The Nine Eternal Divine Scales (九垓天秤 Kugaitenbin?) were the inner circle of Töten Glocke, a Crimson Denizen organization lead by "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz. They had fought under Asiz for a millennium and all nine were renowned and powerful Crimson Lords.


The order in which the nine Lords joined Asiz was: first Illuyanka, then Ullikummi, Jarri, Molech, Huwawa, Ninurta, Sokar, Chernobog, and finally Merihim.[1][2]

Huwawa was destroyed after the City Devourer Incident while Ninurta was destroyed in the Nachtigall Struggle. During the beginning of the final battle at Brocken Fortress, both Sokar and Ullikummi went to the front lines, therefore leaving only 5 of them atop the Werkschale. Sokar was destroyed in the beginning of hostilities by a swift attack from the Flame Haze "Archer of Aurora" Karl Berwald. Molech was destroyed by the combined efforts of Mathilde Saint-Omer and Wilhelmina Carmel, while of the "Pair of Wings", Merihim was defeated by Mathilde and Illuyanka by Wilhelmina.

Chernobog succeeded in inflicting a fatal wound upon Mathilde, but was then destroyed by Wilhelmina, while Jarri was extinguished as the sacrifice for Mathilde's Tenpa Jōsai. Ullikummi, who remained on the front lines to the very end, was destroyed by "Braider of Trembling Might" Sophie Sawallisch as he sacrificed himself to allow Töten Glocke's remnants to escape. The only one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales who survived the Great War was Merihim, who was to keep his promises with Mathilde.


Position True name and alias Nickname[1]
Molech profile Chancellor (宰相 Saishō?) "Great Embracing Furnace" Molech "Ox Skeleton Sage" (牛骨の賢者 Gyūkotsu no Kenja?)
Merihim profile Right Wing of the "Pair of Wings" (両翼の右 Ryōyoku no Migi?) "Rainbow Wings" Merihim "Rainbow Swordsman" (虹の剣士 Niji no Kenshi?)
Illuyanka profile Left Wing of the "Pair of Wings" (両翼の左 Ryōyoku no Hidari?) "Ironclad Dragon" Illuyanka "Armored Dragon" (鎧の竜 Yoroi no Ryū?)
Jarri profile Great Scout (大斥候 Daisekkō?) "Villainous World's Spawn" Jarri "Strange Egg" (奇妙な卵 Kimyō na Tamago?)
Chernobog profile Stealth Operations Commander (隠密頭 Onmitsugashira?) "Trickle of Darkness" Chernobog "Black-clothed White-faced Woman" (黒衣白面の女 Kokui Hakumen no On'na?)
Ullikummi profile Front Line Army General (先手大将 Sakite Taishō?) "Triumphal Cliff" Ullikummi "Iron Giant" (鉄の巨人 Tetsu no Kyojin?)
Sokar profile Front Line Army General (先手大将 Sakite Taishō?) "Barrier of Burning Dust" Sokar "Large Tree of Stone" (石の大木 Ishi no Taiboku?)
Ninurta profile Central Army Commander-in-chief (中軍首将 Chūgun Shushō?) "Accompaniment of Frozen Skies" Ninurta "Sword of Ice" (氷の剣 Kōri no Tsurugi?)
Huwawa profile Reserve Army Commander-in-chief (遊軍首将 Yūgun Shushō?) "Barbaric Lord" Huwawa "Snarling Beast" (牙剥く野獣 Kibamuku Yajū?)



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