Nobiliacum (高貴な居場所 (ノビリアクム) Kōki na Ibasho (Nobiriakumu)?, lit. "Noble Place") is an Unrestricted Spell in the non-canon short story by Kazuma Kamachi, Prison of Destruction.


After the Prison of Destruction Incident, Notburga spent 500 years developing Nobiliacum to save the Crimson Lord she loved, who was trapped inside a Flame Haze. The Lord was sealed by Prison of Destruction and therefore couldn't return to the Crimson Realm or manifest.

Nobiliacum would cast a barrier which blocks the sealing effects felt by the Lord, allowing their safe removal. The scale of the barrier and the amount of Power of Existence required for it are both smaller than that of Azure's barrier. A drawback of the spell is that it can only be used once to protect a Lord,[1] and therefore during her search for her beloved Lord, Notburga had to throw away all the Instant Flame Haze and Lords she had killed in her search for them.

Nobiliacum had never been used, and after Ratziel was convinced by Yūji Sakai to not kill Notburga, is was likely that Notburga would cease killing Flame Haze. Unbeknownst to them, Khamsin Nbh'w had captured the Flame Haze who housed Notburga's beloved Lord. He expressed a desire to learn Nobiliacum from Notburga in order to release the Lord.[2]



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