricted Spell and gathering the flies didn't change the fact that each fly had microscopic attacking power, and they couldn't apply any damage to enemies who had defensive capabilities above a certain level.


During battles Töten Glocke engaged in, the skies were the domain of Merihim's Rinne Aeria, but they were destroyed by Mathilde Saint-Omer in the Nachtigall Struggle. For the final battle at Brocken Fortress, Sabaeru Kaze was clustered above the battlefield as an aerial barrier to both restrain enemy aerial forces and gather information. Though its purpose was not to ensure air supremacy, it was effective against Flame Haze without the necessary level of defenses to withstand it, obstructing and defeating many Flame Haze who had tried to fly on the battlefield.

Karl Berwald and Sophie Sawallisch were shown to be capable of piercing through the fly swarm unharmed using their aerial attacks. Jarri was capable of manipulating the swarm even while being completely immobilized by the Crimson Curtain.[1][2]


  • One of the kanji used in "Clamorous" (五月蠅る?) is 蠅, which means "fly".



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