Nietono no Shana (贄殿遮那 Nietono no Shana?, Vairocana of the Offering Room) is a long sword (nodachi) wielded by Shana. It is considered as an Offensive-type Treasure Tool, crafted by a blacksmith who was later reborn as Tenmoku Ikko, the Mystes who was also the first who wielded it.

Background Edit

Tenmoku Ikko

Tenmoku Ikko wielding Nietono no Shana.

The name of the Nietono no Shana literally means "Vairocana of the Offering Room", in which Vairocana was one of the revered Buddhas in Buddhism.


Nietono no Shana's tsuba design from anime

As mentioned earlier, the Nietono no Shana originated from Tenmoku Ikko, who crafted the blade with the aid of a Crimson Lord and was willingly reborn into a Mystes. His first appearance in the anime adaptation was in episode 15 of the first season. His urge to find the strongest person who is worthy of wielding the sword he had forged brought many deaths among Crimson Denizen, only to be defeated by Shana, who becomes the bearer of the Treasure Tool.


  • While Nietono literally means "Offering Room", the word roots from an actual place, Nietono Ravine (贄殿谷 nietono-tani?) in Northern Okayama Prefecture (once known as the Mimasaka Province). It is said in the story that the Nakayama Shrine, a shrine situated near the ravine, is the place where Nietono no Shana was forged.
  • Unlike traditional Japanese swords Nietono no Shana doesn't have its scabbard.
  • In some illustration by Noizi Itō, there is the sword's name, 贄殿遮那, inscribed on the blade.


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