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Inverna (インベルナ Inberuna?) is one of the diverse wind-related Unrestricted Spells used by "Colorful Wave" Pheles and it allowed her to control and regulate the wind she generated around herself as if it were a part of her.


The mouths of the two ornaments mounted on her shoulders take in a vast amount of air and spit it out as a shining amber-colored air current with Pheles' Presence residing inside, forming a storm around Pheles' body. When this wind envelops Pheles and her opponent, not only is the opponent's vision obstructed by the wind's radiance, but it is rendered impossible to sense concentrations of Presence or Power of Existence, as Pheles' Presence infused in the wind gives off the optical illusion that "the whole air current is one Pheles".

Inverna also possesses the nature of a true storm, as the movement of opponents engulfed in the storm becomes limited due to the air currents, and as a result they have to fight while being unable to evade and predict attacks and sense Presence as they would have otherwise been able to. Hand-to-hand combatants are particularly susceptible to Inverna.

Inverna is an Unrestricted Spell which perfectly supports Pheles in battle and thus the air currents themselves have no offensive ability. However, Pheles is not restricted in any way by the air currents but rather can use them to move freely through the sky, and each punch she delivered to Shana had extremely powerful force.


  • Inverna is the name of the southeast wind of Lake Maggiore, Italy.


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