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"We're not here to feel awe, love, or respect rank beings. Strength is the only thing that dictates our positions here."
—To Pirsoyn about Bal Masqué

Ribesal (リベザル Ribezaru?) is a member of Bal Masqué and an experienced Wanderer. His true name is "Dashing Earthly Fiend" (驀地祲 Bakuchishin?) and he is usually paired with the Jaeger Pirsoyn.


Ribesal takes the form of a beetle with 3 horns and has a string of beads winding around his torso. He walks upright and is somewhat humanoid in his use of his arms and legs. He has red eyes.

Ribesal's appearance in the anime (left) and Light Novels (right)

In the anime, Ribesal is more humanoid, and is very tall. His head, shoulders, arms, legs, and back are covered in a brown shell, with a thinner, black shell covering the insides of his arms, his hands, his chest, and his kneecaps. He has a horn which splits into two on the top of his head, as well as one on each shoulder. In the middle of his chest, Ribesal's red beads are stuck on the black shell. The parts of Ribesal's body that aren't covered in shell are covered by a yellow fur. In the Light Novels, Ribesal appears shorter and broader, with most of his body covered in the brown shell.


Ribesal has great respect for powerful leaders. When Yūji became the leader of Bal Masqué, Ribesal at first didn't believe he had the right to that authority. After being defeated by Yūji, he has great respect and loyalty for him. Yūji and the Snake of the Festival might be aware of this, and this might be why Ribesal was chosen to depart to Xanadu first.


Japan was the place where Ribesal had manifested when he crossed to human world for the first time.[1] This also influences his Humanized form which he rarely uses.

Ribesal had once met up with Ernest Flieder some seventy or eighty years ago, battling him. He and Pirsoyn have also met The Four Gods of Earth in the past, being the only two Crimson Denizens in Bal Masqué who have battle experience with them. The Gods' nickname for Ribesal is "Wise Armor" (賢明な鎧 Kenmei na Yoroi?).


Blackout Arc[]

Ribesal taking a knee in front of Yūji

Ribesal is at the entrance hall of Seireiden, where he confronts Stolas, who is with Pirsoyn. He is angered about the fact that Bal Masqué's new leader is a Mystes, yelling despite Pirsoyn's protests. Stolas offers to make an appeal that some of the Bal Masqué's operatives have concerns, but Ribesal states that he has a better plan. Pirsoyn is against the plan, which was to challenge the Leader, making Ribesal explain that power governs their positions. He points out Sabrac and Rofocale, who were allowed into Seireiden with full freedom despite being "dubious". He argues with Pirsoyn and Stolas when the Seireiden gate opens, and the Leader, Snake of the Festival Yūji Sakai, as well as Bel Peol and Hecate, enter. Yūji asks Ribesal to state his name, which he does. He challenges Yūji, detaching the beads on his torso to create replicas of himself. Ribesal and the six replicas charge at Yūji, who stops him and destroys all of the replicas with Dragon Tail. Ribesal, with a new-found respect for Yūji, takes a knee in front of him. He stands after the Snake of the Festival orders it, and watches the projection of Dantalion.[2]

Biding Time Arc[]

Ribesal attends Bel Peol's strategy meeting at Seireiden. He wants to discuss what they will do when something unexpected happens, angered when Decarabia appears, hiding within his Unrestricted Spell, Providence. Pirsoyn is able to calm him down.[3]

Ribesal is at a bar in Seireiden, having a merry time with Pirsoyn and other Denizens.[4]

Seireiden Battle Arc[]

Ribesal surrounded by Flame Haze, including Ernest

Ribesal is among the crowd when Yūji gives a speech, and watches as Yūji and the Trinity enter the Divine Gate. He and the crowd cheer when Decarabia orders them to move out. Ribesal was assigned together with Pirsoyn to destroy the Tokyo Branch of Outlaw. They approach with an army of Denizens and cannon Rinne, which Ribesal orders to fire at the building. He then orders them to charge. They engage in battle with some Flame Haze, but quickly gain the advantage. Ribesal is able to defeat a disoriented Flame Haze after they were trapped by Pirsoyn's Daimon. He confronts the Tokyo Outlaw Commander, Ernest Flieder, saying it's been a long time, and calling him Ernest, which irritates the latter. Ribesal is angered into attacking after Ernest claims that he is "a burden on Pirsoyn". Ernest runs, putting the slower Ribesal at a disadvantage. He is surrounded by clones of Ernest, which he destroys by blowing up his own replicas. He attacks an Ernest who he believes to be the real one, but really a high density clone, allowing the real one to kick him to the ground. Ernest, along with four other Flame Haze, surrounds Ribesal.[5]

Ribesal is contacted by Decarabia through his Unrestricted Spell, Providence. Decarabia orders for all demolition forces to withdraw and defend Seireiden because he thinks there is a good chance that Sophie Sawallisch will attack. Ribesal is told to spread the word of the retreat.[6]

Ribesal and Pirsoyn in the blizzard

Ribesal and Pirsoyn try to retreat to Seireiden but end up in a raging blizzard near Mount Tanigawa, revealing that they were being held up by Mikalojus Cui. They hope for the great cataclysm that Bel Peol described, so that the Flame Haze will be surprised.[7]

Still in the blizzard, Ribesal and Pirsoyn feel the Faint Heaven Quake, a cataclysm caused by the awakening of the Snake of the Festival's true body. Ribesal wonders if this is what Bel Peol had described, announcing to the Denizens around him that the quake was caused by their Leader and ordering them to charge at the Flame Haze Army.[8]

Misaki City Final Battle Arc[]

Kazumi agrees to help Yūji in his plan. As he takes her to the roof of Misaki Municipal High School, Ribesal, along with Sydonay, Pirsoyn, Orobas, Leraje, Bel Peol, Haborym, Mammon, and Stolas, line up around a carpet to greet her. The carpet leads to Seireiden.[9]

Ribesal watching EastEdge's attack

A black Fūzetsu is cast over Misaki City, and Ribesal and the other members of Bal Masqué watch Yūji and Kazumi ascend to Seireiden. He later stands on top of a building with Pirsoyn, watching with disbelief as an overwhelming number of Bal Masqué's Denizens march towards the ceremony to create Xanadu. Ribesal's attention is diverted from the ceremony when EastEdge appears. The Flame Haze uses his Unrestricted Spell to summon starry meteors which were obliterating the Denizens. Pirsoyn reveals that he and Ribesal had met The Four Gods of Earth before, and the two gain the resolve to attack.[10]

Ribesal asks Pirsoyn to deal with the head of the Hyakki Yakō, Gyūki, not listening to his protests. He tells Pirsoyn to go and be useful to the Leader, leaving EastEdge to him. When Pirsoyn challenges the Leader's authority to give them orders, Ribesal describes following the Leader's orders as recognition for his resolve. This changes Pirsoyn's mind, and Ribesal agrees when Pirsoyn says he doesn't want to find him dead later.[11]

Ribesal with EastEdge

Ribesal confronts EastEdge, saying he doesn't understand why he is killing Denizens. Quetzalcóatl responds that they will leave and Ribesal will search for a new sanctuary. Then, EastEdge's stars and Ribesal's beads clash. Some Denizens approach, but EastEdge kills them, saying that he killed them because they eat humans, and that Xanadu will be created, with Ribesal being an emissary of the past that no longer eat humans. He approaches Ribesal, who won't let EastEdge continue with his plan, and they clash again. EastEdge then announces the end of an era for Crimson Denizens.[12]

Ribesal and EastEdge clash, but are repelled from each other by an explosion from the impact of their blows.[13]

Ribesal and Pirsoyn entering Xanadu

Ribesal, minus his right arm, along with everyone else in the area, senses Rofocale performing Shōhi Ginsei, and listens to the God of Guidance, Shaher's voice, which talks about the Heir to Both Worlds. After the Snake of the Festival creates Xanadu, he is at the Seireiden tower, and calls out to Ribesal, who is transported there by Bel Peol's Tartaros. He takes a knee and the Crimson God commands him to will lead the way into the new world. Sydonay notices that Ribesal is hesitant on going without Pirsoyn, and Bel Peol then uses Tartaros to summon him. The pair then enters the tunnel leading to Xanadu, and are converted into two balls of Power of Existence.[14]

Other Appearances[]

Anime Appearances[]

Shakugan no Shana-tan[]

In the thirteenth episode, Ribesal, along with Pirsoyn, Stolas and Purson, stands on a cliff and poses, as the group introduces themselves as the Bal Masqué Defense Corps (バル・マスケ 心援隊 Baru Masuke Shinentai?). Yūji, who is below, is delighted and claims that the four have matured.[15]

Wilhelmina catching Ribesal

In the fourth eyecatch of the fourteenth episode, Kazumi and Shana-tan watch as Wilhelmina catches Ribesal in a butterfly net. Later, in a Naze Nani Shana-tan class, Ribesal is one of the Bal Masqué members displayed in a montage as Bel Peol explains that their character designs were tweaked for the third season of the anime due to being too "cute". Kazumi seems to have grown fond of him. When Yūji is floating in a black void, Ribesal and Pirsoyn are shown lovingly embracing.[16]



Ribesal and Pirsoyn have a good, friendly relationship, with Ribesal willingly protecting Pirsoyn during fights. Ribesal cares a lot for him, not being able to depart to Xanadu without him.[14]

Powers and Abilities[]

Enhanced Strength: Ribesal is fairly powerful, being able to cause damage to the floor in Seireiden by slamming his foot down.[2]

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Ribesal is quite capable in hand-to-hand combat, knocking out a Flame Haze with a punch and being able to damage rocky ground.[5]

Unrestricted Spells[]

Hishō (飛翔?, Flight): Ribesal is able to ascend through the air, which he demonstrates by entering the entrance to Xanadu.[14]

Treasure Tools[]

Ribesal surrounding Yūji

Dark Pearls of Seven Treasures (七宝玄珠 Shippō Genju?): Ribesal is able to detach the beads, the Dark Pearls of Seven Treasures, on his torso, and create replicas of himself from them.[2] He also seems to be able to control how many beads, and therefore how many replicas he can create.[5]


  • (To Stolas about Bal Masqué's new Leader): "Stop fooling around! You've seen our Leader, haven't you? You're telling me that's our Leader? It's absolutely ridiculous! That's a Mystes! No matter what Treasure Tool it may carry, it's nothing more than what's left of the human it was formerly! Why do our Major and Priestess have to work for someone like that?!"[2]
  • (To Pirsoyn about his plan): "We're not here to feel awe, love, or respect rank beings. Strength is the only thing that dictates our positions here."[2]
  • (Ribesal's challenge towards Yūji): "If you are our Leader, prove yourself by showing us your strength."[2]
  • (When feeling the Faint Heaven Quake): "Is this what the Major was telling us about? The catastrophe to meet with trepidation, yet also with joy?" *To the Denizens. "This quake is caused by our Leader, the Snake of the Festival! We will break through the enemy line! All men, charge!"[8]
  • (When EastEdge was attacking): "Damn, I knew they would bring the Four Gods in first."[10]
  • (To Pirsoyn when he challenges the Leader's authority): "Don't even say it. He chose to be in that position. It won't hurt to do something in recognition for the resolve he's shown."[11]
  • (To EastEdge): "It doesn't make sense! How much of an effect will you have even if you kill many of our kind!?"[12]


  • The name Ribesal is derived from Rübezahl, a mountain spirit in German folklore.



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