Iron Hammer of Nesa (ネサの鉄槌 Nesa no Tettsui?) was a powerful destructive Unrestricted Spell used by "Triumphal Cliff" Ullikummi, one of the Front Line Army Generals of Töten Glocke's Nine Eternal Divine Scales.


ES Manga Ch 04 vortex

The tornado gathering iron.

With Iron Hammer of Nesa, Ullikummi first created a tornado around himself, with the tornado being dark blue due to his flames being mixed within it. The tornado then gathered up iron from a vast area around itself. The iron was gathered by the tornado extremely quickly and all the masses of iron collected were strengthened with Power of Existence. The tornado was then fired at enemies as a rapid surging wave which sparkled dark blue.

Iron Hammer of Nesa was optimal for Ullikummi, who stood on the front lines and lead his troops during battle.


Ullikummi used Iron Hammer of Nesa during the Great War after figuring out the Sawallisch Group's Power Difference Attacks. It obliterated all of the artillery of the group's right flank and killed nearly all of the flank's Flame Haze. The Flame Haze's weapons, armor and artillery, as well as the Flame Haze wearing armor, were all drawn into the tornado created by Iron Hammer of Nesa. The force of the tornado was such that Flame Haze, who had superhuman strength, couldn't resist it.[1]


  • Nesa is likely derived from Neša, an ancient city in Anatolia.



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