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"Now is the moment you will see! Our God of Guidance! The "Thunderous Chant of Awakening", Shaher! Come to us!""
—Rofocale while summoning Shaher.

Rofocale (ロフォカレ Rofokare?) is a Crimson Denizen who has an Unrestricted Spell named Clairvoyance (千里眼 Senrigan?), and calls himself a "musician". His true name is "Invitation of Cheerful Playing" (笑謔の聘 Shōgyaku no Hei?).


Rofocale's face is entirely wrapped in bandages except for his eyes. He has neck-length white hair which he ties with a bow at the back to form a ponytail. He always wears a costume similar to a European royal's. It consists of a with a green hat with the brim bent upwards on either side of his face, a green suit with the back coming down to his knees, blue pants, and long white socks. Under the suit, Rofocale wears a blue shirt, with a frilly white top, a light-blue tie, and a red gem fastened to it.


Rofocale possesses a poetic manner of speech, often accompanied by the lute that he always plays while reciting poems.


Rofocale is affiliated with Bal Masqué for unknown reasons. However, he has little to no influence with the state of affairs in the organization but has privilege to wander around Seireiden or leave the fortress without restriction. Rofocale is actually one of the few servants of the Crimson God, Shaher. His duty is to wander around until he discovers new objects, and, when he eventually finds one, to inform it to his master.


Blackout Arc[]

Rofocale is with the Snake of the Festival, Bel Peol and Hecate at a snowy mountain range. The three talk about it being winter, which gives Rofocale the opportunity to recite a poem about the seasons. He returns to Seireiden before them and is seen squatting on a post in the entrance hall. He listens to the Snake of the Festival when he orders all Denizens to stand and watches a projection of Dantalion.[1]

Biding Time Arc[]

Rofocale is seen playing the lute in a bar at Seireiden. He later attends Yūji's speech to the enormous Denizen army.[2]

Seireiden Battle Arc[]

Rofocale in the Abyss

Rofocale enters the Abyss through the Divine Gate with Yūji, the Trinity of Bal Masqué, Dantalion, Domino, and Sabrac. They go down the narrow path that leads to the Snake of the Festival's true body. While walking, Rofocale recites a poem.[3]

Rofocale and the group stop on a large piece of land, where they encounter the souls of the Flame Haze that sealed the Snake of the Festival in the Abyss. He sits on Domino and escapes when Yūji lifts them away.[4]

Sabrac leaves the group to hold off the Flame Haze, while Rofocale and the others continue on towards the Snake of the Festival's true body. They enter the temple that houses the Crimson God, and watch as his body is first freed, then awakened. Rofocale and the group ride on the Snake of the Festival's head as it slithers through the Abyss.[5]

Rofocale recites another poem as the Snake of the Festival nears the exit of the Abyss, the Divine Gate. The Snake goes through it and returns to Seireiden with the Bal Masqué on board.[6]

Rofocale is seen walking away from Seireiden, reciting a poem about how the Snake of the Festival was banished to the Rift.[7]

Misaki City Final Battle Arc[]

Rofocale after seeing the blue-green flask

Rofocale recites another poem while walking along a lake near the mountains when he is trapped in Mikalojus Cui's illusionary Unrestricted Spell, Parrhasios' Alley. He is then confronted by Ernest Flieder and his Crimson Lord, Brigid, who he is able to recognise. Ernest believes Rofocale is using Clairvoyance on Misaki City, and asks him for a favour because he is one of the few servants of the God of Guidance. Ernest's request was for him to announce Shana's plan to the whole world, but Rofocale states that this is impossible. He uses a poem to explain that Shana's plan will be announced without his intervention and that he will only summon Shaher when a new signal is found. He believes only something noteworthy and unexpected should warrant the Divine Summoning of Shaher. He looks through Misaki City with Clairvoyance, but stops with shock when he sees a blue-green flask inside the Hyakki Yakō's van.[8]

Rofocale begins activating Shōhi Ginsei, being enveloped in a yellow light. He feels that it is an honor to summon Shaher, and perishes while doing so at midnight.[9]



Powers and Abilities[]

Divine Summonings[]

Shōhi Ginsei (嘯飛吟声?, Scattering Roar, Chanting Voice): As a servant of the God of Guidance, Shaher, Rofocale is capable of performing Shōhi Ginsei, a Divine Summoning, to summon her voice. Shōhi Ginsei can only be activated when there is a revelation that is important enough to have to be informed to everyone. Shaher is summoned at the cost of Rofocale's life.

Unrestricted Spells[]

Rofocale's Clairvoyance monitoring Misaki City

Clairvoyance (千里眼 Senrigan?, The Thousand Miles Eye): Rofocale is able to see things that normal humans could not see from afar with Clairvoyance. He used it to oversee the battle in Misaki City. While using it, he saw the Treasure Tool that was used to create a new life; Justus, who was born using the Power of Existence of his parents, Johann and Pheles, along with the Power of Existence that was left by the Crimson Denizens when they left this world to go to Xanadu, the paradise of the Crimson Denizens.


  • (Rofocale's poem about the seasons): "Winter comes, and winter goes. Spring is out of sight, yet spring comes. Is it all an illusion? Or is it a trick played amidst us being lost? Only what's within our hearts can be shared. Spring waters the eyes. Overlapping lips touch one's heart. You are my world."[1]
  • (Rofocale's poem while on the path in the Abyss): "We ask where the road is, but we only hear the wind and sand."[3]
  • (Rofocale's poem before exiting the Abyss): "Things that fall apart. Things that leave us. It happens despite our feelings for them, but we hurry onward. The child departs on a journey."[6]
  • (Rofocale's poem about the Snake of the Festival): "Who wished? No one recalls. Millennia ago, he heard the calls of Denizens and appeared per their wish. When asked what's desired, some answer materialistically. When the wish is chosen, all gather for the God's ceremony. The famous Flame Haze were fearsome. They sacrificed themselves and sent the God to the Rift. Time flies and passes by. After many centuries, grant the wish our returned lord prays for. Thy name is..."[7]
  • (Rofocale's poem while walking): "Something lies ahead. No one knows what, yet we still proceed. The world has changed, and humans and Denizens have, as well."[8]
  • (Rofocale's poem to Ernest): "Why is it not possible? So why can it not be done? It is simple. It is only natural. An oracle is not required for something that will come about if events are left to unfold - to which a flow is already set. When there is no necessity... the God of Guidance, the "Thunderous Chant of Awakening", Shaher, will not be born. It is simple as that. And only natural."[8]
  • (While activating Shōhi Ginsei): "What an... What an honor! It is not uncommon for us, the followers of the God of Guidance, to wander aimlessly for centuries! Yet, for finding a novel existence in this world, the honor of summoning her has been bestowed upon me, the "Invitation of Cheerful Playing", Rofocale!"[9]
  • (While summoning Shaher): "Now is the moment you will see! Our God of Guidance! The "Thunderous Chant of Awakening", Shaher! Come to us!"[9]




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