Illuyanka (イルヤンカ Iruyanka?) is one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, the nine great Crimson Lords gathered under the name of Töten Glocke, the organization led by "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz. During the Great War, he was partnered with Merihim, and the two were known as the "Pair of Wings".


As his title suggests, Illuyanka resembles a large Western dragon.


Despite his fierce personality in battles, he's usually calm and kind towards his comrades and is often the one who calms the conflict that sometimes occurs between the Nine Eternal Divine Scales.


Ancient WarEdit

Illuyanka once allied with the God of Creation on his first ritual of creating a paradise for Crimson Denizens. He fought against the ancient Flame Haze alongside Oonamuchi and the enraged Trinity. They were able to push their enemies back after the Snake of the Festival was sealed into the Rift Between Both Worlds. Among the Flame Haze was the "Weaver of Coffins", the contractor of Asiz, who he would eventually serve under. Illuyanka was the first to join the Nine Eternal Divine Scales.


The Great WarEdit

Illuyanka crosses fight with the Flame Haze pair numerous times. While Merihim mainly fights with Mathilde, he mostly fights with Wilhelmina Carmel. At the battle of Nachtigall, he is severely injured but manages to recover before the final battle begins. He is ultimately killed by Wilhelmina Carmel using the reinforced tower spire to pierce his body. Before his death, he tells his nemesis to give up on Merihim, who falls in love with Mathilde.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Wall of Miasmal Screen (幕瘴壁 Bakushōheki?): A powerful spell, along with Merihim's Rainbow's Heaven Sword, that symbolize Töten Glocke's might. It was revered as the hardest Unrestricted Spell of its time. Illuyunka unleashes a dark gray smoke resembling volcanic ash from anywhere on his body. Its density is adjustable, making it one of the most versatile Power of Unrestraint. For defensive use, the widespread smoke could be sprayed in the midair; when something (even as big as Tendōkyū) collide with the smoke, it would be repelled away. For offensive use, he creates projectile-shaped smoke and solidifies the tip of the projectile while the trailing smoke acts as the propulsion, weaponizing it as a rocket. Illuyanka could also unleash the smoke from his wings in order to accelerate or change his movement midair.


  • (To Asiz when joining him): "Why are you crying?"[1]


  • He is named after a dragon from Hittite mythology.[2]




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