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Hyakki Yakō (百鬼夜行 Hyakki Yakō?, Night Parade of 100 Demons) is a notorious smuggler group run by three Crimson Denizens. Their motto is "Safe driving. Safe operation. Quick escape when in crisis" (安全運転、安全運行、危機に対さば、即退散 Anzen Unten Anzen Unkō Kiki ni Taisaba Sokutaisan?).


It is not revealed when they formed the group but they had been in active before the Great War as they once escaped Mathilde Saint-Omer and Wilhelmina Carmel's pursuit. The group is also Pietro Monteverdi's nemesis. They had been cooperating with many Denizen organizations like RevolutionBal Masqué and the atomic bomb crisis during the Cold War.


They were summoned by Johann and Pheles to bring them, together with Kazumi, out of the battlefield in the Second Great War. Later, when they failed to find a way out of Misaki City, the battlefield for the Second Great War, they were sucked towards Seireiden and blasted by the Crimson Denizen using cannons. But they survived because Gyūki had cast a spell that created an illusion and because of the protection of Khamsin.

Later, they created illusions to hide their location. With the help of Khamsin, they found a gate, which was supposed to be the location where the control room would move when it was going to be destroyed. Para, hiding his own existence, crept through the gate and disabled the control inside. Immediately after that, the rest of the members of Hyakki Yakō, together with Kazumi, went towards the gate but were unfortunately found by the Crimson Denizens because their spell was shot and broken by them. Later, they were saved by Wilhelmina and they immediately ran into the room without telling her about the crystal blue bottle that Yoshida was holding. When the control room was destroyed, the members of Hyakki Yakō, Yoshida and Wilhelmina wrapped themselves a ball and were thrown by Khamsin because the robots were starting to self-destruct due to the loss of control of the power in the robot after the control room's destruction.

After the war, they left Yoshida alone, saying that they were not interested in seeing people die. Finally, they parted to Xanadu.

Known Members[]

  • "Shell of Deep Concealment" Gyūki (Boss)
  • "Descent of Earthly Rules" Zemyna (Bodyguard)
  • "Coachman of Palanquin Slaves" Para (Driver)

Closely Related Person[]

  • "Spanning Sharp Wings" Senmurw (Temporary Scout, Deceased)
  • "Village of Jestful Slumber" Mare (Temporary traveler in Central Asia, Deceased)
  • "Vigorous Threatener" Giwoitis (Temporary traveler in Central Asia, Deceased)
  • "Howling Dogs' Chief" Doog (Eminent member of Révolution. Regular traveler in the Europe at 1920s)


  • They make a short appearance in Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 13 in their human disguises, feeling the Faint Heaven Quake.
  • The Hyakki Yakō is a popular concept in Japanese folklore. It is a procession of yōkai led by a higher yōkai named Nurarihyon, and most humans who come across the procession, except for a powerful onmyouji or anyone with enough protection against evil spirits, will die.



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