"You're... not needed."
—To Shana in her bedroom at Seireiden.

Hecate (ヘカテー Hekatē?) is a Crimson Lord who belongs to the Crimson Denizen organization Bal Masqué as one of its three leaders, known as the Trinity. Her true name is "Master Throne" (頂の座 Itadaki no Kura?). Holding the position of the "Priestess" (巫女 Miko?), she acts as a link of communication for the Snake of the Festival and also controls the movements of Seireiden, Bal Masqué's base. During the creation of the Great Binding Chain in ancient times, she went by the name "Nüwa" (女媧 Joka?, Pinyin: Nǚwā).[2]


Hecate LN

Noizi Itō's depiction of Hecate in the Light Novels

Hecate takes the form of a small, pale, young girl. She has short, straight blue hair that comes down to her neck, with a fringe that covers her forehead. She wears most of the hair on the side of her head behind her ears, with some kept at the front. In the Light Novels, Hecate has two long strands of hair on either side of her head that come down past her shoulders. She has blue eyes and is 142cm tall.[1]

Hecate wears a white cape and hat. The hat is large and soft-looking, and is of an oval shape. On each end of the hat is a strip of the same white cloth, each attached to a large red sphere with three thin strips of gold at the bottom. Hecate is draped in a large white cape that is long enough to touch the floor as she walks. In the novels, there is a golden necklace attached to its collar. There are golden patterns at the bottom of the outer side of the cape. In the anime, the patterns are located near the cape's edges, and on the underside there are red patterns. Hecate also wears a white capelet over this cape.

Underneath the cape, Hecate wears a white blouse, which is held to her waist by a red belt that consists of multiple swirling circles. Attached to the belt are thin red strings. Hecate wears tights, that, in the anime, cover her entire legs. In the novels, they nearly cease at the knees, with parts of it continuing in a swirling pattern up her legs. She also wears white boots. In the novel, they are white with a golden chain around the ankle. In the anime, they have red patterns on them and are shaped more like Wellington boots.

In her hands, Hecate holds a staff-like Treasure Tool called Trigon.


Hecate is a sad, quiet, and somewhat emotionless character, who has taken up the habit of prayer - despite having no one to pray to and despite Bel Peol considering it an odd thing to do - and frequently laments that she is "empty". In the light novels, it is implied that Hecate is praying to Bal Masqué's god, Snake of the Festival. She doesn't speak much. Hecate's emptiness is a result of her lack of sense of self.

In contrast to her counterpart in the anime, the light novels depict Hecate as a cold and feared leader that even the entirety of Bal Masqué fears her. She has a hobby of trekking up mountain tops, yet she despises mountain climbers who litter her favorite sites, so she slaughters them on sight.


Hecate is a member of the Trinity of Bal Masqué, entitled "the Priestess". Sydonay seems to care for her a lot. Bel Peol always mentions turning her into an "eternal existence".

During the Great War, Hecate and Bel Peol observed the activation of the pivotal Unrestricted Spell of the Töten Glocke leader Asiz.

Her position is very important with respect to what the Bal Masqué plans to do with the Reiji Maigo, since she is the one who can take the power of Reiji Maigo and send it out to everything in Seireiden. Members of Bal Masqué refer to her as their "Great Priestess" (大御巫 Ōmikannagi?) and Margery Daw sometimes refers to her as the "Princess of Stars" (星の王女様/星のお姫様 Hoshi no ōjo-sama/Hoshi no ohimesama?).

According to Sydonay, Hecate's reason for existing is to be sacrificed to summon the Snake of the Festival. She will eventually be reborn by gathering the wishes of Crimson Denizens while he is asleep and will await his next summoning. She appears when the Crimson Denizens' wishes become great enough to summon their God, heralding his next awakening.


The Girl from Tendōkyū ArcEdit

At Seireiden, Hecate sits in a room with Bel Peol and Sydonay, with the latter saying that the Reiji Maigo is inside Yūji.[3]

"Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" ArcEdit

At Seireiden, Hecate agrees to Bel Peol's plan of making the Seireiden a container for herself and the Reiji Maigo. She then begins praying, enveloping herself in Power of Existence. She is still praying when Dantalion contacts Bel Peol and Sydonay.[4]

As Bel Peol talks to Dantalion after his failed attack on Misaki City, Hecate is seen praying.[5]

Bal Masqué ArcEdit

Hecate watch Yuji

Hecate watching Yūji

In a church room at Seireiden, Hecate prays when Sydonay asks her what's wrong. She responds that the Seireiden is shaking. Sydonay talks about Dantalion's changes to the castle and the blue insignia that will be activated. He asks Hecate what she wants, which she replies is an answer to what she seeks. Bel Peol enters the room and claims that Hecate doesn't seek anything but will be sought after and an "eternal existence" when the blue insignia is activated. Later, as Bel Peol leaves to confront Shana and Wilhelmina in Misaki City, Hecate uses a projection of flames to watch Yūji, and thus, the Reiji Maigo.[6]

Hecate blue field Yuji conscience

Hecate in Yūji's blue field

Back at Seireiden, Hecate is asked by Sydonay whether it was alright to capture Yūji for her to synchronize with him, which she doesn't mind as long as the Reiji Maigo fulfills her desire. Later, Hecate and the rest of the Trinity are in the Seireiden engine room and watch Yūji, who is in a frozen, statue-like state. Bel Peol tells Hecate to try and synchronize with the Reiji Maigo before leaving the room with Sydonay. Hecate begins to pray, releasing her Power of Existence, which flows upwards towards Yūji. This allows Hecate to enter the blue void which Yūji's conscience is residing within. After Yūji's prompt, she introduces herself. She then tells him to open his vessel before a bright light emerges from Yūji's chest at the stroke of midnight. This "infinite power" enters Hecate, as does Yūji's memories of spending time with Shana. She informs Yūji, who had forgotten these memories, that they are going inside her.[7]

Hecate with Yuji

Hecate with Yūji

Hecate is still synchronizing with Yūji when she senses Shana and Wilhelmina approach Seireiden. Yūji also senses this and tells Hecate that Shana is fighting to save the city. In his head, Yūji wonders why Shana is fighting to save him, which Hecate then says aloud. When he voices his dismay at her entering his mind, Hecate claims that Yūji is the one entering her. She thinks that Yūji's thoughts are the answer she is searching for and tells him to give her more. She clasps his hands and receives all of his memories of being at school and with Shana. She then views his memory of naming Shana before the latter enters the room.[8]

Hecate release PoE

Hecate releasing Power of Existence

Hecate gets up and faces Shana while her Power of Existence form is still synchronizing with Yūji, claiming that Yūji belongs to her and that they have become one. Both Hecate's real body and Yūji's statue-like body begin to glow as a huge amount of Power of Existence is released in the form of a barrier, with the power energising the Fountain of Existence. Shana attacks numerous times but is repelled. Inside Yūji, Hecate comments on how she is receiving feelings that she couldn't obtain from synchronizing with others. Yūji asks if she is satisfied with filling herself with his memories and feelings, which she responds with saying that she has found what she was seeking; herself. Yūji points out that that doesn't make her a unique person. She states that he is just a Torch with Yūji Sakai's memories, but he is able to break away from her, saying that he isn't a Torch any more because he has been thinking, worrying and caring about others since first meeting Shana. Yūji tells her that he is Yūji Sakai and asks who her unique self is. With that, Shana breaks through the barrier and releases Yūji with Blutsauger, ending the synchronization. As feelings and thoughts that Hecate had received from Yūji were fading, Yūji says that she is just as empty as she was before synchronizing and that she can't possibly fill her sense of self by drawing it from others. After Yūji destroys the machine powering the Fountain of Existence, Hecate prays before remembering Yūji saying she is empty. She is forced to face the void that lies inside of her and screams in horror, discharging all of her stored Power of Existence. As Shana activates Tenpa Jōsai to save Misaki City from this existence, Hecate is rescued from the flames of Alastor by Sydonay. Sydonay is able to calm her before he teleports them away.[9]

"Village of Jestful Slumber" ArcEdit

In a prayer room, Hecate prays while Bel Peol and Sydonay sit.[10]

Hecate is again seen praying, this time by herself.[11]

"Colorful Wave" ArcEdit

Second ep 15

Hecate blocking Shana

Hecate enters Dantalion's factory, where Bel Peol, Fecor and Dantalion are looking at The Silver's armor, which is missing its left arm and head. She concludes that the original owner of the Reiji Maigo is at the Seishū Festival. Hecate then looks intently at The Silver. Hecate and Fecor later arrive at the festival. Hecate overlaps Pheles' Fūzetsu with her own before approaching Yūji and Fumina. While Fecor holds back Shana and Margery, Hecate gets closer to Yūji and Fumina. She calls Fumina a Faux Vessel and spreads her arms, telling her to open her vessel. Fumina sends all of her memories of interacting with Yūji and the others to Hecate, who absorbs them. The two touch hands, causing Fumina to fade away before disappearing. After Fumina disappears, the Fūzetsu disappears, again revealing Pheles'. With a seal being placed on the Reiji Maigo, Hecate prepares to destroy its container: Yūji. As Shana charges at her, Hecate uses Aster on her. Shana manages to evade and block it and Hecate is forced to defend with Trigon as Shana attacks with the Nietono no Shana. Hecate is able to parry her and uses Aster again. Shana dodges but the blast hits Yūji, who was falling to the ground after fainting. Hecate, along with everyone else, is surprised when Yūji emerges from the blast as Johann. As Johann and Pheles try to leave, Hecate and Fecor attack the twister that they had formed to no avail. Hecate then tells Fecor that they have accomplished their objectives and they leave using her Unrestricted Spell.[12]

Scars from the Storm ArcEdit

Back in Dantalion's factory, Hecate materializes Fumina's bracelet and returns it to Bel Peol's Tartaros. Hecate then sends her Power of Existence to The Silver, which sends out its own power. The two react and the resultant is absorbed by the suit of armor, causing it to begin to move. Hecate later makes The Silver move again, this time with the sounding of Trigon. Hecate then appears on the balcony of Bal Masqué's castle when a bird lands on her hand. She continues to watch it as it flies away.[13]

Grand Order ArcEdit

Hecate and Sydonay are in Dantalion's factory and watch Bel Peol thanking Sabrac for battling the Flame Haze in Misaki City. Later, Hecate appears before Yūji in Misaki City on Christmas Eve, creating a blue field around the area. She uses Trigon to extract the Reiji Maigo from Yūji's body.[14]

Hecate with Reiji Maigo

Hecate with the Reiji Maigo

As Yūji drops to his knees in shock, Hecate watches him. The blue field that she created begins to distort the city. Hecate sounds Trigon and floats to the face of the Misaki Clock Tower. She tells the Reiji Maigo to go to where it belongs, sending it through the face of the tower to the Silver's armor. As The Silver awakens, Hecate tells it to release its Power of Existence in a fountain and this creates pillars of Power of Existence from the ground that were sealed off by Tartaros. The pillars then bend into the blue field, with their Power of Existence flowing into The Silver and turning the tower into a ring shape. Hecate watches as Yūji begins to move within the former clock tower. She later uses Aster to block Shana from attacking Sydonay. Hecate watches as the ring changes shape to form the Statue of Pride.[15]

Hecate wonders crying

Hecate wondering why she is crying

Hecate and Sydonay block the Flame Haze from reaching Dantalion, with Hecate engaging in battle with Shana. Hecate uses Aster but Shana evades and rushes at her for an attack. Hecate blocks with Trigon and attacks several times with the staff, causing Shana to block. She then uses a spell with her eyes to send Shana flying into the clock tower. Shana charges again and Hecate again uses Aster, this time busting open Shana's forehead with a blast. After another round of Aster causes a big explosion that pushes Shana back, Hecate follows her as she meets up with a similarly injured Wilhelmina in the clock tower. Instead of attacking, Sydonay lures the Flame Haze away from the statue. While Sydonay chases the two Flame Haze, Hecate flies past them and is about to attack them with Trigon but stops because she might damage the clock tower. They all leave the tower again, with Hecate chasing Wilhelmina. As Hecate gathers Power of Existence, Wilhelmina returns to the tower. Shana attacks Hecate and asks her why she is going after Yūji. She responds that Yūji has already fulfilled his role and is no longer needed. Shana attacks again, but Sydonay blocks her. Shana and Wilhelmina attack the two, but Sydonay grabs Hecate and dodges, causing the attack to hit the Statue of Pride. Shana enters the hole they made and Wilhelmina then blocks it from Sydonay and Hecate. Hecate then stands on the Statue of Pride and awakens it. She controls The Silver's armor, which is inside the Statue of Pride, while it is attacking Yūji and Shana. As Yūji is running out of power, The Silver has an opportunity to kill him, but Hecate wavers and its attack misses. As Shana leaps up to attack The Silver, Hecate is reminded of the birds in Fumina's memories. The Silver reaches out for Shana as it would a bird, allowing Shana to destroy Dantalion's machines. As the Statue of Pride collapses, Sydonay approaches Hecate and asks her what happened. She doesn't know and is surprised when a tear falls from her eye before teleporting away.[16]

Blackout ArcEdit

In the starry throne room of Seireiden, Hecate, along with Bel Peol and Fecor, walks behind their new leader, Snake of the Festival Yūji Sakai. Near the top of the flight of stairs, Hecate stops and takes a knee. Yūji goes to the top and orders Seireiden to travel west.[17]


Hecate with Bel Peol and the Snake of the Festival

Hecate is with the Snake of the Festival, Bel Peol and Rofocale at a snowy mountain range. Hecate talks with the Snake of the Festival about the winter before he concludes that its pleasures were what kept going without him. They then listen to Rofocale's poem. After Fecor reports that the Snake's ceremony is ready, the Crimson God decides that they should all return to Seireiden. They return by way of the entrance hall, with Hecate and Bel Peol watching as Yūji defeats Ribesal. Afterwards, Hecate watches as a projection of Dantalion appears, before Bel Peol begins explaining their plan to the Denizens that have gathered around them.[18]

Biding Time ArcEdit

Hecate finalize coordinates

Hecate finalizing Seireiden's coordinates

Hecate doesn't attend Bel Peol's war council, she is instead making final adjustments to Seireiden's coordinates. Sydonay later meets up with her and asks her if he can return to being the Leader's right-hand man after completing his job of annihilating Outlaws, calling her "my cute Hecate". Hecate disapproves the remark but welcomes him back as the "General" of Bal Masqué. Bel Peol meets them and the group look upwards.[19]

Hecate enters Shana's bedroom at Seireiden and destroys her Rinne maid attendants. When Shana enters, Hecate tells her that she not needed.[20]

Hecate about to attack Shana

Hecate about to attack Shana

As Shana looks on, Hecate gathers Power of Existence at her finger. She shoots it at Shana but the Flame Haze dodges it. Shana asks what Hecate means by "not needed". Hecate quotes Sydonay, saying that Shana is a sideshow that accompanies everything, and Bel Peol, saying that the Leader has a soft and naive side; Yūji. Hecate shoots again, grazing Shana's ankle. She claims that Shana isn't needed for the Leader's ambition and is more like a threat. She attacks with Aster a number of times and Shana blocks with a pillow, causing a big explosion which almost knocks Shana unconscious and totals the room. Hecate is about to kill Shana when Yūji intervenes with Dragon Tail. Hecate then looks outside and notices a pillow with remnants of her flame, getting angry when she realizes that Shana threw it outside to alert Yūji. She is about to attack again but Yūji drops down in front of her, making her back away. The Snake of the Festival tries to calm her down, but Hecate feels she has to eliminate Shana because of the threat of Alastor. The Snake commends Hecate for her loyalty but claims that she is underestimating Alastor. Yūji says that if they kill Shana, Alastor won't try to kill him and will instead contract a third partner and use Tenpa Jōsai at the worst time. Yūji tells Hecate that it is a great opportunity to have the greatest threat to the Grand Order contracted to someone close to him. Hecate then follows Yūji's gaze behind her, where Sydonay is sitting and smiling at her. Bel Peol is also in the room and tells Hecate that she did a terrible job. Hecate later attends Yūji's speech to countless Denizens, before entering the Divine Gate with Yūji, Bel Peol and Sydonay.[21]

Seireiden Battle ArcEdit

Hecate guide others PoP

Hecate guiding the others down the Path of Pilgrimage

Hecate enters the Abyss with Yūji, Bel Peol, Sydonay, Dantalion, Domino, Sabrac, and Rofocale. They go down the Path of Pilgrimage, the narrow path that leads to the Snake of the Festival's true body. Hecate is walking at the front of the group and is connecting the markers of the path, thus allowing the others to walk on solid ground.[22]

Hecate and the group stop on a large piece of ground, where they encounter the souls of the Flame Haze that sealed the Snake of the Festival in the Abyss. Hecate attacks the souls with Aster before Yūji tells her to head to the safe zone so that she can help the others escape. She agrees and leaves.[23]

Bel Peol Hecate watch Shana

Hecate watching Shana

Sabrac leaves the group to hold off the Flame Haze, while Hecate and the others continue on towards the Snake of the Festival's true body, entering the temple that houses it. They arrive at a gate and watch as it opens. They later stand on the God's body, with Hecate using Trigon to produce blue fragments that awaken it. The group ride the God as it slithers throughout the Abyss. Hecate is with Bel Peol and they watch as Shana approaches. Hecate and the rest of the Trinity state that Shana is dangerous after she threatens the Snake of the Festival with Tenpa Jōsai if he gets rid of Yūji.[24]

Hecate and the others watch as Yūji and Shana fight. She listens to Dantalion when he announces that the Cradle Quake will occur in the outside world. After the Flame Haze escape from the Abyss on bird Flame Haze souls, Bel Peol, Sydonay and Hecate meet up with Yūji on the head of the Snake of the Festival and they escape the Abyss.[25]

The Trinity leaves the Snake of the Festival and watch as Fecor dies. Hecate claims that they will hear their God's Declaration of the Grand Order, again producing blue fragments with Trigon. They then listen to the Snake of the Festival's declaration; the creation of Xanadu.[26]

Misaki City Final Battle ArcEdit

As Dantalion reboots Seireiden, Hecate and the rest of the Trinity watch Yūji, who orders the Seireiden north-east to Misaki City.[27]

Hecate wrap herself spell

Hecate enveloping herself in a spell

Hecate is standing on a ledge near the top of Seireiden, where she prays for more time; until midnight strikes. After Dantalion turns Seireiden into the tower-like shrine, Saishuku no Shadan, Hecate meets up with Sydonay, Bel Peol and Yūji. As the Snake of the Festival tells her that he will make one last declaration, Hecate begins to again produce blue fragments with Trigon. As Sydonay returns from his preparations, Mammon tells Hecate that it is time and that she should move to the Saishuku no Shadan. She announces to Sydonay that she will begin the third and last stage of the creation of Xanadu, resulting in the full activation of Psalm of Grand Order. Hecate then floats upwards, blanking out the Crystal Altar and creating silver, rippling ovals underneath Sydonay, Kazumi and herself. Sydonay says goodbye to her and she responds that they will meet again. Hecate then flies up towards the Snake of the Festival's body, leaving her oval behind. While Hecate is preparing for the Divine Summoning, Sydonay explains to Kazumi that the oval is a trace of Hecate's existence and that they are rippling because Hecate has been chosen as a sacrifice for the Divine Summoning. He states that Hecate will be reborn and that her whole existence is heralding the Snake of the Festival's summoning. Hecate reaches the Snake of the Festival and activates a spell which envelops her in a ball.[28]

After Shana's Chorde rings hit the World Egg, Sydonay rushes towards Hecate, but she tells him that she is unhurt but feels sick.[29]

When Bel Peol activates the Conloquium, Hecate again moans that she is sick and that the Conloquium didn't help her, having been previously tampered with by Margery.[30]

Hecate open eyes

Hecate opening her eyes

Hecate opens her eyes as Yūji begins to undergo Saiki Reisō, but the Divine Summoning is interrupted by Rofocale performing Shōhi Ginsei. She listens as the God of Guidance, Shaher tells everyone in the area of the Heir to Both Worlds. Later, as the Snake of the Festival begins to create Xanadu, he bids farewell to Hecate as she becomes the sacrifice.[31]

Hecate appears before Sydonay in a dreamlike afterlife and is surprised that he had died. He tells her that he wanted to die. They hold hands and walk towards a white light, hoping for the day the Trinity and their leader are together once more.[32]

Other AppearancesEdit

Anime AppearancesEdit

Shakugan no Shana-tanEdit

In the third episode, Hecate prays about food that she wants at Seireiden. Shana-tan is in her hat and throws it off, wondering where Yūji is. She makes loud noises until Hecate puts her hat back on, asking who Shana-tan is.[33]


Shana-tan and Hecate-tan recuperating

As Hecate-tan, a super deformed version of herself, she sits on Sydonay's head at Seireiden. Sydonay comments that he can't see her "cute" face when she is on his head, making her tell him to shut up in a way much like Shana-tan, which he also finds cute. In a parody Shakugan no Shana Episode 13, Sydonay has Yūji pinned to the bridge and is causing him to make moaning sounds. Shana-tan and Hecate-tan are watching this, on Yūji and Sydonay's heads respectively. Hecate-tan calls Sydonay a pervert. Back at Seireiden, Sydonay calls Hecate-tan cute again. She tells Bel Peol, who is also in the room, that the place smells like an old man, making Sydonay crumple to the floor. In a parody of Shakugan no Shana Episode 22, Hecate-tan enters the blue void that Yūji's conscience is residing in. She introduces herself as Hecate before he asks why she is on top of him. She doesn't answer and opens his vessel. After Yūji starts to again make moaning sounds, Hecate-tan reaffirms that he is a pervert. In a parody of Shakugan no Shana Episode 24, near the lockers of Misaki Municipal High School, Shana-tan, on boxes of tangerines begins to argue with Hecate-tan, who is on boxes of apples. When Shana-tan claims that Hecate-tan has become arrogant, she says that it is the other way round. After one hour of fighting, the two are on the grass outside the school recuperating and become more friendly. Later, they are both on Yūji's head as he walks, both complaining about how fast he walks.[33]

In the eighth episode, there is a parody of Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 15, where Hecate tells Fumina to open her vessel. They then exchange "Aah"s with each "Aah" being higher in pitch than the last. Fumina then sends her memories to Hecate, but they are all of food, butterflies, and birds. Hecate then notes that her mission has failed.[34]

In the ninth episode, while Bel Peol is explaining how she reabsorbed Fumina, Hecate is heard making beeping sounds.[35]

Hecate-tan says no sacrifice

Hecate-tan states that she doesn't want to be a sacrifice

In the fifteenth episode, there is a parody of Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 18, where Hecate-tan is preparing to become the sacrifice for the Divine Summoning on the Saishuku no Shadan with Sydonay. Hecate-tan is on Sydonay's head. When he begins saying goodbye, Hecate-tan states that she won't become a sacrifice, saying that if she goes, there is no telling when they will next see each other. Bel Peol arrives and tells her to quit whining and go. Hecate-tan relents, and as she floats up towards the Snake of the Festival's body, she bids Sydonay farewell, telling him to quit smoking, start brushing his teeth and to get enough sleep before disappearing.[36]



Much to her dismay, Sydonay often calls her "My Hecate" (俺のヘカテー Ore no Hekatē?). Nevertheless, they are on good terms.

Snake of the FestivalEdit

After the Snake of the Festival merges with Yūji, Hecate tells him that she is happy because she doesn't have to raise her voice to talk to him.[18] She has great respect for him but is able to argue with him if she feels that he is wrong.[21]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hecate eye push

Hecate using her eyes to push back Shana

Power of Existence Manipulation: When Hecate is praying, she is enveloped by her Power of Existence.[4] Bel Peol once noted that Hecate has an infinite capacity to hold Power of Existence in her vessel.[7] She is able to store and materialize Treasure Tools, demonstrating this with Fumina's bracelet, which is actually a part of Bel Peol's Tartaros.[13] Hecate can also use her eyes to create a wave that sends opponents flying. After she implants her Power of Existence into the Silver's armor, Hecate is able to control it and see through its eyes.[16]

  • Faux Vessels: Hecate is shown to also have the ability to create Faux Vessels, as she did with Fumina Konoe. Fumina has the same appearance as Hecate and is able to act independently from her. Hecate can also reabsorb Faux Vessels, acquiring their memories of the activities they undertook.[12]
Hecate synchronize Yuji

Hecate while synchronizing

Synchronization: Hecate has the ability to synchronize with others, that is, to enter them and share their memories and thoughts. When she was synchronizing with Yūji, she drew on his sense of self to fill the void inside of her. She considers the feelings that she gets from synchronizing with others as hers and no longer from their owners, much like a Torch being the remainder of their original human self and taking over their identity. While synchronizing, Hecate can still control her outside body as well as her Power of Existence form inside the other synchronizing party.[9]

Flight: Hecate is capable of staying in the air for a long period of time[12] and can travel distances through the air at high speeds.[16]

Enhanced Strength: While engaged in combat with Shana, who is fairly strong, Hecate was able to parry her sword with Trigon.[12]

Teleportation: Hecate can teleport away and reappear. She often does so with the help of an Unrestricted Spell, but can also teleport without one.[14][16]

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: She is capable of grappling, equal in skill to Shana.

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Fūzetsu (封絶?, Seal): Hecate is capable of casting a Fūzetsu. Her Fūzetsu is vast and blue with an empty feel to it. Hecate is able to fully overlap someone else's Fūzetsu with her own, as she did with Pheles.[12]

Hecate Aster

Hecate using Aster

Aster ((星(アステル) Hoshi (Asuteru)?, Japanese and Greek for "Star"): Hecate is most feared for her Unrestricted Spell, Aster. She releases a rain of bright Power of Existence in the color of her Flame on her enemies, forming a large swarm of energy blasts whose blinding speed and ability to track down and destroy enemies make it a difficult technique to avoid. On impact, it gives off an explosion. The time of the explosion can be controlled at will by the caster. This Unrestricted Spell is most often used by Hecate by having it triggered by the sounding of her Treasure Tool, Trigon. However, she also demonstrated that Trigon is not required for her to cast Aster, as she can cast the same spell with no weapons.[37] Hecate is able to use Aster with her forefinger or hand, however, the resulting blasts are not as powerful as when she uses it with Trigon.[21]

Hecate can also use another Unrestricted Spell that allows her to teleport herself and others over vast distances.[12]

Treasure ToolsEdit

Hecate Trigon blue fragments

Hecate releasing blue fragments with Trigon

Trigon (トライゴン Toraigon?): Hecate is frequently seen with this special Treasure Tool which she primarily uses to activate Aster, but also for other purposes. With it, she was able to extract the Reiji Maigo from Yūji's body,[14] as well as awaken the Statue of Pride.[16] With Trigon, Hecate was able to lead Bal Masqué down the Path of Pilgrimage in the Abyss.[22] As one of the instruments for the Grand Order, Hecate uses it to communicate with her master while he was in the Abyss. With the staff, she continuously collecting the fragments of Psalm of Grand Order for thousands of years until its completion. Hecate awakens the Snake of the Festival's true body by sounding Trigon,[24] releasing blue fragments of Power of Existence.

Traverso (トラヴェルソ Toraveruso?): Hecate's personal transverse flute which she sometimes plays. While it looks like ordinary music instrument, Traverso has the ability to create innumerable dragon-like flame when Hecate plays it. She once used this ability against the Aizen siblings when they travelled to Seireiden.[38] She also plays Traverso when announcing the end of Seireiden's anchoring.


  • (Hecate agreeing to Bel Peol's plan): "As Bel Peol wishes."[4]
  • (To Sydonay about what she wants): "An answer. An answer to what I seek."[6]
  • (To Sydonay): "I do not belong to you."[6]
  • (To Yūji inside his conscience): "Open your vessel to me."[7]
  • (To herself while gaining Yūji's memories): "They're filling me; the Mystes' emotions as a human... How deep and strong. It's different then all those I have synchronized with thus far."[7]
  • (To Yūji while synchronizing with him): "Your thoughts are filling me. I've been praying all this time in search of an answer. I'm sure this is it. So... give me more... more of you!"[8]
  • (To Fumina at the Seishū Festival): "Faux Vessel. Open your vessel and come to me."[12]
  • (Hecate telling Shana why she is going after Yūji): "It's what made me unempty. As well as a thing whose role has already been fulfilled. Things that fulfill their role shall disappear."[16]
  • (To Shana in her bedroom at Seireiden): "You're... not needed."[20]
  • (To the Snake of the Festival about killing Shana): "That Flame Haze is the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter. The God who passes judgement, condemns and even kills other Gods. The avatar of the demon that brings catastrophe. We must kill her. We must eliminate her!"[21]
  • (Hecate awakening the Snake of the Festival): "The Master Throne, Hecate, speaking to the Great One. Entrust yourself to the sound of the Trigon you once bestowed upon me. Entrust... Entrust... Entrust. Entrust!"[24]
  • (To Bel Peol and Sydonay): "Now, let us go. We shall hear our God's Declaration of the Grand Order."[26]
  • (Hecate beginning the third stage of the Grand Order): "Let what the Master Throne, Hecate, bears witness to be sent to the distant masses through Trigon."[28]
  • (To Sydonay after he says goodbye): "Yes, let's meet again, Thousand Changes, Sydonay."[28]
  • (To Sydonay in the dreamlike afterlife): "How rare. Did you die, General?"[32]


Nogizakaharukanohimitsu 06wilhelmina and hecate

Mika with Nanami Nanashiro (Wilhelmina)

  • In the sixth episode of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Mika Nogizaka cosplays as Hecate.
  • In Greek mythology, Hecate was a goddess associated with witchcraft, crossroads, tombs, demons and the underworld; This may be a reference to her high-ranking and title within the Trinity of Bal Masqué.
  • The name Hecate also means "far-off" in Greek. This may be a reference to her personality, where she is quite emotionless and void of any feelings.
  • Hecate has the same Japanese and FUNimation voice actors as Fumina Konoe.



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