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Molech (モレク Moreku?) is one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, the nine great Crimson Lords gathered under the name of Töten Glocke, the organization led by "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz. He serves as the organization's chancellor and is widely known for his unique Power of Unrestraint called Labyrinthos.


Molech takes appearance of a bipedal ox skeleton wearing a robe and beaded necklace. When he moves or talks timidly, the sound of rattling skeletons can be heard.


While Asiz is the leader of the Töten Glocke, it is Molech who organizes and commands the army. Molech is, visually, a cowardly but prudent Denizen who speaks to everyone equally with honorific words. However, Molech is very proficient in strategies and tactics (to the point where Sokar and Ninurta can't best him in an argument) even though he himself does not participate in battles. Molech is also generous and cares about others, but is oblivious to Chernobog's feeling towards him.


Molech joins the army that will later be called Töten Glocke centuries before the Great War occurred. He is the fourth to join the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, after Illuyanka, Ullikummi and Jarri.


During the Great War, he and surviving Nine Eternal Divine Scales fight the Flame Haze Army in order to protect Asiz, who is commencing his "Grand Scheme" to create Tis and his child, the "Heir to Both Worlds". While Merihim and Illuyanka confront Mathilde Saint-Omer and Wilhelmina Carmel, Molech utilizes the Labyrinthos to hold all of them inside his body in order to stall time for the completion of the "Heir to Both Worlds".

He is completely destroyed when he fails to discover the secretive plan of the two Flame Haze he confines. As Mathilde and Wilhelmina wander through the maze, they plant almost invisible threads all over the place. Mathilde uses this thread to send her flame warriors throughout the Labyrinthos and orders the attack all at once. Molech decides to keep the spell instead of escaping in order to let Mathilde spend her power and weaken as a result. He perishes after receiving the explosion created from her knights. His death makes Chernobog go mad.



Molech seems very respectful towards Chernobog, at one point thinking he should 'make up' to Chernobog for a difficult task, and seems to know her personal preferences: such as her like of dandelions.

Powers and Abilities[]

Labyrinthos covering parts of the Brocken.

Unrestricted Spells[]

Labyrinthos (ラビリントス Rabirintosu?) : Molech's signature Power of Unrestraint, which creates a gigantic dimensional maze covering a wide area. From outside, it looks like a giant proning ox. In this dimension, trapped enemies are forced to fight the army Molech sends inside. This maze also repairs itself when damages are taken by the battle.


  • (To Asiz when joining him): "Are you saying that you need the likes of me...?"[1]


  • Molech is a variant spelling of Moloch[2], the name of an ancient Ammonite god.




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