Marchosias (マルコシアス Marukoshiasu?) is the Crimson Lord to whom Margery Daw is bound. His true name is "Claw and Fangs of Violation" (蹂躙の爪牙 Jūrin no Sōga?) and the color of his Flame is "ultramarine" (群青色 gunjōiro?).



His true form.

Marchosias expresses his will through the Divine Vessel Grimoire, which takes the form of a book. However, his true form was shown when he and Margery lost their rationality and started to rampage. His true form is a werewolf with a very large, ultramarine-colored, and fiery body. He has also a yellow colored eyes and powerful roar that could even pierce through the Seal to reach humans outside.


He talks wildly and makes comments without remorse. A running gag in the series occurs where he will say an inappropriate comment, with Margery hitting his Divine Vessel, oftentimes saying, "Shut up, Stupid Marcho". However, despite his wild mannerisms and battle-lust, Marchosias is a reliable comrade to Margery and sometimes acting as a mentor figure to Satō and Tanaka (and on rare occasions, even Margery herself), often displaying great perception and cunning, and can be calm and solemn when the occasion demands so. Interestingly it is the Crimson Lord that is the more cool-headed character in their partnership compared to his more impulsive contractor.


He appeared to Margery in the Middle Ages when she was in a critical state just after The Silver killed the people she wanted to kill. He then compelled her to enter into a contract with her.


In the battle with Lamies, Margery was wounded by Shana and lost control of her power, passing out from the wounds, and thus unconsciously ended up summoning Marchosias into the real world. His true form is a very big, ultramarine-colored werewolf; and his roar could even piece through the Seal and reach to humans outside. In the end, Shana, with the help of Yūji and the Treasure Tool Azure, managed to take them down by hitting Margery with the back of her sword, avoiding a fatal blow, to awake Margery who was in comatose condition, floating inside Marchosias' body. Shana's attempt was successful as the giant werewolf disappeared.


Margery DawEdit

Marchosias often teases Margery, often earning a retaliatory punch from her. He does genuinely care about her, however, perhaps not in the form of friendship but as a companion in battle. When Margery temporarily sinks into apathy, Marchosias displays at least a measure of wisdom and understanding for her plight. Nevertheless, he is quick to re-ignite Margery's spark so they may continue their battle against the Denizens and is not above using trickery to do so. The dynamic of their relationship is quite different than that between Shana and Alastor. Marchosias will serve as Margery's vehicle from time to time and occasionally suffers physical abuse at her hands, but they seem to be equals in their quest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Marchosias' true form is a gigantic werewolf with no physical body. He was released from his Grimoire Divine Vessel when Margery lost control of her powers. With his Manifestation, Lamies feared that he would dissolve the Fūzetsu that had been cast and theorized that Marchosias' rampage could affect the area outside of it.[1]

Bookmarks: Margery uses the Grimoire's bookmarks to communicate with Keisaku and Eita. They allow humans to move within a Fūzetsu and can also store objects such as the Treasure Tool Blutsauger. They can be used to detect Unrestricted Spells.

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Hishō (飛翔?, Flight): Margery can fly by standing on top of Marchosias.

Endan (炎弾?, Flame Bullet): During his Manifestation, as Shana and Yūji approached them, Marchosias attacked them by shooting out bullets of Power of Existence from his mouth.[1]


  • "My beautiful goblet my beloved vessel Margery Daw! ..."[citation needed]
  • (To Margery when she curses the Silver for taking her reason for living): "Finish what you were saying there. You're an empty vessel... a beautiful vessel that can contain the ultramarine. Call me. Call me with the howling of an assassin! You will fulfill the role of my vessel, and I will fulfill your desire. That's right! Call me! My beautiful goblet!"[1]


  • His name is a reference to one of the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia. This particular entity is said to hold the title of marquis and manifest as a wolf with the wings of a griffin.[2]





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