"If you're lost, then extend your hand out. If you can do that, you can reach out to something."
—Kantarō's advice to Kazumi and Shana about Yūji

Kantarō Sakai (坂井貫太郎 Sakai Kantarō?) is Yūji's father. He usually resides outside Japan due to his job,[1] but enjoys making sudden visits to the Sakai household, surprising his family.


Kantarō has light brown hair that lie in spiky tufts on the top of his head. The hair around the back of his head is of much shorter length and is of a darker shade of brown. His eyes are of a dull-blue color. Kantarō is fairly tall and skinny, and is usually seen wearing a suit. His usual attire composes of light-blue pants, a yellow shirt with a red tie, and a long, gray coat.


Kantarō eats an astonishing amount of food, and his eating method is just as absurd. He enjoys seeing what's happening to his family when he is there, following them as a hobby. He is seen drinking on occasion.


Kantarō and Chigusa got married when they were students.[2] They got married early because Chigusa became pregnant.


Omens of a Storm ArcEdit

Kantaro advice

Kantarō giving Kazumi and Shana advice

Kantarō arrives in Misaki City and appears behind light pole near the Sakai residence, watching Chigusa saying goodbye to Yūji, who is going to school. He is later seen in front of Misaki Municipal High School, but leaves when Fumina's limousine arrives. Kantarō watches as Kazumi and Shana leave the Sakai residence after getting help from Chigusa for their Seishū Festival costumes and begins to follow them. They run, eventually losing Kantarō, who follows. He begins to go back to the Sakai residence but bumps into Yūji, before evading a flying kick from Shana and falling down. Shana asks who he is and Yūji reveals that Kantarō is his father. After the group return to the Sakai residence, he is criticised by his family and explains his stalking as a hobby. Shana and Kazumi stay for dinner, with Yūji revealing that his parents married each other when they were students. He later talks to Kazumi and Shana on a porch, where the two comment how Kantarō and Chigusa are "well-matched" for each other. He describes how Chigusa is always there for him. He then gives them advice about Yūji; to extend their hand so that they can reach out to something.[2]

The next day, Kantarō wakes up to see Chigusa washing dishes. He sits at the dining table to have breakfast but notices that Yūji has already left. Chigusa explains that he has already left for school, with the current time being 7:30 in the morning. The two then have breakfast.[3]

"Colorful Wave" ArcEdit

Kantaro Chigusa parade

Kantarō and Chigusa at the Seishū Festival parade

Kantarō and Chigusa watch Yūji's class as they parade around Misaki City during the Seishū Festival parade. He makes a comment to Chigusa about Yūji's eventual choice between Shana and Kazumi. Kantarō and Chigusa then hold hands.[4]

Scars from the Storm ArcEdit

The second morning after the Seishū Festival, Kantarō prepares to leave for the airport, and is seen off by Chigusa, Yūji, Kazumi and Shana. When Shana asks when he will be back, he replies that he doesn't know. He says he enjoyed his stay, commenting on Yūji's popularity, before asking Chigusa out on a date until the airport. He looks deeply at Yūji and asks if he'll be alright. After Yūji replies with a yes, he leaves with Chigusa.[5]

Grand Order ArcEdit

Kantaro Yuji bridge

Kantarō and Yūji talking about the third Sakai sibling on the suspension bridge

Kantarō returns home before Christmas Eve, showing himself to Yūji and Shana as they were walking home from school. Yūji sends Shana home and he and Kantarō go to the suspension bridge to talk. He reveals he is only in Misaki City because of a sudden call from Chigusa. He explains that Chigusa was in trouble, but not in a bad way. He asks for Yūji's approval to put the kanji for Three ( San?) in his future little sibling's name, revealing that Chigusa is pregnant. When Yūji asks why Chigusa had trouble, Kantarō says she couldn't tell Yūji something. They walk, with Kantarō explaining that Chigusa wasn't likely to have a baby after Yūji because his twin died after birth. He also states that they gave him the name Yūji (悠二 Yūji?), which is literally "the second son who will live long", as proof of the twin that died. He also wants to use "San" for the third child, as proof of the first child and Yūji. Yūji gives his approval. The two return to the Sakai residence. In the house, Shana asks how babies are made, which made them feel awkward. He says he needs someone's consent first before telling her.[6]

On the night of Christmas Eve, Kantarō has a drink with Chigusa.[7]

Misaki City Final Battle ArcEdit

Kantaro Shana walk past

Kantarō walking past Shana

Kantarō is later seen on a balcony overlooking a river in Hong Kong, where he is having a conversation with Chigusa on a mobile phone. He says he will fly back to the house on a special flight the next day, and that he will have a long vacation. He fails to notice Sophie Sawallisch and Shana, who were below him. The next day, he is at the Hong Kong airport, walking towards his flight, where he passes Shana and her group, namely: Seere, Chiara, Wilhelmina, Margery, Keisaku and Khamsin. Kantarō doesn't notice them and they don't notice him.[8]

Kantarō returns home and he and Chigusa see off Kazumi, Ike, Ogata and Eita, who had stayed in the house for a while. Kazumi offers her help if they need it, and Kantarō agrees to her services in the future. The group leave and Chigusa and Kantarō go back in the house.[9]

Kantaro monster Yuji voice

Kantarō seeing the fight and hearing Yūji's voice

During the final battle between Yūji and Shana, Yūji uses Grammatica to recreate Shaher's voice, allowing everyone in Misaki City to hear it. Kantarō and Chigusa are outside the house and are watching an enormous suit of armour and a multiple-headed wolf having a vicious battle when they hear Yūji's voice, which tells the whole town to watch and remember the fight. Yūji also tells them to remember him, as everyone not related to the Crimson Realm in some way had their memories of him removed. Later, Kantarō is with Chigusa, who is holding their new-born child.[10]


Chigusa SakaiEdit

Kantarō cares a lot for Chigusa and is very nice to her. When referring or talking to each other, they always use the -san honorific. She is able to forgive him for his somewhat obscure behaviour.

Yūji SakaiEdit

Kantarō cares for Yūji and looks out for him, noticing things around his son like his relationship with Kazumi and Shana. He is able to tell Yūji difficult things that even Chigusa has a hard time explaining, like the fact that she is pregnant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Agility: Despite his skinny figure, Kantarō's athletic senses are good enough to retaliate to a flying kick from Shana without a scratch, with the Flame Haze mistaken that he was an enemy (although this particular defence was just a lucky one).

Keen Intellect: Kantarō's tailing and investigation skills are first-class, so good that even Shana couldn't follow him. During a plot to save Yūji from being destroyed by Wilhelmina in the Light Novels, he tricks the latter with cleverly timed exchanges of borrowed mascot suits.[11]


  • (To Shana after falling over): "Ah, you got me. Wow, you're strong little lady."[2]
  • (Explaining why he followed Kazumi and Shana): "Well, that's because, since I'm usually away, I wanted to see what it's like around here when I'm not around. But more than half the motive is... it's just a hobby of mine."[2]
  • (To Kazumi about his early marriage): "Those were days swamped with hardship due to immaturity. It was really rough. Oh, but don't ask about our ages. Because Chigusa-san will yell at me."[2]
  • (To Kazumi and Shana about his relationship with Chigusa): "Back then, Chigusa-san and I were both young. We lost our way many times, coming back to the starting line after getting lost. But, I think our hearts did tell us how we should move. Are you interested to hear how Chigusa-san answered me?" *Both nod. "Chigusa-san... did this to me!" *Imitates choking. "The men of the Sakai family tend not to be anchored to the ground, like a balloon. Chigusa-san held onto the rope tight. Thanks to that I won't get lost no matter where I go."[2]
  • (Kantarō's advice to Kazumi and Shana about Yūji): "If you're lost, then extend your hand out. If you can do that, you can reach out to something."[2]
  • (To Chigusa after seeing Yūji, Kazumi and Shana in the parade): "Picking one of the two looks like a difficult choice."[4]
  • (To Kazumi and Shana before he leaves): "This return home was rather stimulating." *Looks at Yūji. "He's become a popular guy in the short time I took my eyes off of him. He's not the greatest son of all time, but I hope you look after him."[5]
  • (To Yūji on the suspension bridge): "The winter river isn't so bad. Even if I travel around like a migrating bird, when I stand here with my son, I can rest assured that this is my city."[6]
  • (To Yūji about Chigusa's sudden call): "Chigusa-san said I didn't need to worry, but she's always been a little clueless when it came to herself." *Yūji asks if Chigusa is in trouble. "No, she's not in trouble in a bad way. Let's just say, she was troubled over how to explain it. I guess that sounds right."[6]
  • (To Yūji about why he came back): "The reason I came back this time was to get your approval. I want to put the kanji for "three" in your upcoming little brother or sister's name."[6]


  • Like other human characters in the series, Kantarō's name is a homage to Japanese politicians; his first name is named after Kantarō Suzuki, the former Prime Minister of Japan. His surname is also a reference to Hiroichi Sakai.
  • Kantarō has the same FUNimation English voice actor as Mammon and Tenmoku Ikko.




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