This page is about the Treasure Tool. You may be looking for the side story or the OVA episode.

Reshuffle (リシャッフル Rishaffuru?), was a Treasure Tool that had the power to instantly swap the Aggregate Will of the user and the person seen through the scope as long as there wasn't a wall between the two people's hearts. It was later destroyed by Shana after she and Yūji Sakai had swapped consciousnesses and then returned to their usual selves.


Reshuffle's appearance was of a small black telescope or spyglass, like those that the man in the crow's nest of an old fashioned sailing ship would use. In the side story, its shape was more akin to a certificate tube.


It is said that Reshuffle was originally made by a human noble and a Crimson Denizen, who were pessimistic about each others' circumstances.[1]

S OVA 1 Reshuffle destroyed

Reshuffle destroyed.

It had come into Friagne's possession though the details are unknown. Yūji Sakai found it when they were looking for Treasure Tools in the Yoda Department Store, the former hideout of Friagne and the place where the Crystal Altar was kept at the time. He accidentally activated it while looking at Shana through it, not knowing that it was a Treasure Tool. Eye contact was not required for the effect to activate. It could by either person, and could swap back two people who had already been swapped. It was destroyed once Shana and Yūji were back to their usual selves due to Alastor's insistence that it was a bad thing to keep around and to keep the other two Flame Haze in Misaki City, Margery Daw and Wilhelmina Carmel, from suspecting that its effect worked on Shana and Yūji, thus revealing how close the two of them were. When Alastor revealed the secret of Reshuffle's effect to Shana, while Yūji went to the toilet, she was shocked and the secret was never revealed to Yūji.



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