"Eat it! Explode! Burn! And die!!!"
—To Sabrac while attacking him.

Rebecca Reed (レベッカ・リード Rebekka Rīdo?) is a Flame Haze who is contracted to the Crimson Lord, Balar, and has the title "Scatterer of Sparkling Light" (輝爍の撒き手 Kishaku no Makite?).

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rebecca in the anime

Rebecca has short, neck-length dark hair that lies down in spiky tufts, with tufts at the back spiked upwards. Another short tuft stands straight up in the middle of her hair. She has brown irises and a fair complexion. She usually wears a white shirt underneath a brown leather jacket with green pants and black suspenders. The shirt is a collared short-sleeve that flaps down to her waist, separating at the middle to expose Rebecca's navel. The leather jacket is also short-sleeved and has yellow fur around the end of the sleeves and the collar. Her pants come down to her shins and she wears brown travellers' shoes. Underneath her shirt, Rebecca wears a black undershirt or singlet. Balar takes the form of a golden bracelet on her right hand. In the Light Novels, Rebecca has straighter hair, with spikier tufts. She also has a much more masculine appearance and makes more sneering facial expressions.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Rebecca's personality

Rebecca has a very upbeat personality and tomboyish style of behaviour. She is playful, often making jokes, and is eager to participate in battles. She is quite violent and has a destructive nature, rivalling that of Khamsin, perhaps even surpassing, as she has no qualms with using her abilities for mundane tasks, such as blasting through doors instead of simply opening them. This kind of behaviour has given Rebecca a reputation, warranting several nicknames such as "Bomb Woman" (爆弾女 Bakudan on'na?) by Shana, "Stupid Bomb" (バカ爆弾 Baka Bakudan?) by Flieder, "Incorrigible Child" (利かん坊 Kikanbō?) by Sophie, "Son of a gun" (暴れん坊 Abarenbō?) by Samuel, and "Bomber" (爆弾魔 Bakudan ma?) by members of Bal Masqué.

Despite her independent and unruly behavior, she values friendship and strives to honor her words, as she chose to help Wilhelmina in her quest to save Shana to return the favor owed centuries ago instead of staying back at the Outlaw branch in Tokyo to help coordinate the war.

Background[edit | edit source]

Rebecca and Wilhelmina in the desert

Rebecca is shown to be acquaintances/friends with Wilhelmina. She had once travelled with her in a desert and encountered a Rinne. Rebecca attacks it with her orbs thinking she has defeated it. The weakened Rinne tries to attack her from behind, but she is saved by Wilhelmina. They continue their journey through the desert where Rebecca forces Wilhelmina to acknowledge that Rebecca "owes her one".[1]

It is also noted that she knows Shana although she refers to her as 'the Nietono' after Shana's sword. She even stated that it would be fun to tease her for getting captured implying that she is on friendly terms with her.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Biding Time Arc[edit | edit source]

Rebecca and Keisaku at the airport

Rebecca arrives at the Tokyo Outlaw, yelling at Ernest Flieder for sending a letter to Wilhelmina using her name. Ernest mentions the current state of Misaki City and Margery Daw, which causes Keisaku to bang on the door of the room that Ernest locked him in. Rebecca blows down the door, saying that she is testing Keisaku's luck. She introduces herself to him. Later, she explains to Keisaku that Margery is in a coma. Keisaku was about to leave, but Rebecca stops him, embarrassing him when he says that Margery is a "precious person" to him. He then asks her relationship with Wilhelmina and she responds that they are old friends. The phone rings and Rebecca picks it up. She gets a call to go to a meeting and leaves Keisaku in the room. She walks away, but stops and remembers her travels with Wilhelmina. She goes to the meeting and Ernest tells her of the probable attack on the Tokyo Outlaw by Bal Masqué and that she and Wilhelmina should command the Outlaw. Rebecca doesn't want to stop Wilhelmina from trying to rescue the captured Shana. She thinks back to what Keisaku said to her and realizes that she is worried about Wilhelmina, thinking about how she owes Wilhelmina for saving her. Ernest plans to use Keisaku as bait to lure Wilhelmina, but she blows up the room. She is about to leave, but Ernest blocks her. She threatens to blow up the entire building, blowing up the floor and grabbing Keisaku. She tells him that she will help Wilhelmina and return him to Misaki City. She sees him off at an airport and gives him a gift, an envelope containing Wilhelmina's reports about events in Misaki City and the Flame Haze Army's current strategies. She explains to him that she will help in rescuing Shana.[1]

Seireiden Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

Khamsin and Rebecca infiltrating Seireiden

Rebecca meets Wilhelmina and Khamsin Nbh'w at a lake, where the Tendōkyū had sunk. Wilhelmina dives in alone, leaving an impatient Rebecca with Khamsin. She then watches as Tendōkyū rises out of the water, noticing that Khamsin is standing further back, before getting splashed. Rebecca enters the castle with Wilhelmina and Khamsin, where Wilhelmina reveals that Seireiden and Tendōkyū are connected. They approach the pathway that connects the two and Rebecca runs through it, despite the chance that they would be swarmed by enemies. Later, Rebecca and Khamsin infiltrate Seireiden, where they encounter two Denizens in a hall. She blows them up and runs away from Khamsin, who starts destroying Seireiden, disposing of more Denizens.[2][3]

Rebecca attacking Purson

Rebecca watches Khamsin destroying Seireiden as she asks aloud for Sydonay and the Trinity. She looks on as Fecor, the Gatekeeper of Seireiden, uses Magnesia to defend the Divine Gate from Khamsin. She is attacked by Denizens, but she absorbs their attacks and kills them by sending them back at them, all while deciding to lure Fecor out of hiding. Rebecca and Balar talk about the Divine Gate, with Rebecca realising that Bal Masqué's commander, Yūji Sakai, as well as the Trinity, are not present in Seireiden because of it. She begins exploding the area, but is confronted by the Crimson Lord, Purson. She throws an orb at him, but it is easily evaded. She attacks again, but is foiled by a giant hand created by Dantalion. They are sprung up by another machine and attack Magnesia. They come down and Rebecca is busted open by Purson's Lions Roar. She gets up and asks Balar if they want to get serious, breaking his Divine Vessel off her hand and charging at Purson. She stops when she sees Magnesia fading (a result of Fecor being defeated by Tenmoku Ikko) and cheers when Khamsin breaks through Seireiden's perpetual night sky.[3]

Rebecca trying to gather Power of Existence while at a disadvantage against Purson

Rebecca is impressed by Khamsin and Behemoth's destructive abilities as she runs from Purson. She wanted his attention on her as Khamsin is too big to avoid his attacks. She stops running and Purson brings out his Unrestricted Spell, Fanfare. Rebecca attacks with her orbs and Purson neutralises them with Fanfare's shockwaves, which Rebecca states as the first time someone hasn't been hit by her orbs. They clash again before they both hide, with Rebecca having a cut on her arm. She is attacked by a shockwave, which she thinks reveals Purson's location, attacking with orbs. The shockwave came from another Fanfare that Purson had created and she manages to block a direct attack from him. She is sent flying and is left motionless, laying on the ground and unable to gather Power of Existence. Rebecca and Purson are then both distracted by planes that are flying over the broken Seireiden sky. As the castle crumbles and falls, Rebecca is able to gather a large orb which she throws at Purson, throwing him down a chasm and killing him. In the ruins of Seireiden, Rebecca, Khamsin and Wilhelmina meet up with Shana.[4]

Rebecca and the other Flame Haze fly over to meet the Flame Haze Army lead by Sophie Sawallisch, who was about to engage in battle with a Denizen army lead by Decarabia. Shana uses Shinpan to broadcast their plan to the army, then the group enters the Divine Gate to prevent the return of Yūji and the Trinity. As they fly through the Abyss, the group is followed by a bird-like Flame Haze, which helped seal the Snake of the Festival away. It wants Rebecca and the group to follow it towards a castle.[5]

Rebecca slashed from behind by Sabrac

While flying towards the castle, the group is attacked by Sabrac's Unrestricted Spell, Stigma. Rebecca tells Shana to keep going as she and Khamsin help create a passage for her escape. Wilhelmina then wraps the two in bandages to protect them from Stigma. She releases the bandages when Sabrac stops attacking and they run when he attacks with his tidal wave. Khamsin reveals that he can't use his powers and Wilhelmina reveals that she can't counter the Stigma which is affecting her. They scatter when Sabrac attacks again, with the Crimson Lord following Wilhelmina. Rebecca attacks him and saves Wilhelmina from getting killed. Wilhelmina and Khamsin trap Sabrac with Rebecca about to finish him off when he separates his body with the surroundings, destroying the ground. Rebecca makes Khamsin undo the spell that is binding Sabrac, then uses her insignia to make an explosion underneath him. Wilhelmina traps him in ribbons, allowing Rebecca to make explosions inside the ball. The ball explodes, but Sabrac appears behind Rebecca and slashes her, with the Sabrac that was in the ball being a Rinne.[6]

Rebecca and Wilhelmina rest and watch Khamsin battle Sabrac. The two enter the fight after Khamsin's Qadesh's Vein is broken. The group then see the true body of the Snake of the Festival. As the Snake destroys the ground around them, the Flame Haze grab on to its body, with Rebecca shooting a blast at Sabrac, who is too shocked at seeing the Crimson God to dodge. As Sabrac burns and falls to his death, Rebecca and the other Flame Haze escape the Abyss on one of the bird Flame Haze.[7]

Rebecca listening to the Snake of the Festival's speech

Rebecca and the other Flame Haze listen as the Snake of the Festival declares his ambition; to create a paradise called Xanadu that is suitable for Denizens. Rebecca and the others are quite shocked and retreat to rendezvous with Sophie Sawallisch and the Flame Haze Army at Žižka's Mound. They make a plan called Operation Ebbing Tide, where they will retreat to Tendōkyū, with Rebecca and Khamsin assigned as the rear guard. Rebecca and Khamsin leave the meeting and engage in battle with an army led by Paimon outside while the Flame Haze Army retreats. They were at an advantage, but Bal Masqué's reinforcements arrive in the form of cannon Rinne. She listens to another speech by the Snake of the Festival, saying that he will take the Denizens and leave for Xanadu. She watches as the demoralised Flame Haze are slaughtered by the Denizens.[8]

Rebecca and Khamsin receiving a signal from Samuel

Rebecca and the surviving Flame Haze retreat to a forest, where Sophie states that they will follow a new plan; to hold back the enemy and retreat with the lost Flame Haze. Rebecca says that it will be difficult before listening to CenterHill explain why they will continue fighting the Snake of the Festival. She and Khamsin defend the lost Flame Haze from Denizens as they head towards Samuel Demantius' tower. As the tower is being destroyed by cannon Rinne, Samuel gives a signal to Rebecca and Khamsin, and they enter the ruins of the tower and retreat to Tendōkyū. Rebecca is seen sleeping under a tree.[9]

Misaki City Final Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

Rebecca talking to Khamsin

Rebecca, Khamsin and Sophie rendezvous with Shana, Margery, Wilhelmina, Chiara Toscana and Sale Habichtsburg at the Hong Kong International Airport. Sophie tells them that they were thrashed, but the group listen to Shana's plan in the first-class lounge, where Rebecca pumped up for a personal battle without the help of Outlaw. The group separates, with the Flame Haze who want to follow the plan returning later. Rebecca later encounters Khamsin looking at a world map, where he notes her eagerness. They both decide to go through with Shana's plan. Later, the two, as well as the other Flame Haze, return to the first-class lounge. As their flight arrives, the others separate from Rebecca and Sophie. Rebecca promises to slip into Tendōkyū.[10]

Rebecca is in Tendōkyū when she senses Rofocale perform the Shōhi Ginsei.[11]

Rebecca saying goodbye to the Flame Haze

Rebecca arrives in Misaki City with the Tendōkyū, greeting the Flame Haze and telling them that she had gathered one-thousand, two-hundred and twenty-five Flame Haze to enter Xanadu with. She pays respect to the dead Khamsin before telling Margery that Keisaku is outside the Fūzetsu in an Outlaw observer. She says goodbye as the Tendōkyū rises into the entrance of Xanadu. She is later seen in Xanadu playing with Justus while Wilhelmina takes care of him.[12]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Wilhelmina Carmel[edit | edit source]

Rebecca and Wilhelmina travelled had travelled together and were good friends. They are able to assist each other in battles. Rebecca worries about her when she is in danger.

Ernest Flieder[edit | edit source]

Rebecca frequently talks to Ernest at the Tokyo Outlaw, but finds his logical thinking annoying.

Balar[edit | edit source]

Rebecca and Balar are on good terms, with Balar providing advice and support during battles. Rebecca is also able to joke with Balar, making a remark to Shana about trading Balar for Shinpan.[5]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Enhanced Strength: Rebecca was able to pick Keisaku up with one arm and fling him several meters with almost no effort.[1]

Enhanced Agility: Rebecca is quite nimble, being able to quickly navigate through Seireiden by jumping over towers and swiftly hiding herself during her battle with Purson.[4]

Flight: Rebecca is able to travel distances slowly through the air and hold her position when not moving without falling.[5]

Unrestricted Spells[edit | edit source]

Rebecca manipulating Power of Existence

Bomb (爆弾 Bakudan?)[13]: Rebecca is able to amass Balar's Power of Existence into pink orbs in her hands, which she can blast out in rapid succession. She can also hurl them towards her enemies or objects, making them explode in various intensities, with a big explosion capable of damaging the heart of Seireiden. She can also separate orbs after they are hurled to create multiple explosions.[1]

  • After breaking Balar's Divine Vessel: Rebecca acquires greater fighting capability when she breaks off Balar's bracelet Divine Vessel, with Balar floating near her. After breaking the bracelet, Rebecca can create orbs that swirl around her body. She can also create an aura of Balar's Power of Existence around herself, which she uses to charge at opponents.[4]

Landmine over two Denizens

Landmine (地雷 Jirai?): Rebecca can also cause explosions when she creates an insignia named Landmine over her enemies' heads, below their feet, or anywhere around them. This can only be done when Rebecca opens Balar's eye.[2] She can also cast the insignia in front of herself to defend from enemy blast attacks. Rebecca can then absorb these attacks into her orbs, which she can use to attack enemies. She can also cause explosions with the insignia itself, with no orbs involved.[3]

Rebecca uses an Unrestricted Spell to report to Sophie the current situation after she defeats Paimon.[8]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Keisaku after blowing down the Outlaw door): "Good. You're alive and well. I give proper respect to those with luck."[1]
  • (To Keisaku at the airport about not coming with him): "You plan on going back to your woman hand-in-hand with another woman? It was a joke, a joke! Rather than seeing weak Margery lean on some guy, it's more fun making fun of a frustrated "Nietono no" that's been captured."[1]
  • (While attacking Seireiden): "So the choices are either bust this castle to pieces... kill every last guy that shows up... or baring those... drive Fecor out of hiding."[3]
  • (While attacking Sabrac): "Eat it! Explode! Burn! And die!!!"[6]
  • (Rebecca to Wilhelmina Carmel about Sophie Sawallisch) "That was my little gift to that old fart."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her first name, Rebecca, could be derived from Rebecca Clarke,[14] an English composer.
  • Her surname, Reed, may be an allusion to composer Alfred Reed.[15]
  • In the anime, there is a running gag that whenever Rebecca destroys or blows up a certain place and makes an impressive remark, the emergency fire sprinklers would go off, drenching her. Amusingly, in the case of the Tendōkyū's resurfacing, she got wet despite not engaging in any of the aforementioned activities, a victim of the crashing waves caused by its ascent.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. RGB code sourced from 桃色 on colordic

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