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Orgel (オルゴール Orugōru?) is a Treasure Tool is specially used by the Aizen Siblings (Tiriel and Sorath) for the usage of Cradle Garden. It is used primarily to replicate the effects of casting complicated Unrestricted Spells multiple times or maintaining an Unrestricted Spell in effect. The only setback to this is that it is not allowed to be moved from the place where its effect is first used.


It is a Treasure Tool that assume a shape of a box with a ribbon.


It is originally used by Tiriel together with a Power of Unrestraint called Cradle Garden. It is used to aid the Cradle Garden's formation which alters a Seal so its area becomes an advantage to the siblings. Later, Shana and Margery Daw together Yuji Sakai destroyed it as it is the power source for Aizen siblings' fast recovery and the Cradle Garden together with Tiriel.


  • Orgel is the Japanese word for a musical box. It is derived from the German "orgel", literally meaning "organ".



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