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NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, known from 2003-2009 as Geneon Entertainment Inc., is the company that was in charge with distribution of the Shakugan no Shana anime series DVD releases and associated music. Geneon USA was also the initial English licensee of the anime series before it eventually went to FUNimation.

The DVDs of the first two seasons were published by Showgate, but DVDs for the the S OVA series and the third season were both published and distributed by Geneon. Geneon released all of the anime's theme songs and soundtracks except for season 3 theme songs and Superiority Shana albums, which were distributed by Warner Home Video. By 2018, Geneon had become NBC Universal Entertainment and released Shakugan no Shana -BEST-, a compilation album which included theme songs from season 3.

During Geneon USA's licensing of the anime series, they produced English dubs for the first season and OVA, as well as releasing the original soundtrack in North America.


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