EastEdge Outlaw front

The front of EastEdge Foreign News, an Outlaw in Manhattan

Outlaw (外界宿 (アウトロー) Gaikaishuku (Autorō)?, "Outside-World Dwellings") are facilities where Flame Haze exchange information and receive organizational support. Regardless of its aspects, it is defined as a place which contains Treasure Tools called Tessera and various maps and nautical charts.


Under the organizational skills of "Performer of Depressing Dreams" Dorel Kubelík, Outlaws would operate under the guise of financial and transportation front companies in order to facilitate transport and financial arrangements, as well as involved in “cleaning up” of Flame Haze affairs from human society. In modern times, almost all Flame Haze has relied on the support of these Outlaw networks to help facilitate in their activities. Flame Haze like Shana which rarely relied on Outlaws are instead few and far between.

Located around the world, the largest Outlaw network is the Dorel Party (ドレル・パーティー?) based in Zurich, Switzerland and administrated by the board of advisers called Kubelík's Orchestra (クーベリックのオーケストラ?). They are led by Dorel Kubelík.

Other well-known networks include the Monteverdi Choir (モンテベルディのコーロ?) based in Genoa, Italy and led by “Listener of the Infinitude” Pietro Monteverdi; the Guilunhui (傀輪会 Kairin-kai?, "Grand Secret Society") based in Shanghai, China and oversees the East Asia region; the Guyaku (故崖窟 Kogaikutsu?, "The Ancient Cliff Cave") led by the “Rider of Jade Crest” Nam  which oversees the Central Asia region. The Americas are run and overseen by the Four Gods of Earth in major cities spread north, south, east and west of the New World. Japan has its own Outlaw network separate from the rest of Asia, mainly headquartered in Tokyo with branches in Sendai, Kyoto and Hakata.

Outlaws were originally places where Flame Haze could rest or hang out, especially once they've accomplished their vendettas against Denizens; as well as being operated by eccentric Flame Haze. By the turn of the 20th century, under the supervision of Dorel Kubelík, they underwent a massive overhaul and formed the organized information network of present day.

Kubelík overturned the usual conventions on how Outlaws should be operated and actively recruited humans to the organizational network. Although these humans, who are aware of the The Truth of This World, only form a tiny fraction of the population, their assistance allowed Outlaws to officially exist as foundations and corporations in order to successfully secure operational funds.

On the other hand, as these recruited humans constantly came into prolonged contact with Flame Haze, they too would gradually become sensitive to Power of Existence. This would in turn make Outlaws potential training grounds for future Flame Haze contractors as well.

Outlaws are also deeply connected with many public institutions in human society, utilizing a wide range of connections. Examples include intelligence obtained from the Japanese Coast Guard concerning missing tankers in the Sea of Japan caused by Bal Masqué's assault into Japan, as well as airport facilities and airplanes prepared specifically for Flame Haze in airports around the world.

Recent EventsEdit

Recently, Bal Masqué forces, led by Sydonay, have made various pre-emptive attacks on most of the major Outlaw networks, destroying the Dorel Party and Monteverdi Choir in Europe as well as massively crippling the Kuilunhui in China, with its headquarters in Shanghai completely destroyed. This is done in order to smoothly facilitate Bal Masqué “Grand Order” master plan. These attacks have paralyzed the Outlaw networks in the Eurasian continent and left large parts of lands at the mercy of Bal Masqué , unprotected by Flame Haze.

The remaining surviving Outlaw networks, after a brief argument on who should take charge as well as reorganizing any remaining resources they have at their disposal, decided to approach the “Braider of Trembling Might” Sophie Sawallisch, hero of the “Great War”, to take command as their Supreme Commander in the impending war with Bal Masqué.


The Dorel PartyEdit

Outlaw Network based in Zurich, Switzerland. Administrated by board of advisors called Kubelik's Orchestra. They were the largest Outlaw network led by Dorel Kubelik.

Monteverdi ChoirEdit

Outlaw Network based in Genoa, Italy. Directed by "Listener of the Infinitude" Pietro Monteverdi, he controls logistics and transportation service to support Flame Haze.

Guilunhui (Grand Secret Society)Edit

The Chinese secret society that overseers Outlaws in China and the East Asia Region. Directed by a group of human called Elders. One of its headquarters is located in the Bund, Shanghai.

Guyaku (The Ancient Cliff Cave)Edit

Oversees the Central Asia Region led by "Rider of Jade Crest" Nam. It is built utilizing the temple ruins of an ancient cliff cave, hence the name. While it resembles a small hut on the outside, this Outlaw has two additional underground floors. On ground, the first floor functions as the Outlaw along with a bar and lodging quarters for visitors and Flame Haze. The second floor works as storage. At the lowest floor, there is an ancient tunnel that once was the temple quarters for its monks.

The Four Gods of EarthEdit

The Group that oversee the Americas in major cities. 

EastEdge Outlaw sign

The sign at the front of EastEdge Foreign News

"EastEdge Foreign News" (イーストエッジ外信 Īsutoejji Gaishin?), supervised by EastEdge is situated on the first floor of a certain row house at the northern corner of the intersection of Wall Street and William street in Lower Manhattan.

Japan BranchesEdit

The Japan Outlaw Network is separated from the rest of Asia. Its main headquarters is Tokyo with branches in Sendai, Kyoto and Hakata.



  • Interestingly, the known operatives in Dorel Party and Monteverdi Choir such as Kubelík and Monteverdi are named after real-life composers that are also the conductors, referring to their positions as the ones who "conduct" and "unify" Flame Haze together.



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