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"Everyone's marching towards the realization of our Grand Order! Is there any better view than this!?"
—To Leraje after seeing the marching Denizens.

Orobas (オロバス Orobasu?) is a member of Bal Masqué and an adjutant of Sydonay. His true name is "Fiercely Violent Saddle" (獰暴の鞍 Dōbō no Kura?) and the color of his flame is orange.


Sydonay riding Orobas during the Great War

In the Great War, he alternated between his humanoid form and his true form; a black horse.

His humanoid form appears as a thin, tall, young man that wears a black tunic, pants, and a black bandana. He wears a small, purple, toga-like cloth over his tunic and under his black belt. He has short black hair and a light complexion.


Orobas is described as a person who is sober and excessively honest. He is very enthusiastic about Bal Masqué, especially when it is to do with the Grand Order.


Orobas is a long-active member of Bal Masqué, fighting alongside Sydonay as the latter's army horse. During the Great War, he let Sydonay ride him to fight the Flame Haze.


Blackout Arc[]

Orobas and Leraje accompany Sydonay to the Shanghai Outlaw and meet up with him after he defeats Yu Xuan. They congratulate Sydonay on the destruction of the Shanghai Outlaw branch but he is worried of its remnants going to Europe, where Sophie Sawallisch is.[1]

Biding Time Arc[]

Orobas attends Bel Peol's war council, where he voices his opinion that the Flame Haze won't fight together after their great defeat in Shanghai, but might attack in small group of elites like in the Révolution War and trap Bal Masqué in a long battle. His idea is opposed by Leraje.[2]

Seireiden Battle Arc[]

Orobas and Leraje in Greece

Orobas is in the crowd as Yūji gives a speech before entering the Divine Gate with the Trinity. He and the other Denizens cheer when Decarabia orders them to move out. Orobas and Leraje lead an Outlaw Demolition Army to the Outlaw headquarters in Greece. Orobas transforms into his true form of a black horse and attacks it.[3]

In Greece, Orobas wields an axe-like weapon. He battles a powerful Flame Haze who is a master of Unrestricted Spells. He succeeded in defeating the spell-caster by using one of his Denizen minions, Phaleg, who took most of the fatal blows from the battle. Phaleg dies as Orobas carries him out of the Outlaw base. Later, he is ordered by Decarabia to return to Seireiden.

Misaki City Final Battle Arc[]

As Kazumi and Yūji arrive on the roof of Misaki Municipal High School, Orobas, along with Sydonay, Pirsoyn, Ribesal, Leraje, Bel Peol, Haborym, Mammon, and Stolas, line up around a carpet leading to Seireiden to greet her.[4]

Orobas and Leraje watching the Denizens marching

As a black Fūzetsu is cast over Misaki City, Orobas and the other members of Bal Masqué watch Yūji and Kazumi ascend to Seireiden. Later, Orobas and Leraje are standing atop a construction site, watching the Denizens wanting to go to Xanadu cover the streets, marching towards the ceremony. Orobas is unable to hide his joy at the sight. He and Leraje's army are then attacked by WestShore. As WestShore dismantles their army, the two decide to be her opponents.[5]

As WestShore faces their army, Orobas asks Leraje why the Flame Haze are choosing to fight instead of advancing.[6]

Orobas' axe attack being stopped by WestShore's kick

WestShore is still battling the Denizens when Orobas rushes towards her in his true form, with Leraje on his back. While charging, they wonder why the Flame Haze are still fighting after Shana has added the new law to Xanadu. Leraje uses Robes of Nimrod which causes WestShore to retaliate with her bird creatures. Orobas blocks them with his flames and drops down to attack her in his human form while wielding his axe. WestShore halts him with a kick and delivers another to his head, sending him flying into Leraje's hands. WestShore tells the two that she was waiting for Shana's words and tells them what she told Shana; to envision a great dream and take actions toward it.[7]

Orobas and Leraje are blocked from attacking by WestShore's geysers.[8]

Orobas and Leraje entering Xanadu

Orobas senses Rofocale performing Shōhi Ginsei along with everyone else in the area and listens to the God of Guidance, Shaher's voice, which talks about the Heir to Both Worlds. Later, after Xanadu had been created, Orobas and Leraje go to the Seireiden shrine, Saishuku no Shadan, and meet Bel Peol, Sydonay and the Snake of the Festival along with Barma, Haborym, Stolas, and Ose. After the Snake of the Festival tells the group to live on in the new world, Orobas and Leraje fly up to Xanadu's entrance along with Haborym, Stolas, Ose and Barma before being converted into Power of Existence.[9]



Orobas is on close terms with Leraje, who possesses an attitude different compared to his. He doesn't share her opinion on many things, but they are able to make decisions together, such as agreeing to fight WestShore.[5]


Orobas idolizes his General Sydonay. During the Great War, he served the General in his true form.


Orobas' attitude towards Sydonay is the complete opposite of his attitude towards Decarabia, who is also higher in rank than him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Orobas is powerful enough to be considered a Lord but since he lacks experience in great battles, he isn't one yet.

During the battle in Greece, he is shown to possess an axe-like weapon. He uses it again against WestShore, materializing it after transforming into his human form.[7]

Unrestricted Spells[]

Stirrup's Favor (鐙の寵 Abumi no Chō?)When Orobas is in his mount form, he could strenghten the power of anyone who rides him. He can also use this spell in his humanoid form, though it requires him to make physical contact with the desired targets.

Hishō (飛翔?, Flight): Orobas can maintain his position above ground and is also able to fly upwards,[8][9] requiring Power of Existence to do so.[10]


Orobas' true form

Orobas has the ability to transform between his human form and his true form. His true form is that of a large, black horse.

  • Flight: Orobas is able to run through the air while in his true form.[3]
  • Enhanced Speed: Orobas is able to run extremely fast due to his horse form.[3]
  • Fire Manipulation: Orobas is able to breathe fire out of his mouth, which he does in order to block WestShore's bird creatures.[7]


  • (To Leraje after seeing the marching Denizens): "Everyone's marching towards the realization of our Grand Order! Is there any better view than this!?"[5]


  • He is named after one of the 72 Goetic demons. Like the character, this demon can manifest as a horse that changes into a man.[11]



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