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Leanan-sidhe (リャナンシー Riyananshī?), also known as "Spiral Organ" (螺旋の風琴 Rasen no Fūkin?) ("Spiral Wind Harp" in the Geneon dub), is a very powerful Crimson Denizen who was once an essential part of the war between the Crimson Denizen organization Töten Glocke and the Flame Haze Army of the 16th Century. Later, she goes under the guise of Lamies and goes forth on a solitary journey.


Leanan-sidhe assumes the form of a young girl with short purple hair, purple eyes and a white dress.




In the past, she fell in love with a human painter, Donato, who unfortunately caught her consuming humans one day. She was later captured and imprisoned in the birdcage by a certain Crimson Lord. She was later referred as the Treasure Tool known as Nachtigall, or Nightingale, which had the special function: to "sing" the Power of Unrestraint the possessor desired.


The Great War[]

Leanan-sidhe flies away from her friend, Gavida, before her capture.

She (as the Nachtigall) was the keystone to fulfill "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz's ambition along with the metal plate carved with a secret spell which was later revealed to be a portion of the Psalm of the Grand Order. The need of Nachtigall led to the battle between Flame Haze and the Töten Glocke to take control of her. One of nine Crimson Lords known as the Nine Eternal Divine ScalesNinurta, had perished in this battle while he delayed the Flame Haze Army.

During the final battle of the Great War at the Brocken, after hearing Mathilde's message from her beloved Donato and touched by Mathilde and Alastor's love for each other, she then broke free from the birdcage (which she could do it any time but refrained herself from doing it), thus creating renowned Power of Unrestraint, the Seal, in the progress.

After Asiz was defeated by Alastor, she went back to see Donato only to find out that the painter, who still always loved her, had died of old age. He had drawn a picture of the Spiral Organ but it had been damaged beyond repair, so now she seeks to gather enough Power of Existence to hopefully one day activate a Power of Unrestraint that would restore the painting. And to restrain herself from consuming humans in her journey, she uses the existence of Lamies to travel around the world as the "Corpse Retriever".


Leanan-sidhe leaves for Xanadu after rebuilding her long lost painting.

After having enough Power of Existence to activate her Power of Unrestraint to restore her lost painting, Leanan-sidhe casts away her torch disguise and leaves for the newly created Xanadu.



Powers and Abilities[]

She was known for creating many Power of Unrestraint, as well as refining those which the equally ingenious but less reliable Dantalion has created, the most famous of which is the Seal. Her life's work up to the finale is a spell that can restore any lost object back to normal like the painting Donato had made for her but was destroyed in the sack of Rome, and a Torch back to human, for example like Yuji and Yukari.




  • She is named after a fairy from Celtic lore. This being is said to act as a highly inspirational muse to her human lovers, but usually drives them towards insanity or premature death.
  • Leanan-sidhe has the same Japanese voice actress as Justus, Azumi Asakura. Though both only appeared in the last episode of the anime, only Leanan-sidhe was credited.
  • Leanan-sidhe has the same FUNimation English voice actress as Yu Xuan and Zemyna.



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