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Not to be confused with Grand Order.

The Grand Scheme (壮挙 Sōkyo?) was the objective of Töten Glocke advocated by "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz and his followers. The aim of the Grand Scheme was for the existences of the Crimson Lord Asiz and "Weaver of Coffins" Tis to be disintegrated, gathered, and fixed together, to give birth to a new existence, the Heir to Both Worlds.


Crimson Denizens who disdained humans for their lack of progress and were weary and tired of the world approved of the Grand Scheme after Molech of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales spread that it was a just cause and an "innovative endeavor for both worlds", and they gathered into a group to fight for it.

For Asiz, the Grand Scheme was originally the way in which he would achieve his desire. Gradually it became embellished as word of it spread, resulting in many Lords and Denizens joining him, and Asiz felt that they changed the objective of the Grand Scheme to something more haughty and abstract. Molech had essentially changed the Grand Scheme from Asiz's personal objective to an entire organization's, giving it a different shape and direction.

Other standpoints[]

The Flame Haze referred to Töten Glocke's actions as the "Reckless Scheme" (暴挙 Bōkyo?) and strove to prevent it. They feared that if the Grand Scheme was achieved, there would be a large outbreak of Denizens who would try to imitate it. In implementing the Grand Scheme, the preparation of a large amount of power on the level of City Devourer, a high level of skill and innumerable trial runs were needed, greatly disturbing the balance of the world. To prevent a second or third Grand Scheme from occurring, the Flame Haze needed the Grand Scheme to fail as "a foolish act that was impossible to be realized".

Though Bal Masqué had publicly sided with Töten Glocke, they secretly referred to the Grand Scheme as the "Foolish Scheme" (愚挙 Gukyo?). Though they supported Töten Glocke in the Great War, their true motive was solely to destroy the Psalm of the Grand Order which had been taken from them and was being used in the Grand Scheme. As they aimed to change the world with the Grand Order, they likely thought that interweaving existences from both worlds was foolish.


The Grand Scheme was effectively achieved hundreds of years later by the Engaged Link with the creation of the "Heir to Both Worlds", Justus.


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