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"I'll kill you. I'll kill all those who humiliate me. It'll be a slaughter!"
—To Wilhelmina at Tendōkyū

Orgon (オルゴン Orugon?) is a powerful Wanderer of Bal Masqué and a subordinate of Bel Peol. His true name is "Commander of Thousand Conquests" (千征令 Senseirei?).


Orgon is depicted as a transparent body in a green, old-French royal costume with only his hat and mantle visible. His hat has a large bundle of feathers on it, which curve downwards. His mantle has a large white frill at the top.


Always looking down on Jaeger like Vine, Orgon is very proud of his rank as Bel Peol's trusted soldier and too arrogant to flee enemies stronger than himself, which eventually results in his death. He is also known by other members of Bal Masqué, including Vine, as the "Warmonger" (戦争屋 Sensō-ya?).


Great War[]

Orgon is presented at the Brocken where the Great War occurred. He serves Bel Peol and Sydonay, protecting Hecate, who is inspecting the Spell (which turns to be a portion of the Psalm of Grand Order) Asiz uses in his "Grand Scheme". While they stand by to protect the Trinity, "Archer of Aurora" Karl Berwald assaults them when they have no backup and Orgon's soldiers are easily destroyed by Karl's power. Sydonay orders Orgon to step aside and takes Karl down himself.

The Search for Tendōkyū[]

Orgon was originally sent on a mission to search for "Overseer of Journeys" Gaap, another Lord who had lost contact with Bal Masqué for a while (later revealed to have been devoured by Tenmoku Ikko) but, after a direct order from Bel Peol, joined Vine's search for Tendōkyū (Palace of Heaven's Road).


The Girl from Tendōkyū Arc[]

Orgon confronting Wilhelmina

Orgon appears behind Vine, who was on the outskirts of a town in Asia. He explains to Vine that Bel Peol sent him and that members of Bal Masqué were being eliminated. Orgon asks for information and Vine says he saw a strong Flame Haze a while ago. Orgon then leaves to fight the Flame Haze. He activates a Fūzetsu in the shopping district of the town, around Wilhelmina. He approaches her, believing that Vine was wrong and she isn't strong, and activates Legion, summoning the Hogier and La Hire troops.[1]

Wilhelmina flees from Orgon and his Legion after Tendōkyū's whereabouts was accidently revealed by Shiro. Then, Tenmoku Ikko walks through Legion and slashes Orgon. Later, at Tendokyū, Orgon interrupts the battle between Wilhelmina and Vine, allowing the latter to escape. Orgon traps Wilhelmina with his Fūzetsu and Legion. Wilhelmina activates her Persona, allowing Orgon to figure out that she is the "Manipulator of Objects".[2]

Orgon seeing the geyser

Orgon attacks with Legion, but Wilhelmina is able to evade the troops and destroy them. She then tells him that the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" was able to make her contract. She says she must hide her until she is accustomed to the world, meaning she can't let Orgon escape. A geyser of rainbow light erupts in front of him and Shiro appears, turning into "Rainbow Wings" Merihim, his old rival. Orgon attacks with troops, but is vaporised by a single strike of Merihim's Rainbow's Heaven Sword.[3]



Orgon thinks very poorly of Vine.

Powers and Abilities[]

Teleportation: Orgon also seems to be able to appear from out of nowhere, float, and teleport to different locations.[1]

Unrestricted Spells[]

Fūzetsu (封絶?, Seal, lit. "Seal of Suppression"): Orgon activates his gross copper green Fūzetsu when he confronts Wilhelmina in a shopping district and later, Tendōkyū.[1][2]

Legion (レギオン Legion?): Orgon's Unrestricted Spell is Legion, which allows him to create an army of knights which are as thin as card known as the "Legion". Like Sabrac, his body is hiding in all the knights he controls; so it is still very difficult to destroy them all at the same time (unlike "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" or "Archer of Aurora"). Those troops are categorized by mentioning one or more of four names, Hogier, La Hire, Hector and (Sir) Lancelot, which make up the Four Decks. Each of the Four Decks summons a certain kind of soldier, and using a combination of the Four Decks, Orgon can create an army which strategically moves under his orders, garnering him the nickname, Warmonger (戦争屋 Sensō-ya?).

Orgon's Hogier troops

  • The Hogier (ホグラー Hogurā?) troops are composed of soldiers carrying pole weapons.[1]
  • The La Hire (ラハイア Rahaia?) troops are composed of soldiers carrying swords.[1]
  • The other two decks, Hector (ヘクトル Hekutoru?) and (Sir) Lancelot (ランスロット Ransurotto?), composes of troops with axes and troops with crossbows.[2][3]
  • Additionally, with a snap of his fingers, he can summon Lancers with horses that can walk upwards into the air.[3]
  • Orgon can also send troops out like projectiles, which are thin like playing cards.[3]

Endan (炎弾?, Flame Bullet): Orgon is quite skilled at using Endan, being able to rain down balls of his Power of Existence from the sky onto his enemies.[2]


  • (To Vine about the Flame Haze): "No matter who it is, I shall crush it with my power."[1]
  • (To Wilhelmina at Tendōkyū): "I'll kill you. I'll kill all those who humiliate me. It'll be a slaughter!"[2]
  • (To Merihim): "Why are you here!?"[3]





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