—Khamsin's habitual saying before talking

Khamsin Nbh'w (カムシン・ネブハーウ Kamushin Nebuhāu?) is the Flame Haze contracted to Behemoth. His title is "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" (儀装の駆り手 Gisō no Karite?). He is a Tuner; a Flame Haze that can dispel distortions. Khamsin is also feared by both Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens who call him Demolisher (壊し屋 Kowashi-ya?), the nickname he earned from the wide-scale destruction caused by his powers.


Khamsin Guren

Noizi Itō's depiction of Khamsin in the Light Novels

While he is one of the oldest Flame Haze in history, living through thousands of years, due to entering a contract when he was very young, he bears the appearance of a ten-year-old Middle-Eastern boy.

Khamsin usually wears an orange long-sleeved hooded jumper. On its sleeves is a black and white stripped pattern. He often wears the hood when traveling, with it very loose and the white drawstring hanging down to his waist. He wears black pants. On his left wrist, he wears Behemoth's Divine Vessel. Khamsin is usually seen holding his Treasure Tool, Mekest on his back.

In the light novels, Kazumi gives Khamsin a straw hat before he departs Misaki City.[1] He is seen wearing it for the rest of the series. In the anime, this not shown.


Calm and collected, Khamsin is quite wise and formal, rarely showing any emotion. Though he refrains from outright fighting Denizens and Flame Haze, preferring to tune the distortions in areas, he initially displays an attitude typical of a Flame Haze; he doesn't show too much regard for humans, choosing Kazumi for Misaki City's tuning and showing her the reality of the world only on the notion that he saw her as "best qualified". He has the habit of saying "Ahh..." before talking.

However, he was not always so cold. In his youth, he was a kind and heroic prince who dreamed of becoming a great warrior and king after his father. After the encounter with a Crimson Denizen that ended up destroying his kingdom, he forged a contract with Behemoth and sought revenge against it, though this came at the price of everyone he ever knew forgetting about him. In a cruel twist of irony, Khamsin ended up spending years hunting the only thing that remembered who he was, and eventually came to love the Denizen for giving him a purpose in life when he had lost his previous one.[2]

Although he doesn't show it, Khamsin seems to warm up to Kazumi shortly after meeting her, even giving her a small relic that allows her to move freely within a Fuzetsu. When Khamsin returns to Misaki City and speaks to Kazumi again, he has become noticeably kinder, though no more emotional. He is shown to have come to admire humans, describing them as beautiful, mysterious creatures and gladly helping Kazumi figure out why Pheles gave her the Giralda.

Khamsin and Behemoth are collectively labeled 'the geezers' by both Margery Daw and Rebecca Reed. Tellingly, the once battle-happy Flame Haze expressed some uneasiness and reluctance for the notion that they might join in battle against the Crimson Denizens, as he is known for being destructive (hence his nickname Demolisher), though this is largely unintentional on his part. Khamsin also seems to have an admiration for artwork, as he expresses regret about having to tear apart a church during a fight against Sabrac.


He was formerly a prince who had dreamed of becoming a great warrior and great king after his father. Incited by his concubine who bore jealousy towards the child, the king had his own son locked inside the prison. Spending days in crucial confinement, the prince slowly started to sense the Power of Existence.

One day, he was following his father into the battle with other countries and discovered a certain Crimson Denizen who was fond of eating talented and courageous humans. He realized that the creature was aiming for his father, the prince engaged that Denizen. To his surprise, that Denizen asked him why he fought his savior; he explained that it was he himself who had eaten the concubine who was jealous of the prince (explaining why he could get out of prison). The Denizen also ate the enemy country's king and generals, and was going to eat his father making the prince the next king instead, thus making his dream come true.

The prince who was disgusted by this devilish plan gallantly fought the Denizen but was eventually defeated. As he was going to be eaten, Behemoth appeared and encouraged him into making contract, becoming the warrior with the power to defeat the Denizen with the cost of "everything". The prince accepted the contract. He now acquired the power as Flame Haze and successfully drove away the Denizen, but after he came back to his country, everyone including the king himself could not recognize him anymore (as he gave up his existence as the price of the contract). Later, he traveled through the world in searching for that Denizen he first fought. Hundred of years passed, his father died, and his country was destroyed. Eventually, the prince found that Denizen and ended his revenge once and for all.

In present time, Khamsin is one of the few Flame Haze who went through the ancient war against the God of Creation, Snake of the Festival. At that time, he didn't work as the tuner (or if there were any yet), but as the warrior to protect the balance of two worlds along with his comrades; as many of them sacrificed their lives to seal away the God of Creation.


"Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" ArcEdit

Khamsin and Behemoth arrive at Misaki City in July in order to neutralize the distortion created from continually fights between Crimson Denizens and Flame Haze. He searches for a certain citizen who was born and lives in the city long enough to remember how the city was to perform the tuning; the candidate happens to be Kazumi Yoshida, whom he approaches and gives her the monocle-shape called Jettatura to her, giving her the basic truth of the world. He places seals around the city and perform the tuning with Kazumi's perception of the city as it was. Unknowing the secret plan devised by Crimson Lord Dantalion, the tuning worsens Misaki City's distortion by the Anti-Seal. After discovering the mischievous plan, Khamsin cooperates with Shana and Margery Daw to drive away Dantalion. Before he leaves the city, Khamsin is given the straw hat from Kazumi which he always keeps wherever he goes.

Seireiden Battle ArcEdit

Per Sophie Sawallisch's request, Khamsin comes back to Misaki City to meet Wilhelmina Carmel. He later joins her and Rebecca Reed to breach the Seireiden to rescue Shana who was taken there by Yūji Sakai. Via the secret passageway between the two flying fortresses, he wreaks havoc inside the Seireiden with Rebecca and successfully reveals Bal Masqué's base by destroying the Crypta.

Khamsin joins Shana's group and they enter the Divine Gate to thwart the Snake of the Festival's plan to recover his real body from the Abyss. He, Wilhelmina and Rebecca stay behind to fight Sabrac as Shana goes to confront Yūji. After a long fight, they eventually receive wounds and are at disadvantage due to Sabrac's newly modified Stigma, the Stigmata. They failed to prevent the awakening of the Snake of the Festival's real body, and followed the God of Creation back to the human world.


Khamsin protects the Hyakki Yakō and Yoshida from the infinite amount of fireballs shooting towards the bus.[3] With the boss of the Hyakki Yakō creating an illusion of themselves, that illusion took most of the damage of fireballs while Khamsin connected the bus and the shore together with rocks. Then he created a shield protecting them using the Heart of Kadesh and took all the damage to himself from the rest of the fireballs that missed the illusion which burnt his left side of the body. He then entrusted Yoshida into the care of the Hyakki Yakō while he bravely fights multiple giant bomb-robots along with the rest of the Denizens from getting the flask from Yoshida.

In the end, he dies from injuries from the explosions caused by Seeking Researcher's giant bomb-robots that went berserk.[4] In his efforts to protect Yoshida and the Hyakki Yakō, the Manipulator of Objects came in time and shields them in a ball-like form while Khamsin threw them away to a distance and is left inside the ring of explosions.



Behemoth is the Crimson Lord who Khamsin is contracted with. The two have the utmost respect for each other. Before Khamsin dies he says that Behemoth is the best, which makes Behemoth really grateful.

Kazumi YoshidaEdit

Kazumi was initially fearful of the Flame Haze, her timid nature overwhelmed by his powerful presence and the uncomfortable facts he shared with her. Gradually she warms up to both Khamsin and Behemoth, grateful for the kindness and advice the two elders have shown her and they develop a fond concern in return. The most significant symbol of their friendship is the straw hat that Kazumi bought for Khamsin, which the Flame Haze would wear throughout the rest of the story (his only regret before dying is that he has lost the hat during the last battle).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Although he is a Flame Haze, Khamsin's primary function is not that of defeating Denizens, but acting as a tuner, dispelling the distortion caused by battles between the Flame Haze and Denizens. Despite this, Khamsin also has combat capability, and has the ability to create and cloak himself into a stone golem-like creature and control surrounding stones. He is very powerful, but is more famous for his accuracy, or lack thereof, in his attacks.




  • His surname, Nb h'w (also transliterated as Neb-Khau), was a common royal epithet from the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt. It is usually translated as "Lord of Appearance" or "Lord of the Crowns/Diadems", thus points out his connection to the royal family of Pharaohs.
  • Khamsin is one of the oldest Flame Haze and has participated in every major conflict.
  • He is Ayato Sasakura's favorite character.[5]
  • Khamsin (خمسين‎ Khamsīn), literally "fifty" in Arabic, is the name of a sandy local wind that blows across northern Africa and the Middle East.[6]



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