Purifying Flame (清めの炎 Kiyome no Honō?) is a generic Unrestricted Spell used by Flame Haze. It allows Flame Haze to eliminate specific impurities in their bodies like the effects of alcohol and dirt among other things. It uses minimal Power of Existence. It seems that only the contracted Crimson Lord can initiate the Purifying Flame.


After making the contract with Alastor, Shana had often gotten him to use the spell. Even before the contract, Alastor was able to use the Purifying Flame while residing in the Treasure Tool Caina. Margery Daw also has Marchosias use this spell on her to cure her hangovers. During the Second Great War, the Flame Haze of the Eastern Line of Defense used the Purifying Flame to defend against Pirsoyn's Daimōn.

It is unknown whether Crimson Denizens who have Manifested in either this world or the New World Xanadu can use it.


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