Ribbons (リボン Ribon?) are the characteristic weapons of "Crown-and-Sash of Fantasies" Tiamat's contractor, "Manipulator of Objects" Wilhelmina Carmel.[1] They are pure white ribbons which gush out of the edges of the Divine Vessel Persona like a mane and cover Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina can use them to some extent even in her normal state.


The ribbons can be controlled to be of any elasticity and hardness. With Wilhelmina's will, an unlimited number of ribbons can be used at once, and they can be used to bind, throw or pierce enemies, or can have Unrestricted Spell Insignias weaved into them. Perhaps due to their shape, they can also serve as bandages.

The ribbons can be wrapped around the body to form white clothing which have quite powerful Presence-concealing powers. However, this expends a great amount of power to use, and the resulting appearance itself stands out too much to properly conceal the wearer.



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