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"Here they come."
—Ose when seeing Chiara and the Flame Haze.

Ose (オセ Ose?) is one of the Crimson Lords serving Bal Masqué. His true name is "Shifting Veil" (翻移の面紗 Hon'i no Mensa?).


Ose takes form of a large leopard with a human-like mask as his face. In the anime, his fur is dark blue at the top and purple at the bottom, with the human mask lodged inside his opened mouth. He has light blue spots and red eyes and his human mask glows like neon.






Seireiden Battle Arc[]

Ose lead a surprise assault on the Flame Haze, but more than 7 parts of his troops were obliterated when Seireiden fell suddenly. He was intended to be punished, but was given a chance to redeem himself.

Misaki City Final Battle Arc[]

Barma and Ose seeing Chiara approaching

As Denizens gather in Misaki City for the creation of Xanadu, Ose is with Barma on a railway line near the Seireiden shrine, Saishuku no Shadan. Later, they watch as Seere, Shana and Wilhelmina approach on board Chiara's jet. Ose orders his cannon Rinne to fire at the Flame Haze while readying his Unrestricted Spell. He watches as Seere breaks the spell's insignia with his strings and the Flame Haze fly away.[1]

After Xanadu had been created, Ose meets Bel Peol, Sydonay and the Snake of the Festival at the Saishuku no Shadan, along with Haborym, Orobas, Leraje, Stolas, and Barma. The Snake of the Festival tells the group to live on in the new world and Ose flies up to Xanadu's entrance along with Haborym, Stolas, Leraje, Orobas, and Barma before being converted into Power of Existence.[2]

Other Appearances[]

Anime Appearances[]

Shakugan no Shana-tan[]

Ose being spotted in the forest

In the third eyecatch of the fourteenth episode, Wilhelmina, Kazumi and Shana-tan are on an expedition in a forest when they see Ose. Wilhelmina calls him a Jinmenken (人面犬?, Human Faced Dog), mistaking him for the urban legend. Later, Ose is one of the Bal Masqué members displayed in a montage during a Naze Nani Shana-tan class as Bel Peol explains that their character designs were tweaked for the third season of the anime due to being too "cute".[3]



Powers and Abilities[]

Unrestricted Spells[]

Ose creating an insignia

Cycle (サイクル Saikuru?): Ose is capable of using an Unrestricted Spell that dazzles enemies by creating illusions of fire sparks. In Misaki City, Ose creates an Unrestricted Spell insignia from his mask, but Seere is able to easily destroy it with his strings.[1]

Hishō (飛翔?, Flight): Ose is capable of ascending through the air by using Power of Existence[4], which he demonstrates on his way to Xanadu.[2]


  • (When seeing Chiara and the Flame Haze): "Here they come."[1]
  • (To his cannon Rinne when the Flame Haze approach): "Shoot them down!"[1]




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