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Mikalojus Cui (ミカロユス・キュイ Mikaroyusu Kyui?) is a Flame Haze with exceptional powers to change attribute of natural things into out-of-the-world things at his will. His title is "Painter of Interest" (興趣の描き手 Kyōshu no Kakite?). He is widely known by both Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens as the "mad" Flame Haze, due to his eccentric personality. Even Ribesal, an experienced Lord, is very cautious of him and does not make a move towards him thoughtlessly.


Mikalojus is of Polish descent. He is described as an abnormal man of unknown physical age who speaks in high-pitched voice.


Mikalojus has the habit of asking questions but ends up answering those like talking to himself. He always argue with his contracted Crimson Lord about his creations (his paintings') perfection.


Mikalojus is an acquaintance of Shana and nemesis of Ribesal. Shana and Ribesal refer to him as Outrageous Painter (乱暴絵描き Ranbō Egaki?) and Freak (イカレ野郎 Ikareyarō?), respectively.

Mikalojus is assigned to block Bal Masqué's army that attacks Tokyo Outlaw Headquarter from heading back to Seireiden. He blocks them at the Tanigawa Mountain Range and successfully delays the mobilization of the army.


He later helps Ernest Flieder in capturing Rofocale in Tian Shan Mountain Range, China and traps him with his Power of Unrestraint, the Parrhasios' Alley.

Powers and Abilities[]

Mikalojus' Parrhasios' Alley that appeared in Shakugan no Shana III ep.20

Mikalojus' power includes making thing's attribute into something else completely by drawing; if he draws tree on the stone, the stone will be burnable; if he draws sword on the snow, the snow can be used to cut tree. His flame color changes with his emotion, but stays in shades of brown.

Unrestricted Spells[]

Parrhasios' Alley (パラシオスの小路 Parashiosu no Kouji?): His other Power of Unrestraint which acts like a trap to confine enemy when moved inside its territory. Inside the spell, the surrounding is completely controlled by Mikalojus, who draws it as he pleased.




  • His name is derived from Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, the Lithuanian composer and painter. His surname is taken from César Cui, the Russian composer with French and Lithuanian descent.
  • Mikalojus is mentioned in Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 12 as same as in the novel, by Ribesal.
  • Staying truthful to the novel, Mikalojus' power, the Parrhasios' Alley, is used to capture Rofocale in episode 20, but his conversation with Rofocale is omitted and the scene quickly switches to Ernest Flieder's appearance. This gives viewers misunderstanding that Flieder is the one who uses the spell.
  • He is the third Flame Haze in the story to have flames that aren't of one color; the first two are the two are Karl Berwald and Chiara Toscana.






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