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Mathilde Saint-Omer (マティルダ・サントメール Matiruda Santomēru?) is the previous owner of the title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" (炎髪灼眼の討ち手 Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite?). She is shown in the flashbacks leading to the ceremony of Shana's ascent as a Flame Haze. She was Wilhelmina Carmel's friend and companion. The two were regarded as the greatest pair of Flame Haze, rivaling in power and referred to as a counterpart to the "Pair of Wings", Crimson Lords Merihim and Illuyanka. She was in love with Alastor.


Mathilde has red hair, natural for the "Flaming-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter", although it is shown to be not as fiery as Shana's, and is seen wearing the Yogasa.


Mathilde shows to have a personality of someone who loves surveys and adventures, she never gives up and always fight with a smile on her face.




At the end of the Great War, Mathilde performed the Tenpa Jōsai (天破壌砕 Heaven Destruction Earth Break?) with Alastor and made Merihim (Shiro) and Wilhelmina promise to train her successor.



She is in love with Alastor, but confesses she doesn't quite understand love and the true nature of their relationship, and that Alastor doesn't add anything to the discussion about it either.


Wilhelmina Carmel is her best friend, to the point she picks up quickly that the whole reason Wilhelmina wore her lavish dress into battle was to try and capture Merihim's attention.

She also wondered if she could help her be truly happy, before realizing that happiness for a Flame Haze is quite the difficult concept.


She seems aware of Merihim's attraction to her power and treats their relationship as a sort of intense friendly rivalry. She constantly goads him into agreeing to her terms because she knows he's so full of himself, he'll gladly agree, thinking he'll win.

This serves to be the case when he was bound to train her successor later on.

Powers and Abilities[]

Mathilde's primary abilities are the same as Shana's, as they both possess the title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter"; the ability to summon flames and use it to empower their weapons. Aside from this, Mathilde can use her abilities as the Flame Haze of "Flame of Heaven" Alastor to summon a flaming horse which she rides whenever she and Wilhelmina Carmel travel. She has also been shown to manifest her flames in the form of a sword and shield. As noted by Takemikazuchi, unlike Shana, Mathilde was able to instinctively plan before a battle and read an opponent's fighting style without realizing it.[1]

Divine Summonings[]

Tenpa Jōsai (天破壌砕?, Heaven Destruction Earth Break) is a secret technique inherited by Flame Haze of the title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". Mathilde perishes while using it to summon Alastor during the Great War.

Unrestricted Spells[]

Knights (Regular Type) summoned by Mathilde.

Knights (騎士団ナイツ Naitsu?, Order of Knights): Mathilde summons an army of armored warriors which she uses to defeat a large number of opponents. She also materialized her weapons and horse by naming them, but sometimes she summons them without calling.

Four types of Knights.

According to the manga, there are four types of Knights[2]:

  • Heavy Type (重装型 Jūsōgata?): Heavily armed infantry units used for close combat and defence wall to protect Mathilde. They wield Halberds (斧槍 Onoyari?) as primary weapons.
  • Regular Type (通常型 Tsūjōgata?): Commonly used, these armed units can ride horses and wield many types of weapon: Halberd, Mace, Sword ( Tsurugi?), Spear ( Yari?), Shields ( Tate?) and Bow ( Yumi?). Sometimes they wield a large battering ram called Hajoutsuchi (破城槌 Hajoutsuchi?, Castle-breaking Hammer) to break the fortified gates. They are also used to perform the Vorpal Phalanx (大殲滅 密集突撃ヴォーパルファランクス Vōparu Farankusu?, Grand Massacre - Close Assault), one of Mathilde most powerful attacks; it strengthens her attack by utilizing lance-wielding Knights to pierce the area where the attack occurs, allowing her to cleave through stronger opponents.
  • Light Type (軽量型 Keiryōgata?): Lighter version of the Regular Type, they are used for the battle in the small area or inside the building. They wield swords and shields as primary arms.
  • Long-range Type (遠距離型 Enkyorigata?): Light-armed units used for long-range attack. They wield bows and arrows as primary weapons. The projectiles they shot also create explosions when they hit the targets. Mathilde once used them to destroy most of Merihim's Rinne, Aeria.


  • (To Wilhelmina and Tiamat before leaving to end the Great War) "Farewell, Wilhelmina, Tiamat. Thank you for all these times. I wish the absolute best luck to you."


  • Mathilde coins her own title with Alastor's permission. She named it after her appearance after making contract instead of the power she possessed.[3]
  • Mathilde's surname, Saint-Omer, is related to Godfrey de Saint-Omer, one of the founding members of the Knights Templar. Her Power on Unrestraint, Knights (騎士団ナイツ Naitsu?, Order of Knights), is also a reference to the Order which is written in Japanese as Order of the Temple (テンプル騎士団 Tenpuru Kishidan?).



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