Nam (ナム Namu?) is an ancient Flame Haze who lives in the Central Asian Outlaw branch known as Guyaku. She is also known as the "Rider of Jade Crest" (玉紋の騎手 Gyokumon no Kishu?).


Nam is often described as an "old woman". She wears a long Mongolian robe known as a Meng Pao (蒙袍?) and clads herself with bandages from head to toe, which makes her look like a mummy. No one has ever seen her without those clothes and bandages, so no one is able to identify her true appearance or age.


Nam is known for her kindness toward both Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens.


Nam is a very peculiar case of Flame Haze. First of all, her contracted Crimson Lord does not have any name but her true name, "Bridle of Wilderness"

Nam is of Mongolian descent.[1] She participated in the Ancient War against the Snake of the Festival and is referred by Khamsin as "the Girl who holds the bridle". Nam was killed by "Ironclad Dragon" Illuyanka, but then, her dying soul was sealed in the Abyss with Snake of the Festival, becoming one of the shadows that eternal guard the path to the God of Creation. Surprisingly, the contact between Nam's empty body and her Crimson Lord didn't vanish.

After this, "Bridle of Wilderness", who has a voice of old woman, used her nameless vessel bridle to wrap Nam's body up and operate her like marionette.


Nam, or rather her contracted Crimson Lord is killed along with her assistants in Guyaku when Sabrac attacks them. He lays a trap for Wilhelmina and the Engage Link who come to visit her, and later succeeds in wounding Johann. Prior to the destruction of Guyaku, she is seen greeting Liu Yang and treats him with a glass of Huangjiu.


Her comrades, such as Wilhelmina and Pietro, and Denizens, such as Pheles and Hyakki Yakō's Para, affectionately call her "Grandma Nam" (ナム婆さん Namu baa-san?).

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  • Her contracted Crimson Lord, whose true name is "Bridle of Wilderness", who Khamsin calls the "Dragon Horse that runs like wind", never speaks a word to anyone so most people don't know his/her identity or powers. It is later revealed in Shakugan no Shana no Subete Kan that it is actually her contracted Crimson Lord who was controlling and posing as Nam all along.
  • In earlier stories, the color of Nam's flame is rape yellow, but this is later changed to the color of young grass.[1]




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