Phaleg (ファレグ Faregu?) is a human-like Denizen who looks like a wolf. He was fatally injured by Flame Haze in Volume 18 of the light novels and was carried off by Orobas before his death.

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He was one of the Crimson Denizens of Bal Masque who was assigned in Greece as a soldier of the Demolition Army under Orobas leadership.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Orobas hunts down a powerful Flame Haze Spellcaster who commands the Outlaw branch in Greece. In doing so, he transforms into his mount form with Phaleg at his back and sent the wolf Denizen inside the enemies headquarters. However, the Spellcaster was able to fatally wounded Phaleg forcing Orobas to personally hunt down the Flame Haze. Before dying, Orobas honors his death by carrying him out of the destroyed Outlaw headquarters.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Phaleg is an Olympian spirit in the grimoire Arbatel de magia veterum.[1]

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  1. RGB code sourced from 藍錆色 on color-sample

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