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Ra's Throwing Stone (ラーの礫 Rā no Tsubute?) is an Unrestricted Spell used by "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" Khamsin Nbh'w. It is a technique which, like the Fist of Aten, can only be used when he is in his Rubble Giant form.


Ra's Throwing Stone is performed by drawing rubble and boulders to the tip of Mekest and then firing it at the target. Khamsin is able to control the trajectory of the boulder he has flung with a chain or whip made of his Flame, which also accelerates it. After the boulder leaves the whip, at the summit of its flight path, it will suddenly be engulfed in flames like a meteor as it falls. Khamsin can also launch it straight up without its trajectory becoming a parabola. He can also to some extent control the distance and direction the boulder will go. It is a technique which boasts great power due to its weight and speed, but is not suitable for times when precision is required.[1] It is also dangerous as it puts nearby allies in danger, which often happens due to Khamsin and Behemoth's rough personalities during battle. For example, during the fight against Dantalion, Khamsin began charging Ra's Throwing Stone when Margery and Shana were still in the vicinity, putting them in grave danger.[2]


  • Much like all of Khamsin's other Unrestricted Spells and Treasure Tools, Ra's Throwing Stone is named after the Egyptian Sun God Ra.



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