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The Great War (大戦 Ōikusa?) was the war between the Crimson Denizen organization known as Töten Glocke and the Flame Haze Army. Along with the Ancient War, it was the largest and most renowned conflict between Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens of all time until the Modern Great War, and to distinguish the first Great War from the second, the first was later referred to as the Medieval Great War (中世の『大戦』 Chūsei no Ōikusa?).

In the strict sense, the Great War only refers to the final battle between the Flame Haze Army and Töten Glocke, the Assault on Brocken Fortress (ブロッケン要塞攻略戦 Burokken Yōsai Kōryakusen?),[4] and the term is most frequently used to refer to this battle. In the broader sense, the Great War refers to the long period of conflict between Flame Haze and Töten Glocke. This conflict began with the rise to power of Töten Glocke after activating City Devourer, which also lead to the formation of the Flame Haze Army, and it included battles such as the City Devourer Incident and the Nachtigall Struggle.


The Cause of the War[]

Asiz Resummoning himself.

Everything began when Asiz lost his Flame Haze, Tis by the betrayal of the human army they once protected. This caused him to detest the humans and use their existences to manifest himself in this world. He used his power, Pure Coffin to seal his Flame Haze's corpse and traveled around the world in search of a way to revive her or fulfill her wish to create their child. This led to his conflict with other Flame Haze, who were once his allies.

The Creation of the Töten Glocke[]

Töten Glocke.

While Asiz was traveling to achieve his goal, he found many Denizen followers who were impressed and respected by his devotion to his love. The most notable ones were the Crimson Lords of the yet created Nine Eternal Divine Scales. From Asiz's lone voyage became a marching army's, called the "Töten Glocke", meaning the Bell of Condolence, which rang to say farewell to the old world. During this time, Asiz acquired a metal plate engraved with a spell (actually a portion of the Psalm of the Grand Order taken from Bal Masqué by Dantalion) which could fulfill his desire, the creation of a child between himself and Tis, the Heir to Both Worlds. Töten Glocke called this desire the Grand Scheme. They went to Osterode and made the preparation for the secret ritual. This ritual is actually to transform the city into massive resource of Power of Existence; the Spell became known as the City Devourer.

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The Birth of Flame Haze Army[]

see also: City Devourer Incident

The distortion caused by Töten Glocke brought the attention of Flame Haze from all around the world. They gathered around Osterode and made an agreement to work together to fight against Töten Glocke. Their first attack failed when Asiz successfully used the City Devourer to acquire a mass of Power of Existence and shared it with his comrades to defeat the Flame Haze. One of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, Huwawa, was pursuing the retreating Flame Haze before he encountered Mathilde and Wilhelmina. Huwawa was killed by Mathilde, and this victory enabled the other Flame Haze to continue to go on creating the first Flame Haze Army with Sophie Sawallisch as Supreme Commander and Karl Berwald as Vice Commander. The army's name was coined by Samuel Demantius, who acted as its Logistics Commander.

The War[]

see also: Nachtigall Struggle

Hostilities between the Flame Haze and Töten Glocke continued for eighteen years. During this time, Töten Glocke found themselves allied with Bal Masqué, whose leader Bel Peol was the Judge of the Sovereign's Game, proxy wars in which Crimson Denizen organizations participated. Sophie feared that these organizations could overwhelm the Flame Haze Army and sent Mathilde and Wilhelmina to quell them. The two destroyed at least 6 Player organizations, including Minack.[5]

Eighteen years after the City Devourer Incident, Asiz manages to get the "Nachtigall" or Nightingale (Leanan-sidhe), which is the final piece he needed to complete his goal, just as the Flame Haze Army arrived. Ninurta stayed behind to hold off the enemy and covers the retreating Army so they can escape. He then encounters Mathilde, who kills him in a short fight. The Denizens are able to achieve victory, but at the price of another Nine Eternal Divine Scales Ninurta. During this battle, Asiz revealed the Grand Scheme to the Flame Haze and explained its significance, but the Flame Haze heavily opposed it.[8] The Flame Haze Army's primary goal became to prevent the Grand Scheme, which was a higher priority than destroying Asiz.[9][10]

Five days later, the Flame Haze Army marches to the foot of Harz mountain range and prepares for a final assault at the Töten Glocke's base at the highest peak of Harz mountain the Brocken. Meanwhile, at the tower of the Töten Glocke Base, Asiz puts all of his Power of Existence taken from Osterode to create his "child" the "Decendent of Both Worlds". The Flame Haze Army is then divided into two groups. Between Sophie's Group and Karl's Group, the invasion plan is a success. Mathilde and Wilhelmina are sent to ask Gavida to use his floating landmass, the Tendōkyū, to invade the Töten Glocke Base at Brocken. Gavida agrees, in exchange for passing a message from Donato to Leanan-sidhe (who is now imprisoned by Asiz). The pair agrees and prepares to mobilize for the invasion.

Great War proper[]

The Final Battle, the Battle of Brocken[]

At Brocken the battle begin. Bal Masqué stationed their army as the right flank using Orgon's Legion as the main infantry. However, their sole intention to join the final battle was to observe and destroy the portion of the Psalm of Grand Order used by Asiz to create the Heir to Both Worlds. Bel Peol mocked the Grand Scheme as a "foolish" scheme.

The Denizens' Army, lead by Sokar and Ullikummi, attacked the Flame Haze Army station at the foot of Harz. Sokar and Karl met face to face with the defeat of Sokar. Ullikummi, enraged with the death of his comrade, goes rampaging and manages to push Sophie's Group. With her army panicking and stampeding, Sophie decided to participate the battle herself.

At the same time Karl led his men to pursue a retreating army but was kill by Sydonay of Bal Masqué, thus weakening the force to support Sophie Group. Without support, Ullikummi's army was able to strike the weakest point of the Flame Haze Army and push them back. Meanwhile, Tendōkyū managed to bypass Jarri's air patrol, but were discovered soon after and attacked. This caused the Tendōkyū to crash land.

Chernobog invaded the fallen landmass while the Pair of Wings engaged the passengers on the Tendōkyū: Mathilde and Wilhelmina. Both Pairs went face to face with Mathilde against Merihim and Wilhelmina against Illuyanka. Molech used his power the "Labytinthos" to hold both the Pairs to stall time for the Grand Scheme's completion while Chernobog entered Tendōkyū in search of other intruders. There, she met Gavida who begin to insult her master/leader for his insane plan. Chernobog, in rage, killed him.

Molech was destroyed by Mathilde's power "Knights" and she turned her attention to Merihim and made a bet with him. Mathilde defeated Merihim and made him promise three things on the agreement of their bet at the same time. Chernobog. who has finished off Gavida, and was enraged by the death of Molech, attacked her and was able to wound her before she was killed herself by Wilhelmina - who had just finish off Illuyanka. After the skirmish, Mathilde decided to use the Heaven-and-Earth Sundering to summon Alastor as a final resort to defeat Asiz and end the war. She bid farewell to Wilhelmina, Tiamat and Merihim (who laid defeated and unable to move by her) and left to face Asiz alone.

Mathilde enter the tower where Asiz was nearly completing the creation of his "child" which materialized in the shape of crystal embedded on his chest. She began to perform the "Heaven-and-Earth Sundering", which took Jarri as a sacrifice. Before dying, Jarri was able to prevent the ritual by destroying the floor where Mathilde was standing. Just went all hope seemed to be lost, Leanan-sidhe used a Power of Unrestraint (widely known as Seal in the future) to stop all time and space and free herself from her birdcage, destroying all of Asiz's plot and dreams. With all time and space in halt, Mathide was able to summon Alastor to the world but perished as a price for the summoning. Asiz, in fury began to attack Alastor. There the clash, between The Angel of Blue Coffins and The God of Retribution took place. 

The incomplete crystal was destroyed by Alastor along with the metal plate. The Battle was fierce and short with Asiz incinerated by Alastor's flame. Thus, the war ended with the death of the Töten Glocke leader and victory for the Flame Haze. With the death of their leader, the remnant of Töten Glocke was ordered to retreat by Ullikummi. While he stayed as a rear guard with Alraune at his side, they were eventually destroyed by the remaining Flame Haze Army with Ullikummi and Alraune killed at the hand of Sophie.


After the war's end, the surviving Flame Haze decided to use the newly discover Power of Unrestraint known as the "Seal" to separate and hide the existence of the conflict of Flame Haze and Denizen. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina, Tiamat, Alastor and Merihim (the last surviving member of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, now a walking skeleton known as Shiro) went to and retired at Tendokyu in search of a successor to the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". It took hundreds of years to find that person. Leanan-sidhe, who was freed from Asiz, went to see Donato, but only to find that the painter had died of old age. There, she found a picture of her drawn by Donato but was damaged beyond repair. So she now seeks to gather enough Power of Existence to hopefully restore the painting in the disguise of Lamies. The other newly discovered Power of Unrestraint, the "City Devourer", would be used again by a certain Lord in the future.


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