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  • Okay all the drafts are complete except for that problem with Infobox Episode with the two titles in the title header. There's just no coding in Wikia.css.

    Should I convert them all now without any coding? They look a bit plain.

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    • if you dont mind me asking how do you make a gradient on an infobox?

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    • Well, you are probably better off asking Community Central than me, they would have people who know what they are doing, whereas I just got that code from somewhere and edited it.

      Anyway, from what I know, you add a code to MediaWiki:Wikia.css to change the appearance of your portable infoboxes (Don't know how to do it for non-portable infoboxes) There are probably other ways as well to change how the colors of the infobox changes, but I don't know.

      When we used to have that gradient, the code was

      .portable-infobox .pi-header, .portable-infobox .pi-title {
          background-color: transparent;              /* group headers background color */
          background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(left, #000000, #8C6508, #000000);   

      The line starting "background-image" is the gradient, and you can change the 6 number hex codes (which are colors), to change the colors of the gradient.

      That is the extent of my little knowledge on portable infoboxes, but people on community central would know much more.

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