"Ribesal! You should watch what you say!"
—To Ribesal when he bad-mouthed the Leader.

Pirsoyn (ピルソイン Pirusoin?) is a Jaeger of Bal Masqué and an Unrestricted Spell Master. In the light novels, it is not clear whether Pirsoyn is a male or female, but he is in fact male.[1] His true name is "Cup of Corrupting Indulgence" (蠱溺の盃 Kodeki no Hai?).


Pirsoyn is most often mistaken as a child due to his form and physical size. He has short, brown hair, green pupils, and a fair complexion. His beige-colored robe has purple sleeves which extend to his feet and he carries a big bag like the ones used by thieves.


Pirsoyn usually avoids fellow Denizens because he wants to avoid being involved in conflicts.


Pirsoyn is a Jaeger and so is usually accompanied by a Wanderer named Ribesal. Together, they have gained reputation through their feats. Usually, Jaegers are looked down on by Wanderers, but Ribesal on several occasions has shown care and concern over him, and the two seem to be in a friendship. Pirsoyn and Ribesal are the only two Crimson Denizens in Bal Masqué who have battle experience with the Four Gods of Earth. The Gods' nickname for Pirsoyn is "Creeping Poison" (忍び寄る毒 Shinobiyoru Doku?).


Blackout ArcEdit

Pirsoyn protest R's plan

Pirsoyn protesting to Ribesal about his plan

At the entrance hall of Seireiden, Pirsoyn comes up to Stolas. He asks why Stolas had returned from a trip with the General, and says he is in the hall to be part of the audience for the Leader's appearance. When Stolas asks where Ribesal is, Pirsoyn hints that he is angry. Ribesal then approaches them, angered about the fact that Bal Masqué's new leader is a Mystes. Pirsoyn warns him about what he is saying, but is ignored. He then encourages him to accept Stolas' offer to make an appeal that some of the Bal Masqué's operatives have concerns, but Ribesal grabs him and Stolas, and says he has a better idea. Pirsoyn is against the plan, which was to challenge the Leader, making Ribesal explain that power governs their positions. Yūji arrives, and Pirsoyn watches him defeat Ribesal. He is later seen watching a projection of Dantalion.[2]

Biding Time ArcEdit

Pirsoyn attends Bel Peol's strategy meeting at Seireiden. He is able to calm Ribesal down when he is angered by Decarabia.[3]

Pirsoyn is at a bar in Seireiden, having a merry time with Ribesal and other Denizens.[4]

Seireiden Battle ArcEdit

Pirsoyn Daimon

Pirsoyn releasing Daimōn

Pirsoyn is among the crowd when Yūji gives a speech, and watches as Yūji and the Trinity enter the Divine Gate. He and the crowd cheer when Decarabia orders them to move out. Pirsoyn accompanies Ribesal as he attacks the Tokyo Branch of Outlaw with cannon Rinne. As they charge, a group of Flame Haze engage their army of Denizens, but Pirsoyn uses his Daimōn to intoxicate them. The disoriented Flame Haze were quickly being defeated, and he watches as Ribesal engages in battle with Ernest Flieder, the Tokyo Outlaw Commander.[5]

Pirsoyn and Ribesal receive Decarabia's order for all demolition forces to withdraw and defend Seireiden. They retreat, but are blocked in a blizzard by Mikalojus Cui at Mount Tanigawa.[6]

Still in the blizzard, Pirsoyn and Ribesal feel the Faint Heaven Quake, a cataclysm caused by the awakening of the Snake of the Festival's true body.[7]

Misaki City Final Battle ArcEdit

As Kazumi and Yūji arrive on the roof of Misaki Municipal High School, Pirsoyn, along with Sydonay, Ribesal, Orobas, Leraje, Bel Peol, Haborym, Mammon, and Stolas, line up around a carpet to greet her. The carpet leads to Seireiden.[8]

A black Fūzetsu is cast over Misaki City as Pirsoyn and the other members of Bal Masqué watch Yūji and Kazumi ascend to Seireiden. He is later seen with Ribesal on top of a building, watching a horde of Denizens marching towards the ceremony to create Xanadu with disbelief. They later watch as they see EastEdge slaughtering the Denizens with his Unrestricted Spell, which has the ability to summon starry skies. Pirsoyn reveals that the two had met the Four Gods of Earth before. The two then get ready to attack.[9]

Pirsoyn agree

Pirsoyn agreeing to follow Ribesal's plan

Ribesal tells Pirsoyn to deal with the head of the Hyakki Yakō, Gyūki, despite Pirsoyn almost done setting traps for him. He is also told to leave and be of use to the Leader, which causes him to challenge the Leader's authority. Ribesal describes following the Leader as recognising his resolve, and with a sigh, Pirsoyn agrees to Ribesal's plan and leaves after telling him not to die.[10]

During a fight with Chiara Toscana, Mammon is cut in half and is about to be killed, but is protected by purple smoke from Pirsoyn's Daimōn. Mammon thanks Pirsoyn for saving him and tells him to withdraw, as Dantalion is missing and his robots are going berserk. Pirsoyn withdraws and Mammon dies protecting Seireiden by pulling the robots towards him.[11]

Pirsoyn smile

Pirsoyn smiling at Ribesal

Pirsoyn, along with everyone else in the area, senses Rofocale performing Shōhi Ginsei, and listens to the God of Guidance, Shaher's voice, which talks about the Heir to Both Worlds. At the Seireiden shrine, Saishuku no Shadan, the Snake of the Festival commands Ribesal to lead the way into the new world. He hesitates and Sydonay notes that it is because Pirsoyn isn't there. Bel Peol then uses her Tartaros to transport Pirsoyn to the shrine. The pair then enters the tunnel leading to Xanadu, and Pirsoyn smiles at Ribesal as they are converted into two balls of Power of Existence.[12]

Other AppearancesEdit

Anime AppearancesEdit

Shakugan no Shana-tanEdit

Pirsoyn pose cliff

Pirsoyn posing

In the fourteenth episode, Pirsoyn, along with Ribesal, Stolas and Purson, stands on a cliff and poses, as the group introduces themselves as the Bal Masqué Defense Corps (バル・マスケ 心援隊 Baru Masuke Shinentai?). Yūji, who is below, is delighted and claims that the four have matured. Later, Pirsoyn is thrown off the cliff by Purson, who cites a proverb: "A lion drops his offspring into a bottomless ravine and accepts the only one to climb back up as his son." Pirsoyn, who survived the fall, yells at Purson that he isn't his son and asks what would have happened if he wasn't a Denizen. After Purson again cites the proverb, Pirsoyn leaps almost as high as the cliff in annoyance before dropping back down. Yūji sees the scene and again claims that they have matured.[13]

In the fifteenth episode, as Yūji's existence floats in a black void, Pirsoyn and Ribesal are shown lovingly embracing.[14]



Pirsoyn has a friendly relationship with Ribesal, where Pirsoyn calms him down when he is angry. He goes into fights knowing that Ribesal will protect him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit


Pirsoyn using Daimōn

Daimōn (ダイモーン Daimōn?): Pirsoyn holds a certain Unrestricted Spell called Daimōn, which is notorious among Unrestricted Spells, being recognized by Ernest Flieder and his army from afar. It can cause instant confusion and intoxication amongst Flame Haze, causing them to kill each other in the chaos. Pirsoyn has killed many Flame Haze with this ability, thus causing him to be notorious. Daimōn seems to be in the form of a gas, which Pirsoyn keeps in his bag, and releases by opening the bag. It also can be used defensively.[5]


  • (To Ribesal when he bad-mouthed the Leader): "Ribesal! You should watch what you say!"[2]
  • (About the Four Gods of Earth when seeing EastEdge): "They're not people we can be happy about seeing again."[9]
  • (To Ribesal when ordered to deal with Gyūki): "Eh!? I have to deal with the head of the Hyakki Yakō? So you're telling me to fall back? And here I was, just about done setting traps for him."[10]
  • (To Ribesal when challenging the Leader's authority): "Our Leader, huh? Does he really have the authority to give us orders as he is now?"[10]
  • (Agreeing to Ribesal's plan): "Okay, I'll get going. I don't want to find you dead later, Ribesal."[10]


  • Pirsoyn, better known as Gusion, is one of the 72 demons in the Ars Goetia, a strong Great Duke of Hell ruling over 40~45 legions of demons.
  • Pirsoyn has the same FUNimation English voice actress as Ogiwara.



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