"So you'll put up a fight? But can you beat me? This 'Gravel of Dashing Crook', Kasha-sama!"
—Kasha when encountering Shana.

Kasha (カシャ Kasha?) is a Crimson Denizen who was introduced in the exclusive chapter Zoetrope from the fifth volume of the Shakugan no Shana manga and Volume SII of the light novels. He was later adapted into the character of Shakugan no Shana Second. His true name is "Gravel of Dashing Crook" (駆掠の礫 Kuriyaku no Reki?).


Kasha takes the form of a man wearing a thin jacket, slacks and a string tie. He has green-tinged, straight hair and purple-tinged eyes. One of his unique features is a pair of fiery wheels attached to his feet which his name, Kasha (火車 Kasha?, Wheel of Fire), is derived from.


Kasha is a weak, young and arrogant Denizen who had just recently came to the human world. His existence is described by Shana and Alastor as "a total novice", since he doesn't initially show any familiarity to the pair, or to Alastor, who is a Crimson God. He has a habit of laughing, somewhat insane-sounding, when he views himself as the victor in a battle.


In the novels, Kasha is in Eastern Europe, devouring humans as he pleased. There, he is confronted by the girl with Flaming-hair and Burning-eyes, who at that time is in training with Sophie Sawallisch. He fights her with Chorde, his personal Treasure Tool, but is easily destroyed by her.[2]

In the anime, he is seen in Misaki City instead of Europe. However, his fate is still the same as it is in the novel, with Kasha being destroyed by Shana.[3]


Fumina Konoe ArcEdit

Kasha appearing near shana

Kasha revealing himself to Shana

Kasha appears above Misaki City, wondering if there is a Flame Haze in the city to entertain him. He senses Margery's Unrestricted Spell, which she was using to test Fumina. He enters the Fūzetsu that Shana set around Fumina. He is arrogant, doubting aloud whether Shana can beat him. When Alastor comments on him being a newborn, Kasha replies that he is trying to make himself famous. He then flings some rings at Shana. She slices them, but they explode. Kasha brags about his rings, Chorde, but Shana comes out of the flames and slashes him. He doesn't know how it happened but runs away while another Chorde ring explodes near Shana. Kasha tells her not to underestimate him, and comments about not knowing her name. Shana appears and slashes him multiple times, while telling him her name. He then realises she is contracted to the 'Flame of the Heavens'. Kasha crawls towards Fumina to take her Power of Existence to heal himself, but Shana throws her Nietono no Shana at him, impaling and killing him.[4]

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Hishō (飛翔?, Flight): Kasha is able to levitate, likely because of the pair of wheels on his feet. Also, they can increase his mobility on both land and in the air.

Treasure ToolsEdit

Chorde (コルデー Korudē?): Kasha's combat style utilizes Chorde, his Treasure Tools, which are the ten rings on his hand. They can turn into rings of flame, which he can control to explode on enemies, though the rings themselves don't get destroyed. Kasha can also insert a Power of Unrestraint in the rings that will react when they reach a target.


  • (When encountering Shana): "So you'll put up a fight? But can you beat me? This 'Gravel of Dashing Crook', Kasha-sama!"[4]


  • His Treasure Tools, Chorde, are later revealed to be safely kept by Shana in her coat, Yogasa. These Treasure Tools become important tools for her to counter the Snake of the Festival's plan.
  • Kasha is a cat-like monster which steals corpses during a funeral in Japanese Mythology.[5]
  • Christopher Bevins, Kasha's FUNimation English voice actor, also does the voice of Seere Habichtsburg.



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