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"Trying to talk us down? That's very unlike a Flame Haze."
—To WestShore when she converses with her and Orobas.

Leraje (レライエ Reraie?) is a Crimson Denizen who is affiliated with Bal Masqué. Her true name is "Clothes of Dimmed Light" (朧光の衣 Rōkō no Kinu?).


Leraje takes the form of a fairly young woman who wears a white robe. In the anime it appears more like a dress. The dress is sleeveless and has a large bow on the right side. Near the bottom of the dress the material changes into one of a darker color. Leraje wears a necklace with the piece resembling a yellow cog. Under her fringe she wears a thin ribbon around her forehead. On her wrists she wears white wristbands.

Leraje has a light complexion and brown eyes. She has long, shoulder-length pink hair that is straight but has a feathery look about it. Her fringe comes down to her eyes and she also wears the sides of her hair down to her chin, covering her ears.


Leraje has an arrogant way of speaking and is analytical towards others and on the battlefield.


Leraje shares the position of adjutant with Orobas under Sydonay's command. Leraje is present in the military briefing held in the Seireiden at the time of their campaign against Flame Haze.


Blackout Arc[]

Leraje and Orobas go with Sydonay to Shanghai and approach him at the Shanghai Outlaw after destroys it and defeats Yu Xuan. Leraje tells Sydonay that their leader will be pleased with his victory. Sydonay, however, is worried of the Outlaw's remnants going to Europe, where Sophie Sawallisch is.[1]

Biding Time Arc[]

Leraje attends Bel Peol's strategy meeting. When Orobas claims the Flame Haze won't fight together after their great defeat in Shanghai, Leraje opposes the idea by saying they will band together because of their defeat and because Bal Masqué is not their only enemy.[2]

Seireiden Battle Arc[]

Leraje with Orobas in Greece

Leraje is in the crowd of Denizens as Yūji gives a speech before entering the Divine Gate with the Trinity. Decarabia then orders the cheering masses to move out. Later in the war against the Flame Haze Army in the Western Front, Leraje leads the second army and also serves as Orobas' adjutant. She, along with Decarabia, who ranks as the Supreme Commander, remonstrates Orobas about his selfless act of leading the army on the front lines himself. Leraje was with Orobas in Greece[3] as they battled the Flame Haze lead by a powerful spellcaster. They triumph over the Flame Haze forces with the price of losing the wolf-shaped Denizen, Phaleg.

When the Seireiden is under attack, Orobas is given the rank of Supreme Commander of the western region's armies. Along with Leraje, they are ordered to retreat back to the base.

In Tehran, on the outskirts of Iran, Leraje faces an encounter with Seere Habichtsburg who is in pursuit of them and, with the help of Mammon's Unrestricted Spell, they are able to defend themselves against the Flame Haze's bombardment.

Misaki City Final Battle Arc[]

As Kazumi and Yūji arrive on the roof of Misaki Municipal High School, Leraje, along with Sydonay, Pirsoyn, Ribesal, Orobas, Bel Peol, Haborym, Mammon, and Stolas, line up around a carpet leading to Seireiden to greet her.[4]

Orobas and Leraje watching the Denizens marching

As Yūji casts his black Fūzetsu over Misaki City, Leraje and the other members of Bal Masqué watch Yūji and Kazumi ascend to Seireiden. Later, Leraje is with Orobas atop a construction site, watching the Denizens wanting to go to Xanadu cover the streets, marching towards the ceremony. Leraje is less ecstatic than Orobas about the scene and is deep in thought. Later, her and Orobas' army are attacked by WestShore. As WestShore dismantles their army, the two decide to be her opponents.[5]

As WestShore engages with their army, Orobas asks Leraje why the Flame Haze are fighting instead of advancing. She responds by stating that they are waiting for Xanadu to be created with time on their side.[6]

Leraje riding Orobas

WestShore is still fighting the Denizens when Leraje rushes at her while riding Orobas in his true form. They feel that they have to quickly deal with WestShore, and Leraje activates her Robes of Nimrod, which negates the Flame Haze's bird creatures. She later catches Orobas, who has returned to his humanoid form, after he is sent flying by a kick from WestShore. The Flame Haze tells the two that she was waiting for Shana and Alastor's words. She tells them what she told Shana; to envision a great dream and take actions toward it.[7]

Leraje and Orobas are blocked from attacking by WestShore's geysers.[8]

Orobas and Leraje entering Xanadu

Leraje senses Rofocale performing Shōhi Ginsei along with everyone else in the area and listens to the God of Guidance, Shaher's voice, which talks about the Heir to Both Worlds. Later, after Xanadu had been created, Leraje and Orobas go to the Seireiden shrine, Saishuku no Shadan, and meet Bel Peol, Sydonay and the Snake of the Festival along with Barma, Haborym, Stolas, and Ose. After the Snake of the Festival tells the group to live on in the new world, Leraje and Orobas fly up to Xanadu's entrance along with Haborym, Stolas, Ose and Barma before being converted into Power of Existence.[9]



Away from battle, Leraje is usually seen drinking with Orobas, who she has a good relationship with despite her brash manner of speech. When on the battlefield, the two are able to make decisions together.[5]

Powers and Abilities[]

Skilled Tactician: Leraje has high level tactical skills.

Flight: Leraje is capable of flying, which she demonstrates by rising upwards towards the entrance to Xanadu.[9]

Unrestricted Spells[]

Leraje is a powerful Denizen who is able to sense Unrestricted Spells.

Robes of Nimrod

Robes of Nimrod (ニムロデの綺羅 Nimurode no Kira?): Robes of Nimrod is a defensive Unrestricted Method that turns Leraje's cloth into a reflective wall. The cloth creates a sphere of with a diameter great enough to envelop both Leraje and Orobas in his true form. The barrier is able to absorb attacks such as WestShore's water creatures.[7]


  • (To Orobas about WestShore): "We can't take our time with her."[7]
  • (To WestShore when she converses with them): "Trying to talk us down? That's very unlike a Flame Haze."[7]


  • Leraje is the first Crimson Denizen who is introduced in revealed character designs for Shakugan no Shana III ~Final~.
  • During the airing of Shakugan no Shana III ~Final~, the color of Leraje's flame was unknown, so the Robes of Nimrod was depicted with a green color. Furthermore, when Leraje entered Xanadu, she was converted into a ball of green Power of Existence. It was later revealed in Shakugan no Shana no Subete Kan that her flame is grayish white.
  • Leraje is named after one of the 72 demons from the Ars Goetia.[10]



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