Kisan no Taiken (揮散の大圏?, Great Spheres of Vaporization) is a mechanism that "Seeking Researcher" Dantalion created and incorporated as an upgrade of Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 252580 (我学の結晶エクセレント252580 Gagaku no Kesshō Ekuserento 252580?), Kiken no Kentō, in some of his series of robots known as Iron Giants. Thus, it is considered part of Dantalion's Crystallization of Self-Research (我学の結晶 Gagaku no Kesshō?) series. Upgraded robots may sometimes be referred to as the name of the mechanism.

Upon Dantalion's instructions or when the robot is near destruction, Kisan no Taiken activates and the robot detonates, forcefully transporting everything around them in a sphere of thirty meters into the Abyss.


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