"'It looks ridiculous, but it works great, doesn't it? Fighting against people as famous as you two can be quite troublesome, so I'll be using everything at my disposal."
—To Rebecca and Khamsin about Dantalion's giant hand machine.

Purson (プルソン Puruson?) is a Crimson Lord and a Wache of Bal Masqué who guards the frontier of Seireiden. As one of the finest guards, he is also chosen in this duty because of his understanding of how the defense mechanisms of Seireiden, created by Dantalion, work. His true name is "Majestic Lion of Bellowing Roar" (哮呼の狻猊 Kōko no Shungei?).


Purson is a lion that walks upright, though apart from his head, the rest of his body is of a more humanoid appearance. He has a great, brown mane that comes down to his back, as well as yellow eyes. His arms and hands are almost completely human, but his feet are of a lion.

Purson is garbed in magnificent green garments. On his pants, there is a hole for his tail to go through.


Purson is not afraid to go into battle, even against opponents he openly admits to be famous for their battle prowess such as Rebecca Reed and Khamsin Nbh'w.




Biding Time ArcEdit

Purson attends Bel Peol's strategy meeting at Seireiden with Vual.[1]

Purson talk Sydonay

Purson talking to Sydonay

Purson is in the bar at Seireiden, drinking at the counter with Vual when Sydonay announces that he will be leaving Seireiden on a mission. Purson tells him that it is nothing and that the Bal Masqué members will stay and do their duty. He, Stolas and Mammon say that they are honored to be the Trinity's shields while they fight for the Grand Order.[2]

Seireiden Battle ArcEdit

Purson is among the crowd when Yūji gives a speech before entering the Divine Gate with the Trinity. He and the crowd cheer when Decarabia orders them to move out.[3] Purson's name is first mentioned by Fecor after this event.[4]

Purson sees night sky broken

Purson seeing Khamsin break through the night sky

Seireiden experiences chaos from the Flame Haze's attacks because of Wilhelmina Carmel's plan to retrieve Shana, causing Fecor to contact Purson. Purson responds and is given orders from Fecor to take command of the front lines and ambush them.[5] To prevent the loss of his subordinates, Purson appears before Rebecca Reed. She is setting off explosions in the area, and he tells her to stop. She throws an orb of Power of Existence at him, but he easily dodges. He asks Rebecca and Khamsin to leave before Rebecca attacks again, this time thwarted by a giant hand machine created by Dantalion. The two Flame Haze are sprung up by another machine and when they come down, Purson hits them with Lion's Roar, busting open Rebecca and bringing Khamsin to his knees. Rebecca then states that she will get serious and charges at him after breaking Balar's Divine Vessel. He is later surprised when Magnesia fades away from the Divine Gate. He notices Khamsin about to use the Fist of Aten and tries to stop him with Lion's Roar but is too late and the attack destroys Seireiden's perpetual night sky.[6]

Purson fall death

Purson falling to his death

While Purson chases Rebecca, Balar asks if he has to return to his subordinates to stop Khamsin, to which he responds that he followed her knowing that she wanted his attention on her as Khamsin is too big to avoid his attacks. When Rebecca stops, Purson activates his Unrestricted Spell Fanfare. Rebecca attacks with her orbs and Purson neutralizes them with Fanfare's shockwaves, which Rebecca states as the first time someone hasn't been hit by her orbs. They clash again before they both hide. Purson creates another Fanfare trumpet to fool Rebecca, and while she is attacking it, Purson sneaks up on her and attacks with his original Fanfare. Rebecca manages to block the attack but is sent flying, and is heavily damaged. He is about to kill her when the two are then distracted by planes that are flying over the broken Seireiden sky. As the castle crumbles and falls, Rebecca is able to gather a large orb which she throws at Purson, throwing him down a chasm and killing him.[7]

Other AppearancesEdit

Anime AppearancesEdit

Shakugan no Shana-tanEdit

Purson pose cliff

Purson posing

In the fourteenth episode, Purson, along with Ribesal, Pirsoyn and Stolas, stands on a cliff and poses, as the group introduces themselves as the Bal Masqué Defense Corps (バル・マスケ 心援隊 Baru Masuke Shinentai?). Yūji, who is below, is delighted and claims that the four have matured. Later, Purson throws Pirsoyn off the cliff while citing a proverb: "A lion drops his offspring into a bottomless ravine and accepts the only one to climb back up as his son." Pirsoyn, who survived the fall, yells at Purson that he isn't his son and asks what would have happened if he wasn't a Denizen. Purson again cites the proverb, irritating Pirsoyn. Yūji sees the scene and again claims that they have matured.[8]

In the fifteenth episode, Purson is one of the Bal Masqué members in a montage during a Naze Nani Shana-tan class when Bel Peol explains that their character designs were tweaked for the third season of the anime because they were too "cute".[9]


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Purson has the ability to levitate, which he uses to evade attacks and for long periods of time during battle.[6]

Power of Existence Manipulation: Purson can create an aura of Power of Existence around himself, which he utilizes in battle by charging at opponents.[7]

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Purson Lion's Roar

Purson using Lion's Roar

Lion's Roar (獅子吼 Shishiku?): Purson actively uses his Power of Unrestraint, Lion's Roar, which is like a roar that causes shockwaves. With it, he produces a massive, destructive tornado from his mouth, which was able to bust open Rebecca. Furthermore, Purson was able to obliterate the Rubble Giant Khamsin's right leg and arm and bring him to his knees in one blow, something that Rebecca tells him he can brag about.[6] Lion's Roar is extremely fast, making it very difficult to evade.

Purson Fanfare

Purson's Unrestricted Spell, Fanfare

Fanfare (ファンファーレ Fanfāre?): Purson uses Fanfare to create many trumpets decorated with flags which can blow shockwaves similar to Lion's Roar in a wide area and any direction at his will. In the anime, Fanfare takes the form of only one trumpet, with no flags attached to it. He only equips himself with one trumpet, but can create others in different locations to fool enemies of his exact location.[7]


  • (To Rebecca and Khamsin about Dantalion's giant hand machine): "It looks ridiculous, but it works great, doesn't it? Fighting against people as famous as you two can be quite troublesome, so I'll be using everything at my disposal."[6]


  • A part of Purson's title, Majestic Lion (狻猊 shungei/sangei?) or read as Suan Ni in Chinese, roots from the eight of Nine Offspring of the Dragon (龍生九子 ryūseikyūshi?) in Chinese mythology. Suan Ni takes the form of a lion which is usually represented upon the bases of Buddhist idols. It also loves smoke and fire.
  • Purson is a Great King of Hell in Demonology. He is depicted as a man with the face of a lion, carrying a ferocious viper in his hand, and riding a bear. Before his arrival, many trumpets can be heard.



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