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Gripen's Howl (グリペンの咆 Guripen no Hō?) and Draken's Roar (ドラケンの哮 Doraken no Kō?) are the two signature and most powerful offensive Unrestricted Spells of the "Archer of Aurora". It condenses the two aurora wings on both sides of the flying arrowhead formed from the Divine Vessel Zorya, changes them into meteors, and fires them at enemies. It is thought that the meteors from one wing are Gripen's Howl and meteors from the other wing are Draken's Roar.


The comet-like projectiles of the two spells can be rapidly fired at will. Both Unrestricted Spells are often used after the Flame Haze hits the enemy with the pointed head of Zorya, breaking their balance and hitting them with all the meteors while they are wide open. In the Great War of the Middle Ages, this strategy was used to destroy Sokar.

The destructive power of the two spells is inferior to Merihim's Rainbow's Heaven Sword, but they are far more versatile because the meteors can be fired rapidly and guided at will.


  • Both Gripen and Draken are Swedish words: Gripen meaning "Griffin" and Draken meaning "Dragon". Karl Berwald, the first "Archer of Aurora", also had a Swedish surname.


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